Half elves fall in love chapter 86

Chapter 86: Conceive (half) elf [Anzeros Aurora]



It was announced that Jeanne wouldn’t go to Basson at the morning’s meeting the next day.


Instantly great booing. Mainly the dwarves and some serious perverts.

“Why don’t you come, Jeanne-chan?”
“Again!!! Again that guy, 10-man captain Smithson! What did you do this time!?”
“It might be better to do something about 10-man captain Smithson”
“I will be together with 10-man captain Anzeros when you guys are crazy about Jeanne-chan”
“What are you saying, I will hit you with all my might if you guys continue!”

With one hand raised, Dianne controls the members who make noise and explains.

“She is pregnant”

Everyone suddenly started fishing for their belongings. They assemble the crossbows with their movement aligned as if it is a stage play or something.

“What are you doing?”
“It’s decided, isn’t it, 10-man captain Smithson”
“It’s morning training”

They’re serious.

“St, Stop!?”

Jeanne makes a desperate cry to stop them and Anzeros and Aurora, try to calm everyone down in a hurry. I think Dianne is watching silently. Confidence that I probably won’t be killed. The trust itself is correct, but I don’t think it would be nice to gamble on my life.

“Help me Isaa……aaa!!”

Isaac, who I tried to ask for help was already in Basson.

“Good, everyone’s training starts! If Smithson runs 50 steps, you can shoot him!”


The fools raise their crossbows at the command of Williams and raise their voices in agreement. I can’t do anything, so I have no choice but to run the shortest distance to the northern.

“Ho. I’m not getting tired of this”
“I will bite you if you hit”

As I listened to Laila and Maia’s voices behind me, my great escape to the forest elf territory, which is a safe zone, has begun.

※ On the way, Andy was caught in an encirclement in the end and kneeled on the ground to beg for forgiveness.


“Well, none other than Jeanne is a bath companion”

After all, Laila seems to have decided to stay here with Jeanne and continue to recuperate. No matter if she would remain alone, she would say that if she was with Jeanne, she would not be lonely even if she was somewhat apart from me. ……In fact, in order not to “miss” Jeanne, I guess that’s what it means. That area was Laila’s motherhood. It is said that the baron will be happy to take care of the housing for those two.

“Well then, you’re going to come and see me personally once in a while, right?”
“I come every week properly”

I laugh while being head-locked by Laila. But.


Jeanne’s face was looking down.

In the inn room, I decide to talk to Jeanne alone.

“……I wonder if I can give birth to your child”
“You said you could give birth”
“U……bu, but, after all, giving birth is a risk of one’s life”

As I thought, Jeanne felt stressed on the fact of her pregnancy. No wonder. It is difficult to say that Jeanne is physically mature yet and even if she is not giving birth, her life is more important. Even in Polka, there is no case that a pregnant woman dies due to labor difficulties. But.

“It’s alright. Jeanne is strong and Hilda-san is on our side”

Hilda is a female doctor and she often used to lend a hand as a midwife in Talc. It seems she has some magic to help with that.

“Uu……but I can’t say that……I’m not afraid”
“That is……okay. I’m scared too”

It’s creeping that I may lose Jeanne. Or rather I’m horrified now. ……Just imagining the sight of Jeanne, who has become a corpse after giving birth, is terrifying. But, Jeanne saw such a figure of me.

“……S, So……I’m scared to be 10-man captain’s girl. ……This child is 10-man captain’s child. It’s just a matter of me being small, isn’t it? I can’t even say I’m weak”
“No……u, uh”

It feels like it’s a bit of a misunderstanding and it feels like she is pressured, but Jeanne’s face returns to normal. ……Is my mother a strong person?

“Well, I think it’s better than you thought”
“You seem to be out of mind”

Anzeros and Aurora open the door and show their faces. The hand is a small souvenir, or is it intended as a souvenir. Polka is still a little early for the fruit season. What they have is a fruit of the elf territory, which is starting to be exported to Polka by Irina’s intermediary and it must be a little expensive with the route.

“Both of you……”

If it is true, it may be safe to say that they don’t care. My selfish harem condition, which may break the balance, by the “child” incident. Even so, I was happy to see their complexions and that they worry about Jeanne very well, as I understood that it was a very straight heart root.

“Wh, What?”
“It, Its Andy-san’s child, right? It’s natural to worry”

They love to hide their embarrassment.

“Hehee. If it’s about the two of you, I thought you’d just jump towards 10-man captain to have a baby right away”
“Of, Of course, there is also a purpose”
“Th, That’s right. Yeah”

They cant say that they worry about Jeanne, honestly, as they can’t beat their jealousy mouth, in the end, they carry on the words of Jeanne and pretend themselves as impure. It is clumsy and cute.

“Even if you’re on the flight today, right? You don’t have time to do erotic things……”
“It’s alright, there’s still about thirty minutes”
“……Andy-san, if you hurry up now, you can pour your semen into us about once, right?”

Both girls who take off their skirts, expose their undergarments and stick their butts out towards me.

“Good grief……”
“They miss you”

Jeanne makes a wry smile.

“Jeanne, I’m going to do something weird right in front of you”
“Yeah. I……I will do my best after those two♪”

Jeanne smiled. It’s her way of returning kindness to the gentle elf girls who are a little twisted.


“Now. Anzeros”
“Ye, Yes……”

She put her hands against the wall and pushed her buttocks still wearing underwear out. I grab her thin waist and pat her small and cute butt. Then I slap it a few times


Anzeros closes her eyes. Aurora is a little startled.

“This pervert. Perverted masochist. Cock addicted nasty woman”
“A……A, Andy……♪”
“From now on I will charge semen into you and it is impossible to return as I slowly fertilize your belly……what if the people from your squad find out?”
“Ii……really……what am I supposed to do……♪”

Anzeros is the type who is pleased when she is blamed mentally. The sudden spanking and vulgar abuse are one of the pleasures with immediate effect on Anzeros. I kiss her and rub her boobs, before I pierce in her pussy, as we don’t have enough time. Therefore, it is easy to change the switch by Anzeros because of this.

“Anyway you wanted to get pregnant since yesterday, right? I wondered if you were going to get fucked so much that you could faint and get pregnant by sex like a purposeful dog!”
“Th……that kind of thing……hiaaa!!”

I hit her butt strongly. Enough to let a hand-print remain on her butt. It is understood that the healthy, slightly thin buttocks meat of Anzeros is wavy and it is shaken immediately after.

“……I thought a little……”

Anzeros tries to be honest with a few tears in her eyes.

“Good……I will ejaculate in your womb only once. Do you care?”
“Yes……I’ll take care of it……♪”

With a bit of tear and a hopeful, euphoric look, Anzeros pushes out her hips with a strong heart. The impact of moving her hips loosens the knot of her hair and the long, slack hair gets on her cheek smoothly and produces a color-like expression without being said. Ah. ……Cute. I wonder why I’ve been staying next to her without attacking for years.

“I’m going……”

I take down my pants and take out my penis. It is necessary to lower the underwear which hangs on Anzeros’s butt which remains bright red. I intrude into the hairless female hole which has opened its naughty mouth.

“How is it?”
“……Huhuu. Andy’s taste……♪”

From the middle of the rush, Anzeros pushed out her buttocks so that I could almost take care of her and to the depth at a dash. When this happens, the high-armed swordsman is just a lonesome, horny, dedicated sex slave.

“Haaa……Haaa……Andy, poking……we don’t have time……I want you to cum in the back of my stomach……♪”
“It’s too much, greedy pet”

I abuse Anzeros whose switch has completely turned on with nasty words.

“HHaaa……a, a……a, aaa……n, hauuu♪”

She will be completely dyed by me, the mask of the innocent that she normally wears is peeled off completely and Anzeros pushed out her ass on her own heartily and unleash her movement rhythmically. From now on it will become narrow as Anzeros begs for my seed and squeeze very tightly. My dick is entangled by the small vagina and we make a vulgar noise, while I suck on the body of my pretty cute colleague. I won’t hesitate. I want to put a mark on her that everyone knows that she is only mine.

“Hauhh……Andy……Andy……just a little, wait……wait a minute……!”

Anzeros shakes her hips but asks for speed down from me. It was okay to ignore it and take her to ejaculation, but when I loosened my pace a little, Anzeros joined me……no, she reached for my balls.


She casts something small. And, something strange warmth was transmitted and disappeared.

“Huhuu……good, already……look, to me, full, thrust, ejaculation, okay……♪”

Clinging to the wall with one hand, Anzeros shakes her hips in a rush. For the time being, I gradually strengthen the movement. And ejaculate.

“U, Uwaa……!?”

To match the convulsions, the semen is injected……no, it is not such easy-to-life. The feeling that she is doing a piss vigorously while convulsions attacks. This is……!

“Anzeros, you……!?”
“Ann……waist, don’t pull……more pressing……♪”

Byutsu, Byutsu, my semen that is violently shot out is received in the back of the womb and Anzeros was enchanted by the slightly swollen belly with a lovely expression.

“……This, is sperm hell……!?”
“Yeah……I asked Hilda-san to tell me……and I got it……♪”

She is a crazy fellow.

“……That magic, it’s a deformed spell and quite advanced……”

Aurora next to us is also making a statement.

“I can do it if I try……”

My ejaculation is finished and Anzeros stops the back flowing from between the vagina meat and further squeeze my penis to gain the remaining love juice.

“……Don’t you think pregnancy or childbirth is scary?”

Suddenly, I asked Anzeros the fear I felt earlier.

“……Being conceived, with your child…… I want to give birth to it……♪♪”

A simple and clear answer was whispered with a joyful face. Jeanne laughed bitterly.

