Half elves fall in love chapter 87

Chapter 87: The bath situation of the crossbow corps [Maia Dianne]



After a few days, I went back to Basson from Polka.

“Hey Smithson, won’t an ogre remain?”
“It’s not over. Everyone cleans the ceiling for hard work”
“It’s really serious. Higgins and Bronson rooms on the third floor are leaking”
“Idiot, if you let the ogres do it, they will step through the roof. Not good Kieron”

After a long time, the corps building had to be cleaned up. It was empty for 2 months now, so the building is damaged, although it didn’t snow and the climate was mild. A house is the first thing people use when it comes to showing signs of humanity.

“10-man captain Kieron. If it’s the roof, shall I do it?”
“Oh, Mikagami……are you good at highs?”
“If it’s about the third floor, it’s okay if it goes down”
“Hohee. Incredible Wolfman”

Like Mikagami, who has high physical ability, Selenium and Maia are also very active. Selenium is also admirably good at work in high places and carpentry (Should it be said that it is a self-employed thing in Polka for more than a dozen years), Maia has a power that is unmatched to her appearance and it is relatively helpful if she becomes a dragon for a while. It was a very reliable reinforcement.

“Don’t cut corners-, it’s because you’re the one who’s going to cry because the care is so sweet!”
“Should I just go and buy it?”
“Ask Williams and Isaac. I don’t think they are out of missing tools”
“Roger that. Ah but I miss the hot spring of Polka”

When we are working together in a sweaty way, everyone suddenly misses Polka’s hot springs which we could enter whenever we wanted. If you don’t boil it overtime here, you won’t be able to get in, as the wind is still chilly. Bathing in the river is out of the question.

“……I wonder why the girls don’t take a bath”
“10-man captain Smithson is muttering erotic things immediately”
“It, It’s different!”


There is no bath in the women’s corps building which has just been built because of the number of girls which was few increases suddenly. I mean, I think it’s a facility that should be built first of all if it’s true, but they use the place of the men day by day. The kettle that boils the bath seems to be a difficult thing. Even if we ask the specialty trader in the town, it seems to take considerable time before it is possible to prepare it.

“But what do the girls say……is that all right?”
“Is it okay……what do they mean?”

Ogres and dwarves whose faces look strange. Well, they don’t like baths in the colony.

“A human or a female elf is sensitive to stinky or dirty things. If possible, they want to bathe every day”
“Ho. That’s troublesome”
“But with us, they can only enter a couple of days, right?”
“But there’s no girl who feels filthy, even though we work together”
“I sense a secret”

Everyone twists their heads while oiling the window frame and wiping the furnishings.

“It’s a secret♪”

Selenium winked from outside the window and I was surprised. Currently on the third floor.


Nevertheless, I was interested, so I decided to try a direct hit interview.

“So, what are you doing, Maia?”
“……As you say, Dianne”

Is it a military secret?

“Give me a hint”
“Hi, Hint?”
“I really want to know”

Maia avoids my eyes. Maia would teach me if I had to give her a command, but it will be a bit scary to think that I will be seen by Dianne and others with eyes below freezing. This is where a moderate push is required.

“I just need a little bit. I can imagine the rest”

Maia starts to worry. I lean over. My face was a bit close and Maia turned a little red. When.

“What are you doing”

It was found out by Dianne at once.

“Ah, no……”

When I try to make an excuse, Dianne sighed. Apparently, it seemed she has called out to me after she had heard the story neatly.

“There’s nothing I can say to you……”
“We’re bathing somewhere else. At night, everyone would take a ride on Maia”
“What is……”

I thought it would be like that, though. But why are they keeping it a secret?

“……If we open the story, someone will definitely come to peep. Regular soldier Mikagami is there too”

It seems that I was firmly in the calculation that I was a peeping devil. Sadly, I can’t argue against it.

“It’s enough for us to let you see us naked, but if you reach your hand out to Isaac’s fiancée……I can’t defend you for a moment, no matter what the other guys do”

I’m sorry, in Polka, I organized a female body observation team relatively frequently and I also got to see the naked Mikagami in the hot spring several times. I didn’t invite Isaac or Boyd because ogres are not good with being stealthy physically. Aaa. No, no, no, the vicinity apart from that.

