Half elves fall in love chapter 94

Chapter 94: The poor developed elf – first part



Polka was pretty cool even in early summer. At this time of the year, the river play ban has already been lifted around Basson, but in Polka, long sleeves were still needed. Andy didn’t remember having to go into a situation where he was hot and troubled even in the summer. It felt like the climate limit of the northern kingdom, but it was early summer now anyway.

“That dwarf girl, her belly is starting to stand out”
“Yes, it looks like it’s going well”

Baron´s mansion was Irina´s roo. He was talking with Irina while having a cup of tea.

“Emm Irina-sama, what about the Gauntlets?”
“They are quiet……I’d like to say that, but they’re going to cause some trouble”

Irina sighed. The awkward, sarcastic look on her young face was a real mismatch.

“The other day, they told me to bring them to the red clan´s manor”
“Holy beast labyrinth?”

It was an underground labyrinth in the meadow where the holy beast Breakcore lived. It used to be completed inside the labyrinth, but now the labyrinth’s 「Qi」 adjustment function was falling, so it also produced monsters in its surroundings.
“I’ve heard that……a private army led by Diel was created to hunt them.”

“Th, They angered the holy beast.”


“That black-skinned talkative girl said something bad about you. She said you´re a weak, unpleasant and nasty man”

“I can’t argue against that.”

“That’s why the Holy Beast punished that girl with a shockwave. The confused Gold Arm and that girl whose honor was wounded went on a rampage trying to capture the Holy Beast. If Diel did not intercept, they would have already been dead by now……ah, well, the holy beast can’t die, so the end is that it’ll tease and kill those people”
“……Or rather, Breakcore can still fight that much”
“Don’t look down on it, Laila-dono, Maia, Dianne and Bonaparte-dono fought together to stop the Holy Beast. Well, if they kill each other, it’s not bad, but the Holy Beast that lived thousands of years till now, can’t be defeated by those guys”

……That’s why I say “I can’t fight”.

“Well, those guys are also part of the monster extermination division. As one would expect, they don’t show forgiveness to monsters, as those Gauntlets are monster experts.”
“But Breakcore is mature.”
“They are so bad, they are worse than the mouth of that talkative girl. That’s what the Glory Clan is.”

Irina complained while eating confectionery. It seemed that she hated them a lot.

“Well, what is the Glory Clan? Is Glory written on their earrings?”
“Hmm, don’t you know Smithson-dono.”

Irina nodded and corrected her posture.

“For elves, the northern forest is not the only holy place”
“There is also a sacred place for the elves in the Southern Great Plains. ……Rather than, it’s Arkas royal family”
“Arkas……emm, an elf kingdom in the Southern Great Plains”
“Umm. Elvens who worship the land don’t express clans with earrings. They use necklaces, hair decorations, etc”
“……Is that good?”
“Well, ear ornaments are a custom that we started on our own terms. However, when the exchange is not arranged, the style of the name is still good. Therefore, the clans in Arkas call themselves vague names such as Glory, Brave and Brightness. The main clan of Arkus is the Glory Clan”

There were various things among the elves.

I took a rest from the talk by taking a sip from my teacup while looking at the window. Irina’s room was northeast-facing and was not very sunny but the windows were facing the forest. And from the window, I saw Anzeros and Dianne training in the forest.

“But that half girl, I think she was a sword user……what kind of wind is blowing?”

Anzeros was unarmed today. After chasing Dianne and colliding shockwaves, it looked like she was looking forward to it.

“She would like to be able to fight without a sword. ……Mainly, because she was disappointed that we were caught by Phaser”

The two of us watched the training scenery for a while. Dianne’s movements, which disappeared when viewed closely, were caught by my eyes even from a distance. Anzeros was being completely played with. It was in total contrast to Dianne, who shot her own shockwaves when desperately avoiding enemy shockwaves, by avoiding them dexterously with minimal movement. Anzeros flew like an arrow, as if running in leather shoes on ice. Too much, there were a lot of mistakes and a lot of useless movements too.

