Half elves fall in love chapter 84

Chapter 84: Pervert dwarf ・ first part [Jeanne]



The day after the Spring Festival, we started to withdraw from Polka. ……Even a dragon of several tens of meters in length can’t carry 100 people at a time. It’s not too fast. Maia will transport everyone to Basson corps building with ample work volume, so it will take four days for the complete withdrawal to be completed.

“Then, I go ahead and wait”

Isaac raised his hand nicely and got on the first flight. And, the Mikagami sisters, Sylvia and Boyd will also go. Isaac’s first task is to be the representative of 100-man commander Dianne in Basson for the next few days. It seems that everyone agrees with Isaac’s practical ability. And it’s also because Boyd said, “I will go to apologize to Sylvia’s parents as soon as possible”. ……Ah, well, Sylvia-san’s behavior, which has been chasing Boyd for weeks at the stage of not allowing marriage, is certainly full of love, but it’s too much of a detour. Boyd must surely show his sincerity to death. Do your best.

And while everyone decides which flight they will take, it goes without saying that Laila, I and Hilda-san have to wait until the final flight. Needless to say, it is better to continue Laila’s spring treatment as long as possible. And Hilda and I will accompany her. ……When I made this kind of decision, of course, Anzeros and Aurora also hoped for the final flight, but still, they have a position by all means, so they can’t be selfish. Dianne, who also needs to remain in the final stages for greetings to barons and elves and final inspections, is supposed to send Anzeros, Selenium, Apple without a clear reason.

Speaking of elves, Almeida was taken by Irina after the spring festival and quietly returned to the forest. She can go to the other side of the mountain range soon if she uses the teleportation field at the White Clan of the forest. If she aims for Folklore from there, it doesn’t take a day on foot. ……But Almeida didn’t know how to deal with the teleportation field and went around several clans to come to Polka’s Spring Festival to get to know the information.

“Hmm. I was careless even if I was swayed. I misunderstood that elves didn’t need explanations”
“It’s too much for the rest of us……”

Almeida’s back, which was being pulled by Irina, looked a bit small. She might have been hard lost than I thought.

“Ho, even though it’s just a break, there were a lot of surprises, even this time”
“You really won’t get into any more trouble……”
“Hoho. You say trouble, but that strange elf warrior girl, what kind of opponent is she?”
“Th, That was what bothered me, too. What are you going to do, Andy-kun? Even nine of us are going to have a lot of rotation, aren’t we?”
“Ho is she also a lover of yours”

Polka’s miraculous spring. After deciding on the date of return, Laila stays here from morning till night. It is a temptation to speed up the recovery a little and reduce the number of visits to Polka from now on. And Hilda-san who accompanied, sometimes come to see the situation. She doesn’t hate hot springs, but she doesn’t have the nerve to stay so long in a local hot spring. The Baron and the spring guards made a partition with care and made a space dedicated to Laila (and us), but it was still tough to say that she was not willing.

“Oh, I’m going now. I’ll come back to see you later”
“Oh, she ran away”
“Hoho, it’s fine. But well, I think it’s more clear to say than to make it half-hearted, to be kind to Selenium and the others and the belly worms”
“I, I know……”

……Well, I think we should make it clear in the future, but I doubt that there is any contact with Almeida again. I don’t care if I see her next time…….

The town of Polka is panicked somewhere as the members of the leaving crossbow corps buy souvenirs and do the last exchange with the residents in the new bar which closes tomorrow. ……Although I have already decided to take part in the final flight, I will come to visit here again with Laila or Maia next week. Do I have Jackie-san tell me something about blacksmithing? ……No No, a blacksmith in this country is busy in early spring when everyone starts to work again after the winter. It is not a good thing to disturb in vain. So what shall we do? Hot spring……I went in enough to lose my temper. Shall I talk to someone who seems to be free? Irina, who is considered to be the right-most wingman of a leisure person, is Almeida’s guide. Now. I was troubled. Just because I’m alone in my spare time, if I’m going to go out for a while, I feel that something will get up and cause trouble for everyone. On experience.


When I was sitting alone in the village square, I found Jeanne, who was drinking with her hands on her hips at Aunt Lindsey’s fountain. That seems to be free.


Just before turning up the pot and drinking it. Jeanne tries to turn back to me who is approaching from a strange direction, so she twists her neck strangely and naturally something enters the trachea. And Jeanne was coughing.

“Ar, Are you alright?”

I am a little worried. But when she thumped her chest and adjusted her breath, Jeanne smiled while half crying.

“Ehehe, my fault”
“A-n-d-y. Why are you bullying that small child”

Aunt Lindsay gets angry.

“Emm, Aunt Lindsay. She is no little kid, she is a dwarf! She is the same age as me! So what is that way of saying it?”
“Oya, you’re right. Young dwarf girls are seldom in Polka”

Aunt Lindsay laughs awkwardly. Jeanne smiles and makes a thumbs-up sign.

“I can get married and have children!”

Jeanne holds her waist with one hand. And.

“………Andy? The other day, didn’t you come with a girl called Anzeros?”
“Ah, yes”
“How many crotches are there?”
“No that……naa?”

Ah, Aunt Lindsey’s expression looks like a wolf aiming for prey. How. This kind of fuel is too dangerous for a rural aunt. And, in response to that, Jeanne has put her arms together and answered heavily.

“In the last six months alone, I’m sure it went beyond ten”

Aunt Lindsey, suddenly an eager face.

“……Jeanne-chan. Aunt doesn’t feel confident in looking at people, but I think young children like you should take care of themselves”
“In Celesta, it’s not illegal to have many people as lovers, so why?”
“That’s not the case. It’s sad to just wait for someone else to scratch a woman”
“It’s fine”

Jeanne puffed up her chest with pride.

“I don’t want to be anywhere else than by 10-man captain’s side, I want to keep it in my own hands”
“Hey, Aunt Lindsay. What’s that, 『Boy who grew up to be the lowest man who really can’t save you』 face”
“I can’t lie to my face. ……What are you doing here?”

A wooden spoon is thrown and hit my temple. ……Yup. Even if I wasn’t told, I thought I was pretty useless. However, I would like to request a warm stance that I would like to ask for excuses for a little more. Is it useless?

“It’s all right. I’m not complaining about 10-man captain!”
“Ah, this child seems to be a mess already. Andy, if you make this child unhappy, you’ll be cursed and killed by your dead father”
“Why do you mention my father……”
“It’s not natural that blacksmiths respect dwarves”

……That’s right. Many dwarves are working in the workshops of the capital city and it would be true as my father had trained in three workshops. But I am not convinced for a moment.

“Ah, it’s fine to give five gold coins today to Aunt.
“Is that right?”
“Wait for a minute, I will count it”

Even though it is a gold coin for a drink. How much did you drink, Jeanne?

“Nyahaha. I’ve been drinking a lot of lemon water”
“Dwarves are great drinkers, aren’t they?”

Jeanne and Aunt Lindsay laugh together. ……They stop midway.


So when I told Jeanne that I had free time, Jeanne clapped her hands together.

“Then let’s do it!”
“……Is it not good?”
“It’s not good right now, let’s wait until tonight”

The time is still daytime. Sex as the first choice! What is it like? I thought.

“I wasn’t having a close relationship with 10-man captain recently, so I want to do it well when you have time……”

Certainly, it is also a fact that I haven’t had sex with Jeanne properly. Jeanne, who has a sturdy body that endures various plays and is a perverted masochist is dominated mainly by hard sex because of Laila and Hilda instead of normal sex. There is also a good part. The challengeable spirit that has no problem if left to others during a sex play, but that doesn’t mean that Jeanne personally feels inferior to the others. Rather, it is a very exciting fact that her little body always welcomes all of my sexual desires.

“10-man captain……”

Even though I’m troubled, I imagined how I grabbed Jeanne’s small butt and pushed my penis into her vagina, so that my son swells up inside my trousers. And because Jeanne has physical disparities, so it doesn’t mean that I will see a little girl up close in front of me.

“Ehehe. What is it, you don’t need to hold back?”

Jeanne laughed at me.

“I am the most convenient portable cock hole♪ I’m more dedicated to the 10-man captain than Maia or Anzeros”
“……Emm Jeanne. Don’t say that on the main street”
“Hehe. But……anytime, anywhere, whenever you like 10-man captain, this place, you can use it♪”

Jeanne presses her lower abdomen against me. I imagined that I entered that place and the expression which lit fire strangely seemed to be unpleasant.

“……Go, Good. I’m going to use it, your pussy”
“It’s different, 10-man captain”

Jeanne whispered, hanging around my neck.

“Shall I 『Open my crotch』 or 『Take out my ass』♪”
“……You perverted little girl”


I was easily caught up in Jeanne’s provocation and I was in a state where I cant wait any longer. Instead of waiting until the night, we could go back to the inn. But, I decided to ravish Jeanne suddenly in the back alley of that area.

“Nyaa……, 10, 10-man captain, it’s already not good……♪”
“It’s because of some lewd little girl”
“That is……a big deal♪”

The culotte that Jeanne was wearing is lowered, thrown away and her panty is pulled violently and torn off.


Sure enough, Jeanne had a captivating face. She is deprived of her escape way and isn’t allowed to hide her embarrassment. Even though being forced into such a situation, her face only has hope for violent mating rather than fear.

“What a joy. You’re going to spend the whole day wearing that culotte and my semen dripping down, right?”
“Hehe……I’m happy, to look good in it♪”

I firmly grasp the thin, soft thighs and buttocks that don’t seem to produce that tremendous power. The indecent hole in the center is opened with a finger as I have declared that I will use it anytime and anywhere.


It is small as usual. It seems like a joke that this hole spreads and swallows my dick. However, Jeanne’s pussy was releasing thick love liquid to dream of a heavy load that would come in, in a few minutes or a few seconds.

“You’re really happy……”
“Hehe……quickly, put it in quickly. With 10-man captain’s fat dick, you’re going to bully my uterus as much as you want”
“Even if you don’t say it, it’s not like……!!”

I am in a back alley in Polka. I pierce my son into Jeanne’s sexy vagina.

“N, aaaaa!”

Zuzuzuzu, I proceed through Jeanne’s little vagina. It feels like the mucous membrane and skin are tight to the limit. This cute dwarf girl’s little genital aggression is exhausting like a crude human genital and just inserting involves a sense of accomplishment. And.

“Agu……u, uu……10-man captainn……♪”

On Jeanne’s face, she has a fusion of youngness and unpleasantness that can not be found by humans. Ah. Jeanne is attractive. Even if she doesn’t have tits or sex skill, this girl is……a woman who is too attractive for me.

“Ehe, hee……quickly, poke me……and then, cum a lot♪ I want you to stuff my body like a toy, I want to be full of sperm♪”
“Well, it’s a good thing……!!”

I lifted that light body and started shaking my hips with top gear from the beginning.



“Ho. At any rate……Jeanne cant remain in this place”
“……I’m worried about her body flying long distances right now”
“That’s right. ……Well, dwarves aren’t as good as ogres, but I think it’s okay because they are difficult to abort”
“Ho. Did you notice?”
“Well. Don’t underestimate Hilda-sensei. ……Or rather, Laila-chan, how do you know?”
“……I can smell it. Well, maybe it can be said that it is vitality. ……It is an interesting story that she is the first”
“Eh, I’m a little frustrated”

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