“Anyway, it’s good that the mystery has been solved, so it is good then”
“Andy-sama, wait”

When I tried to run away, Maia grabbed on the hem of my clothes.

“……Frustration? Are you okay?”

Maia looks up at me worriedly.

“Where do you learn those words?”
“Andy-sama. I’m much older than Andy-sama……”

It was so. And, Dianne nods seriously when she hears it.

“I see. There’s a point in frustration”
“Andy-sama, I haven’t had sex since I came here, so that’s what bothers me”
“Yeah, I cant overlook this. We have to do something to protect Mikagami’s chastity”
“You two are a little bit pushy about that reason!?”
“All right”

Suddenly Maia makes a thumb up.

“We’re going to endure longer”
“Is that what you really mean!?”

If I think carefully I wonder if I would have jumped into a tiger hole without knowing. Basically, men are forbidden in the woman corps building. Only my slaves, my lovers, and Mikagami are inside. Because of that Mikagami, it is a batch for the great cause.

“Well, that’s……what. Don’t try to vent your sexual desire around like that”
“Do I do it anytime, anywhere?”

They slowly began to unravel the belt.

“……No, I’m not doing something to Mikagami, I’m just purely interested……”
“Understood Understood. That’s what I’m going to do”
“Now, if you’re properly diverted by us, it will be the truth”

……Sadly, I’m not trusted. Although.

“……I’m frustrated after all♪”
“If it’s like this, you can always come to my room……♪”

My dick, which was dragged out by Maia, is facing the heavens with the expectation of tasting a body after a few days. It’s also true that I’ve been busy for the past few days. I gave up my excuses because I was caught between Maia’s small tits and Dianne’s swaying melons.


“Aa……n, uu……u, uya, uuu……♪”

I buried my face in Maia’s butt which is raised on the bed. I lick up her faintly pubic hair-covered labia. It is thin and unreliable, can it accept a man……Maia’s white waist seems to be somewhat suspicious. It is odious that her hips sway as if she wants my caress. And Dianne’s body is attached to my lower body from behind, and while squeezing my son gently with her hands, she sometimes carefully presses a kiss on its head.

“N……chuu, what a great deal! How much did you tolerate?”
“Ngugu…… don’t say tolerate, I’m busy……”
“Even before going to bed, Selenium, Anzeros or my sister……you ought to have told somebody. Of course, even to me”
“……You’re free to say what you want lately, Dianne”
“I think it’s much better than being distracted by women who are not concerned with your frustration…… ♪”
“Do I look like such an aggressive sex offender?”

Somehow it has become a bit sad. Although I feel good.

“……I should be the first one who gets pregnant”
“Traditionally, a dwarf or a half-elf thought it was the first……”

I’m sorry I didn’t even hear you.

“But I’ve been carrying all the luggage lately……my professional occupation is Andy-sama’s cock hole……so you can always fuck me”
“Is that so? There are so many tough women, therefore is it safe to release sexual desire in four hours? Don’t be patient till the end……nchuu♪”

Both of them urge me to do lewd things with them. …… If I say it, I have no time to be patient. Not to mention these two, Anzeros, Selenium and Apple are getting used to sex more and more and not only to receive each but also start to get the technique to attack me. Even if I put my innocence side by side, for the time being, it is reasonable that it is not the case when I look at other women. I decided to monopolize everyone. I must not be satisfied with the fact that I have monopolized them for a while.

“I understand……I will not be patient”

I put a kiss mark on Maia’s ass like a baby and raise my waist like dragging Dianne’s body.

“You too will become pregnant”
“M, Me, too?”
“Yes you too”

I grab Maia’s thin waist who is on all fours. Dianne is firmly attached to my back, pressing her chest and waist against me. And while she licks my ear, she put her hand on my penis and helped me soberly insert it into Maia’s pussy. And I thrust forward.


Maia resists the intrusion by turning her spine. That’s why I felt a little bit more room, so I made my thumb move into Maia’s ass hole.


The room disappears from Maia’s appearance. My thumb is tightened tightly.

“Hey hey……isn’t it pretty bad?”

Dianne whispers into my ear. As it is, she kept sticking to my entire back.