“Anzeros is a pervert”
“Uh……it’s a little complicated when you say that……”

It was Anzeros which patted the womb filled with the semen while doing a delicate face.

When I pull my son out of Anzeros’s vagina, as it is natural, a large amount of sperm and honey comes out.

“It’s a waste……”
“You’re the only one who’s going to get it all at once”
“If it’s about two people, maybe we could do something about it……”
“It’s too much either way”

I gently wipe Anzeros’s crotch which is full of semen with a towel and raise her underwear. Anzeros lightly dyed her cheeks to my actions and wraps her butt which still has a red handprint on it with her skirt. And.

“Well, that’s why you’re going to have to do a lot more than you think, so be prepared”
“Eh, yeah……”

I cling to Aurora who stuck out her buttocks from the beginning just in the same posture as Anzeros. Although Aurora is already wet from seeing the fierce act next to her, it is not enough. However, I dare to push my son inside her which is covered with mine and Anzeros’s dirty liquid and I thrust inside from the side of the underwear of Aurora.

“N, aaa……a”

After all, it is tight. And I feel that the vagina has a very crisp feel, though the relief is small, I know that it is Aurora’s vagina. ……Aurora is younger than Jeanne, Maia, and Anzeros. Even if she is the youngest and a princess, I’m not particularly used to it.

“Nn……huhuu, after all……being embraced by Andy-san in this way, its so attractive. I’m the happiest when storing things……♪”

She must have become the queen of a social circle which exactly represented Celesta if she did not become obsessed with me and shows such an indecent expression naturally at random. Such a girl wants my child. To give birth to a half-elf, she sticks out her secret place without hesitation and devotes all of her as a woman to me. Intoxicated by that sense of conquest, a sense of accomplishment erupts inside me.

“……I feel good inside you……”
“Huhuu……you should ejaculate immediately……♪ I’m your semen jar, your semen toilet……♪”
“Don’t you want to feel good?”
“If you spit your semen inside me, I’m confident that I’ll be able to ejaculate right after you put it in”
“It’s related to my point of honor”
“Ann……but please don’t be too modest, okay? I’m a little hesitant to show this kind of figure to the members of the squad”
“……That’s right”

Surely Aurora is also a woman who feels that it seems to be good to do it when I command and she would say”I don’t mind to touch my hips in front of everyone”. Even if I say that Laila already had sex with me in front of the other members, so she will do it. But I don’t want to brag about my sex with Aurora. I mean, I don’t mean to be badly hit by everyone again.

“Then, I wonder if you’re reckless, but I’m going to make you a semen belly……!”
“Ah, ya, haaa, ah……!!”

I’m already wet with Anzeros juice and.start the extraction process so that it is spread. Standing back in a row is a bit tough on the lower back, but I can’t let the woman who wants my kind to break away. Therefore the uterus is pushed up and while enjoying the buttocks, I gradually improve the pleasure.

“Hauh, aa, aa, ann……huu, auu, that, a, aaa……♪”

I know I haven’t been able to raise Aurora. Even so, to the vagina of the indecent princess who wants me to ejaculate to make herself pregnant in time. I am.


Dobyuuuutsu, Dobyuuuuutsu, byuuuutsu!!

“Kku……ha, aa, aaaa♪”

I inject my ejaculation like urination. Aurora has a joyful face, as she put out her tongue and receive the ejaculation while dripping her eyebrows. There is nothing out of it, just a face that is just drunk on pleasure, but for some reason, her appearance is very beautiful.

“Huhuu……I want to have a child as soon as possible, this womb, I want to be a mother……♪”

The belly which was swelled up from the mass ejaculation has been complemented by the smile and tears on Aurora’s face.

Aurora’s underwear is also casually returned. ……I didn’t wipe out the juice that I had blown inside like by Anzeros, so her panties suddenly got bigger and it was great. I regret my own mistake in a moment. But.

“Huhuu……you did that to let me go to Basson like this, right?”

Aurora interprets so without permission and raises her skirt while love liquid overflows from her crotch. This spirit of making matches and looking forward to anything is the strongest in a sense.

“Then……in a few days”
“I am waiting for you”

Two people go out while caring about their crotches. Oh, both of these skirts are full. ……It’s kind of my worst.

“Huhuu……I think you’ll be able to make a lot of belly companions soon if its 10-man captain”

Yup. ……No, more than that.

“It’s about time you stop calling me 10-man captain”
“There’s no bride who calls her husband in his position, right?”

I patted Jeanne’s head.

“Ah……but how am I calling you?”
“……That’s right”

That said, there are no such many candidates.

“Andy is fine”
“Is it okay to call you without honorifics?”
“Originally we are the same age. Moreover……”

I can see that her cheeks have become red.

“It’s still a little early, to call me dad”

I will be called father by the mother of my child. ……It makes me feel strangely happy when I think of Jeanne and everyone calling me that.

“E, Ehehe……then, A, Andy”

That’s it for now.

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