“Not at all yet. I wonder”

When I laughed bitterly, Irina muttered while playing with her fan and told me that it was not so.

“Dianne also seems to be worth teaching. That half girl´s movement is quite different from one hour ago”

Anzeros was avoided by Dianne and then thrown away. However, the shockwave was smashed with both the hands just at the last moment to increase the distance between them and escape from the chase.

“That girl wasn’t able to squeeze shockwaves with her bare hands before this moment”
“If you say it……”

The shockwave should have caused a deadly motion within the whole body, at least as of last year’s desert occasion. Was the sober skill rising?

“She just kicked one shot and sent out a shock wave”
“……Th, That’s Dianne-san’s exclusive patent”
“Well then?”

……Anzeros, I think she had achieved great growth, probably because she fought strong opponents in a row this past year. She may not be far from becoming a Master Knight/Great Sword Saint, as Sir Bonaparte said.


“Now, voluntaries. It’s a covert action from here”

The baron made a thumbs-up and Johnny, Keel and I came together. Good luck! It was a moment to put the hearts together without a word.

……Women gathered from all over the city at Polka´s hot spring on the weekend. It was a day when the population density was particularly high. And Polka´s women generally had very good proportions. Yup. Some people said that I was doing a lot of things with my female slaves, but I would still get inspired by the intellectual inquisitiveness if the boobs paradise was being deployed at hand, as it was a man’s saga. It was good though, that those beautiful girls would come close to bewitch you and would try to do something ecchi, but it was also tasteful to see their defenseless bathing appearances.

“Everyone, be careful to hide the intrusion route to the surveillance point. If you’re going to realize it when you’re on the run, you’re going to have to give up on your escape and protect your legacy for the next generation”

The baron claimed that the route was a legacy to his offspring and he was shining at that moment. And then…

“Hey, Hey…..”

Today was a big failure. Both the baron and the guard troop stepped on their feet and began to be driven out without seeing too much. And I was the only one who wasn’t driven out. Luckily, Laila and Dianne were entertained when they were peeped at and Maia was not too noisy nowadays, so it was only Anzeros who quickly put on a cloak and chased them. However, there were a lot of elves who were recently staying at Polka, so they joined the chase after the guys. In fact, Keel was caught by a lasso (Perhaps for a one-horned horse) by a female of the cherry blossoms clan before he could flee and was forced to kneel on the ground. Fortunately, I wasn’t found yet, but I couldn’t move because the escape route was blocked. There was no way to go around in this rocky place, as it was night time and I might injure myself and during the daytime also it was impossible. So I was just hiding in a bush until there was no sign of people. Well, if I thought in reverse, the guards after that would be sweetened by the fact that Keel and the others were found. Although it could be said that it might take some time, there was still a chance surely to monopolize the women’s bath.

“How long will it take……”

While I sat on the ground in the bush and asked such a thing, at the same moment Irina, who wore a cloak nakedly, turned her face towards me suddenly. Our eyes met. Danger! ‘Don’t move!’ I was in the darkness of the bush right now. There was a little possibility of being overlooked if I didn’t move. ‘Don’t be hasty!’ It was a battle of mental power. As I thought that……I was really stuck before I knew it.


I couldn’t move my head. I couldn’t move my hands. My legs didn’t move no matter how hard I tried. And then…

“Why? You have so many women. Why do you peep at others”

While I couldn’t move my eyes, Irina was coming to the side of the bush.

“K……Ku, haa”

I was able to move suddenly. What was that? Magic?

“『Poisonous snake eye』. It’s a unique spell used by me”
“……It reminded me that you’re a great magician at a time when it doesn’t matter”

Irina walked on the water with only the use of magic. Her magic skills surpassed even Dianne.


I sat face-to-face with Irina. By the way, I had a towel wrapped around my waist. Polka´s peepers liked this outfit. I couldn’t help it. On the other hand, