Half elves fall in love chapter 83

Chapter 83: Everybody laughing, spring festival



Two weeks after Almeida’s riot. There are still many snowfields in Polka, but weeds are starting to appear on lands other than the river and it will be a spring full of flowers that bloom in the capital city and south of it.

“I think it’s time to get ready for the spring festival”
“Spring Festival?”

Goto (A 23-year-old ogre regular soldier who risks his life to masturbate) asks me this question.

“A festival held in Polka when the snow melts. It’s simple as it’s just an amateur band playing music and others are just dancing in the city square. Almost all the residents are involved”
“Haa. But it looks like it’s fun”
“Well, I’m still doing it”

The Smithson squad returns from shooting training. After tidying up, it’s a happy time to think about going to the bath or get a drink from now on. In front of us, a pretty girl in travel clothes came running up to me.

“E, Emm!”

We all have a question mark on our faces for a few seconds. And, though the girl is good to have called out, she is at a loss what to say next. Then, Lantz (A 23-year-old human regular soldier who risked his life for masturbation) clapped his hand.

“Ah, Silvia-san”
“Ye, Yes!!”
“……Lantz, you know her?”
“Not good 10-man captain. She is Boyd’s girlfriend”

I looked at her for a while, but I forgot because I didn’t know much about her. And.

“……Boyd’s girlfriend was certainly living in Basson”
“Yee, Yes! I live in Basson!”

Silvia-san put more effort into the shoulder than necessary, probably because she is carrying something annoying on her shoulder.

“……Aren’t you far away from Basson?”
“Yes……It was very far, but”

Still, she smiled.

“Arnie-kun……I’d like to see semi-soldier Boyd”

Uwaa. You’re loved, Boyd. For now, Celesta’s trot trip has no legal obstacles, but it takes courage for Celesta and girls to travel alone. There are by no means many Trots who have an opposition to the Celestas. To be honest, I have to say that the journey to this far away place is very brave.

“I can’t believe you were traveling to a place like this……we would be back soon”
“Au……but no one knows when you would come back when I asked people from the army……”

Tentatively, there are two soldiers in Basson’s corps building as facility managers. I mean soldiers, two middle-aged men of the supply corps dispatch as they are usually making a mess. Super shadowy. But when we will be back……it is not known yet.

“Is that so……how did you get here?”
“Oh, I heard that you have a mission in the royal capital……so I went to the royal capital once and then I asked the soldiers of the royal capital”
“……You have a lot of courage”

I didn’t get caught even though it was strange. Sylvia-san laughs at the sight of our amazed glances”

“I had a reliable companion”

Almost as soon as she said that, from the bar, “Nowaa!?” I heard a cow’s cry and maybe the sound of the destruction of a table.

“……Is that?”
“Maybe yes”


“So, Sorry, Sorry! I beg you for forgiveness……mu……”
“Keri-ni-chan, you idiot……idiot, I was lonely……!”

In the bar, there was ox-ogre tightly hugged so that foam comes out of his mouth by a wolf-girl. She is very similar to Mikagami regular soldier.

“……Isaac, what action should I take?”

It is easy to disturb, but it is not easy to wake up to sleep, so when I hear that I’m scared, Isaac desperately gestures “Give me a break” by moving his mouth. He seems to be holding his breath.


However, I wonder if I can fight against Isaac’s strenuous strength. When I stared at Isaac for 2 seconds staring at the crying wolf girl, I made a face that made Isaac crying. And, Silvia-san interrupts.

“Kate-chan, let him go. 10-man captain Isaac seems to be in pain”

Reluctantly, the wolf woman releases Isaac and Isaac takes a breath.

“Gufu……ah, the air is delicious……”
“……Isaac, as for this?”

Isaac says that. And, the guys from Isaac’s squad around me explain.

“She is the sister of Mikagami regular soldier”
“And 10-man captain Isaac is two-timing. He is having a sister bowl”
“I see. I wonder if he should have been a little more nervous”
“You’re not the only one Smithson!?”

And, when such an idiot story is done, it seems that the messenger sent to the inn has finally arrived and Boyd arrives at the bar.

“………!! Arnie-kun!!”

Sylvia-san rushed to Boyd, removing the shawl. Boyd raises and embraces her fervently.

“……Come to think of it, we stayed a little too long here”

Isaac nods as I mutter and raised Mikagami’s sister up, who is crying.

“This place is also cozy……but it’s almost time for the tide”

Polka is not our place. We are all hot spring guests. It may be time to put on the lock soon.


“Well, how is Laila?”

The dining room in the inn. Determined, I ask Hilda-san about the condition of Laila. Once Laila has healed, we don’t have to worry about leaving Polka.

“Although the injury is almost gone, I’d like to rely on the bath for a bit more to take care”
“Because it was a dragonslayer……”
“Yes. ……I don’t want to be on alert until the scars are completely gone”

Hilda makes a difficult face. Well, it’s a dragon’s wound, it’s a special dragonslayer’s wound too. It will be the first time for Hilda-san to see on and it can’t be helped but to be mindful of it. But, apart from me, who is the owner of Laila, it’s weird to keep the corps here any longer.

“If that’s so, then only Laila and I will remain here and everyone else will be carried to Basson by Maia……”

When I said that, my back hair was pulled suddenly.

“Idiot. If you stay, I’m going to stay too”

Anzeros was standing behind me with a slightly angry face.

“I know you have a responsibility for Laila. But……I’m your, sl, slave……understood”

Anzeros says so while keeping her voice a little low and having a sulky face. ……A little cute though.

“That’s not good. The crossbow 10-man captains can be replaced if it feels like, but you can’t be missed”

The escort infantry is a small elite. And Anzeros’s skill stands out. It would be difficult to make up for it if she gave up her job in the current situation.

“That is……Aurora can take my place”
“I am a member of the intelligence brigade custody. It is not a big deal to support, but there is no duty to take over your duties, Anzeros-san”

……Aurora appeared. Where did you hear that from?

“Uu. But……”
“I should rather stay with Andy-san”

She can’t say anything, indeed and Anzeros shuts her mouth. It is also true that Aurora is more likely to stay than Anzeros who would throw away her job.

“I will stay by 10-man captain’s and Laila-neechan’s side♪”
“Me too”

Jeanne and Maia seem to have heard the story from somewhere. Yeah, you guys are free. ……Or rather.

“If this happens, Selenium and Apple will say that they won’t stick to the corps alone and if it is not good enough, only Dianne will go to Basson……”
“I wonder if Dianne-chan will accept it too. It’s a child who originally said that she would always quit the army for Andy-kun’s sake”

Needless to say, the crossbow corps is Dianne’s unit. ……Is the danger of the disappearance of the crossbow corps sober? No. I have a good idea…..I hope they’ll be there. Laila and Dianne appeared and worried.

“Ho. You’re not going to talk quite seriously while we’re not there”
“Well Well”

The two are laughing at each other. ……With Laila’s hearing, they could hear everything from one or two rooms away and Dianne will understand everything from hearing only the flow of the story a little.

“I was also thinking of bringing back the corps to Basson. ……Above all, even if it is cheap, the rent will not be a little amount”

……Th, That’s right. The cost is coming from the military headquarters, but once it gets paid off, it will probably freeze.

“But, Laila still has wounds”
“Ho. Well, just a little”

Laila shows her wound under the robe. Certainly, the color is thin and the width is small, but it certainly exists. As long as this is not just a wound, I want to cure it properly. I mean, to show the belly under the robe, I wonder what kind of dignified exposure of the lower body that does not wear pants she has even though there are only relatives.

“Therefore. ……We will have Maia carry everyone to Basson. And to Laila……we will go on the weekend to visit the miraculous spring to continue the treatment”
“Going back and forth?”
“It wouldn’t be difficult if Maia were there. This minimizes the amount of time you have to take a vacation to do that”

……Half a day from Basson to Polka. If I take another vacation on weekend off duty, it is safe to return to the hot spring for a day.

“Indeed. ……Then do you go with that plan?”
“Yeah. It’s a very nice place, too. We’ll be spoiled too”


When I went to the baron with Dianne about that matter, the baron again looked sad.

“I thought it was very lively, but it can’t be helped”
“I’m sorry”

……When we return so suddenly after we have made it to the private bar, it might be a good story of selfishness. However, the members of our corps are separated from the locals of Basson, and nothing can be done with this situation.

“I will be indebted again”

Dianne says that strongly. The baron smiled with an embarrassed face and shakes Dianne’s hand.

“I want you to enjoy at least the Spring Festival. Only sing and dance, as it is a festival, it will be lively and fun”

Dianne nodded.


Polka’s Spring Festival is divided into singing, dancing and playing an instrument. As a general rule, participants must join one of them.

“Of course, Andy-san will join the dance group……right?”