“A, Al……rig, ht……♪”

If I pull the butt as it is, my waist and her buttock will not stick to each other because her butt hole holds my finger. I’m worried about that, so I pull out my thumb and change the finger I push into her ass. I change it to the middle finger.

“Higuu, giii……!!”

Because the movement was casual, Maia is in agony again. Even though Maia was treated so violently, I felt that she was finding an extraordinary euphoria by that and was strongly requesting it from me.

“Maia……shall I move?”

While being stabbed with two fingers, Maia looks at me with joy. I nodded unconsciously and began to thrust my hips against her ass.

“Ann, a, aaa……hau, au, a, a, aaa……naaaaa♪”

Maia increases her voice as my waist speed increases. And Dianne gives an impression by moving her waist accordingly to my waist movement.

“When a man has sex with a woman, is it like this……?”
“Umm…..feeling good, different, I think, but……”
“Yeah……I still prefer to be fucked by you while looking up at your face♪”
“I’ll do it with you soon……!”

I joined my breath with Dianne who says those nasty words and we swung our hips to reciprocate the feeling as if Dianne is inside Maia. I insert deeply into the small vagina which is very tight and strikes the cervix continuously with my thrusting. At the same time, when I moved my middle finger in an asynchronous motion, Maia raised a cry.

“Aa, A, aa, Haaaa, A────♪♪♪”

And I ejaculate. Maia’s belly swells for a moment.

“U, Uwaa……amazing, wh……what, this much……did someone cast sperm hell magic before?”
“……At Polka, Anzeros”

While tasting the pleasure of ejaculation that pulls out the contents of the belly, I grab Maia’s waist like a toy, shakes it and spies out the remaining juice. Maia tries to swallow the semen by pushing her waist persistently though Maia is unconscious from the ejaculation while foreign things are placed into both holes. When I pulled out my son, it blew out as a matter of course.


To the tragedy of this battlefield, Dianne swallows her spit and whispers into my ear.

“Me too……right away, is it okay……?”
“Of course”

I lay Maia down on the side. Maia is a girl who finds pleasure in being treated as such a “Fuck hole” like Jeanne. And I overthrew Dianne next and invade her vagina that had already opened its mouth.


It will be the first time in 10 days with Dianne. In the presence of a little blank, Dianne’s entangled her legs around my waist, stretches her hands out, stretches out her tongue and welcomes me with her whole body, as I swing my hips suddenly.

“Aaa……Andy, love……I love you, love me more, ejaculate more, you can cum……I want to receive your semen, so you can fuck me anytime, anywhere, whenever you want……like Jeanne……♪♪”
“It’s hard to do that……”

In many ways. ……And, Dianne understands the meaning of that.

“Then, fuck me every day little by little……that will be the case♪”
“……Understood, 100-man commander”

When I intentionally call her commander, Dianne laughs as if she is panting with hahaha.

“Absolutely, 10-man captain♪”

And I made her lower body overflow with my semen.


Night. All men gather in the bathroom.

“It’s almost time to finish cleaning”
“Absolutely. Let’s finish it tomorrow.”

I sit in the bath alongside Isaac and Williams. When. Suddenly.

“……Ah, 100-man commander”
“I recently entered with the girls”

Dianne comes in proudly. So far so good.

“Ma, Maia-chan!?”

Everyone is surprised at the same time.

“Ma, Maia?”
“……I told her that I was originally taking a bath with the men”

Dianne smiled bitterly. Ballast.

“Ah, dear, kun”

Everyone is surprised again. I’m also surprised. ……Well, because these people are from a culture where they don’t care if they are seen naked in a bathhouse, is it alright……? When I think about that.

“Ex, Excuse me!”

It is a wolf beastman girl who came in with a bright red face.

“Regular soldier Mikagami!?”

Everyone makes a lot of noise. Of course, staring.

“Wh, What are you doing?”
“Th, that’s……from commander Dianne, I heard that it was the quickest way to blend in”
“……Hey, Hey”

Isaac is full of cold sweat. As Mikagami bathes so as to be hidden in his arms. Conclusion.

“Oh, when girls come in, it’s rather a paradise, but not as much a paradise as I thought”
“I hate it……”

It was an agreement in the dressing room.

But Lantz and Goto have been working on freely masturbating as ever. They are too strong.

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