Half elves fall in love chapter 93

Chapter 93: Dark elf who came back [Maia]



The three-story crossbow corps building is preferentially used on the first floor by ogres (heavy) or dwarves (short legs, easy to run on the stairs), and the remaining rooms are shared by two associate soldiers each, while 10-man captains and higher ranks have rooms which they use alone. My room is at the end of the second floor. There is a stair to the outside, which is not inconvenient, but it is a subtle position that may be inconvenient because it is far from the dining room and bath.

Well, the female corps building is at about 100 meters away from there. Of course, it is forbidden at all to approach the female corps building without the resident’s permission. I also (Well, I don’t think they’ll complain about it even if I get close to it) decided to stay away for the time being. However, there is no limit to the number of girls who come here (some cooking and bathing), and my room is in the most easy-to-enter position and a sneaking incident occurs more often than I think.


When I woke up in the morning, Maia was in my bed. It’s the usual thing, in the last few days. Maia is a free person except when visiting Polka on the weekend. It’s still good because there are things to be done, Dianne, Anzeros, Aurora, Selenium, and Hilda, who are hired by local staff and who are originally registered in the military. Apple usually does divination in town (She seems to have recently teamed with Mikagami’s younger sister as an assistant helper), and Jeanne and Laila are still in the hot spring at Polka. Maia usually has nothing to do and she feels like she’s been out of the way, and she’s here to take care of me.


Maia, who is sleeping as she clings to me, is vulnerable. Her sleeping face is young. I don’t think that she is a blue dragon that can make a whole city iced with one breath. When I brush her hair, Maia wakes up immediately. Originally, a dragon wasn’t so deeply asleep because the need for sleep was thin and it was not possible to sleep separately even if a dragon doesn’t sleep for about one year if it was in nature.


She is rubbing her face on my chest like a cat. Cute. I thought I’d be careful, but the bell hasn’t even sounded yet. I thought it would be okay to let Maia like me a little more, and I stroked Maia’s hair.

“……Andy-sama, today also your penis……has an erection”
“Well that is because it is a human physiological phenomenon”
“Do you want to put it in?”

It will be troublesome if it is heard straight ball with those innocent eyes.

“……You’re still sleepy”
“I’m not sleepy”

Maia moves in the hanging cloth and throws away her clothes and underwear to the side of the bed. When she took my hands, she was completely naked. Rubbing my palm against her breasts, which are still only a slight bulge, with a slight tickling.

“Andy-sama, I’ll do my best again today……♪”
“It is said in the human world that you kiss when you sit down on a penis……”
“Fine. Me and Andy-sama’s rule”
“……Good grief”

Maia gets up and straddles me. If she is wearing clothes properly and sitting in front of me a little while ago, she may feel like a pretty girl who wakes up her dad during a holiday. However, Maia, who smiles with a happy smile, completely exudes the sexiness of an adult, which was indeed bewitching.

“Huhuu……Andy-sama, who did you have sex with yesterday?”
“……Selenium and Hilda-san once”
“Then, will you be strong enough to take it out today?”

Even though there is a sex history on the day before, it is expected to be “Still hard” because it was only twice, and I don’t think that I am of full control. However, I will try hard to cum because it is expected.

“Nn……a, huaaa……deep……Andy-sama attacks my womb……♪”

While turning Maia’s body with a head, which is still a little sleepy, I enjoy spending time inside her small vagina firmly and enjoy seeing that Maia’s expression is distorted and swaying. Although the flesh is thin, I feel so good from rubbing thoroughly against the narrow inside and I put my middle finger in the depth of Maia’s anus.

“Higi, aaaa……♪”

Maia raised a voice of joy mixed with agony and leaned her upper body against me. And, I have already given up and begin to shake my waist as it is.

“Haa……Haaa……Andy-sama, Andy-sama……♪ Syasu, ……I’m going to help take out, Andy-sama’s white baby juice into my stomach……♪”

Maia’s small body wants my ejaculation and shakes while burning like fire. Her pretty face is dyed in lust and is distorted immeasurably from the face which is not amiable to others by a usual expressionless feeling.

“Andy-sama……Andy-sama, I like it……♪”

Maia moves violently. This intense movement that tries to make me cum is unique to this powerful dragon girl. The cervix is hit on my glans almost by intuition and the cervix is attached to the penis to bite into it at the same time as the ejaculation begins.


Byukutsu, Byukutsu, semen is injected into Maia and Maia weakens with a very happy expression. The cheeks are put together and a rough breath is heard for a while.

“Hahuu……it rose up?”
“Yes……do you want to take a little rest?”
“While I’m resting, can’t you not pull out?”
“……I’m going to want to do it again”
“Then I’ll just make love again……♪”

When saying, etc., the wake-up bell rings and Anzeros comes at almost the same time.

“Andy, good……what are you doing so early in the morning!!”

Yeah, I thought it was such an end.

“You understand if you see it. Oh my god”
“Don’t turn your butt in vain!”

Listening to the angry Anzeros and the disgruntled Maia arguing, I shook my head and blew away the drowsiness and sex remnants.