With a plop, the glance of Aurora who says that while putting her hand on my shoulder hurts. ……I’m not proud of it, but I can’t dance perfectly at all. Instead, I was good with small instruments, so when I was in Polka I was in the playing an instrument group. I was able to play most of the melodies from just listening to it with my ears and it was said whether I was a born musician. I just played the instrument, but I didn’t have any composition skills, and even that was “good” at a 10-year-old level, so it didn’t last at all.

“Uhuhu. I dance for the first time in decades. Lead me Andy-kun♪”
“Ho, it’s my first time to dance……”
“I have danced a bit with Phaser”
“Dwarves love to sing and dance, so I can do it”
“It’s fifty years ago that I last danced……do I go to the playing an instrument group?”
“Ho, Dianne, are you going to miss the opportunity to dance with Andy alone?”
“I’m excited to dance with the person I love”
“……Se, Selenium, let’s go. That……I want to practice so much that I’m not ashamed”

……Everyone is talking on the premise of dancing with me.

“Or playing an instrument……”
“It’s no good♪”
“Not good♪”

Aurora and Hilda were able to control the plane with a smile. These people, they know I don’t want to dance, but I dare to put pressure on them!!

“I have never danced, so I might shame you……”

To be honest, they nodded at the same time.

“In that case”
“It’s fine if you take special training♪”

……The next few hours were hell. I forgot. Well, these people, surprisingly, were hotblooded and full of fighting spirit.


“You’re quite good at stringed instruments”
“……U, Uh, I’m really good, but I can’t figure out why I can play the guitar so well with the thickness of my fingers……”

Boyd & Sylvia-san play an instrument.

“Hey, Smithson, explain it to them! Even if I’m good at singing, I don’t trust them at all!”
“Why not……?”

Johnny & Keel struggles in front of Isaac.

“Unfortunately, Isaac is great at singing”
“Are you serious!?”
“Hey! What a shame! Bumo!!”
“I don’t know how we feel when we lose to a guy who says bumo in a song”

Isaac & the Mikagami sisters sing together. And we belong to the dance group. In the morning, each group performs a set of arrangements and allocations and the largest spring festival in Polka’s history begins.


Cheerful music and songs. It is played by a very miscellaneous band consisting of humans, ogres, dwarves, elves and human beasts. And the ones who dance are the same again. Men and women of many races and many age groups dance while being surprised by the size and feel of each other’s palm. There was a strangely moving warmth though it was not a beautiful spectacle which fell at times and did not disturb one thread at all. In the midst of all this, I take turns dancing with everyone and they are confiding in their joy.

“It’s fun……ehehe, Andy-san is great, isn’t he. This Spring Festival, maybe thanks to Andy-san?”

Selenium takes my hand happily from the bottom of her heart and turns round and round to show off her gorgeous costume

“It’s like paradise……so many races are all laughing and having fun”

Apple leans close to me with tears in her eyes as if she was moved.

It’s like that. It’s like you’ve been pretty messed up”

Dianne leads me with a smile.

“U, Uwaa……wa, wait, my feet are wandering”

Anzeros who dances in an unfamiliar dress dance desperately while being hugged by me after all.

“Huhuu. It’s like a dream come true to meet the person of destiny while dancing like this in social circles”

Aurora gracefully swings with the rhythm of the waltz while smiling with a big smile.

“10-man captain. 10-man captain♪”

While calling me again and again, Jeanne has fun and leans happily and tight on my chest.

“……Mu. Don’t look at my chest only”

The dress Maia borrowed is a full-open design of the chest and embraces me to hide the slightly overrepresented chest.

“Ho. it’s a good feast. If you have alcohol, it’s perfect”

Laila who does everything smoothly takes steps according to me in the margin.

“Ehehee. ……When we stand up and hug each other like this, Andy-kun is pretty big”

And Hilda pushes my chest mischievously.

“Splendid, you’re in good shape. In the habit of a savage animal trainer”
“……Eh, what are you doing!?”
“……I wanted to go back, but the northern forest is too complicated!”

And I dance with the stupid Almeida.

The song is over. It meant the parting for a while, with this Polka.


“……Hey, Irina-dono!”
“Hmmm. What is, Guto-san?”
“……Do you think that the present we saw is a miracle?”
“I don’t understand the meaning of a miracle. Well, I think it was interesting”
“If everyone thinks that this site is fun, it isn’t a miracle or a fake”
“We are……politicians, we can do our best to keep the scene going”
“Hmm. Do you agree?”

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