During the morning training, Dianne returned from Harmonium.

“I think it works better than I thought. I heard from a staff officer within the headquarters, that a Gold Arm came to the Merchant Palace of Quica and it seemed to have struggled”

Dianne didn’t feel the tiredness of the trip and taught me that while working on the accumulated paperwork.

“The army corps headquarters is also quick-eared……”
“Well, there is the flying dragon service”

The information power in that area is Celesta’s strength.

“Of course another Gold Arm was supposed to go to the capital city of Trot, but that information was not included”
“Trot has nothing to do with the northern army corps”
“You’re right”

Dianne continues the conversation skillfully while running the feather pen.

“There is no doubt that Renfangas doesn’t even know the current status of Trot which is a vassal state. Still, if it was King Ulysses who relied on Trot……I guess there was a calculation that was going to happen”
“Late king……?”
“Yes. King Ulysses is an old man. Like the previous Sword Saint Brigade, there is also the possibility of putting in place the extra force in the country. It is impossible to defeat Celesta with that power. Anyway, if they could contribute to this expedition line, they could make a political back-up with the merits to reduce the influence of Celesta by far-reaching and pervasive attacks. It will be a good deal”
“But Ruth, who is too young, can’t expect to be able to do that much……I mean”
“Yes. You can’t expect such power from the royal palace in the present state with King Ruth. Worst, the Gold Arm might have returned without even seeing them”

It was us who helped to change the throne.

“……I feel a little bit responsible”
“What’s your……what we did wasn’t wrong. If we leave it alone, King Ulysses would also not reign anymore”
“……Yes, that’s true”

……Well, that may be true. Are you thinking?

“More than that, I asked Aurora a while earlier”

I’m startled. Did they talk about the proposal? When I think about it, I don’t feel like I’m a little bit wrong from Anzeros. In terms of responsibility, Jeanne is preferable and in chronological order Selenium and Apple, and some reason, Dianne may be the first to say. ……And for a moment, I was tempered.

“Anzeros is secretly doing training in martial arts, isn’t she?”
“……Ha, yes”
“Take me to the scene a little”

Dianne, who had been clearing up the documents for a while, threw her coat, which she wore, on the chair and stood up.

“That should be my turn”
“……E, Eh?”


“Anzeros, don’t try to fight from the front. Your main weapon is the sword to the end, so it won’t be the same when you use your fists”
“Don’t throw away pride in tactical training for emergencies, discard the notion of long-term war! Defeat the opponent instead of defending quickly and aim only to change the situation! Remember Becker’s move!”
“Ye, Yes!”
“And Boyd, if you have good legs, think more about physical fitness! Always keep your field of view, avoid the siege and fight while controlling the direction your opponent is coming! Ace Knight Basics! ”
“I, I’m an Ace Knight……”
“Don’t talk, you’ll have a melee match! Ace Knight is a melee expert, it means that the same tactics can be used to the best! Learn!”

While preaching, Anzeros and Boyd, Dianne, also deals with Isaac at the same time. Even if the three attacks at the same time, there is no sign that she will be hit by horrible things.

“Isaac, attacking is one pattern! You’re just going to get tired of such a big swing, think about moves to hunt down your enemies!”
“Haa, Haa……u, usuu!”
“Therefore! Anzeros, I guess it’s not! Don’t break the guard but aim at it! Behind it! Don’t fly around, there’s too much-wasted movement!”
“E, Eeeh!?”
“Boyd, don’t stop! Don’t stop in one place! The strength of an ogre doesn’t require so many attacks, wait for the chance to hit without swinging!”
“Understood, ssu!”
“And also Aurora, you join. You can use a practice sword”
“I, I’m sorry!”

Two Ace Knights and two ogres. Certainly, it would be natural for a real master knight to be able to deal with them, but it is no longer a battle of a different dimension if you watch it from the side.

“Anzeros, Aurora, why don’t you combine your shockwaves? Isaac, you can throw a stone or something. And Boyd”
“Ca, Capture and show it!”
“Eei, Boyd, let’s do it!”
“Understood, ssu!”



Shockwaves are passing each other, become a tornado and it becomes a catastrophe that is a sandstorm in the forest, combined with Isaac’s attack that can crush rocks it crushed the sand by surprise. The four of them self-destructed brilliantly and Dianne jumped through the trees, landing next to me, who was watching from the distance and sighing.

“They still need training”
“No, I think it’s a bit too difficult to win against Dianne”
“……I think the four of them are not too far away from it”

I shrug my shoulders.

“Now, I finished my training……lets come to the main topic”
“It’s about time you proposed to me too, right?”

After all, it came!? As I sat on the stump and lifted my jaw, Dianne smiled bewitchingly. When I thought, Anzeros and Aurora covered with sand from the other side revived while sweeping through the body.

“It’s not over yet……”
“It was a hit after all”

Both are a little scary. Dianne raised her face and laughed as she was waiting for it.

“Good. Let’s continue”

Ace Knights who are beaten black and blue again. ……I mean, Dianne, which one was your aim, inspiring or my proposal? I don’t know…….

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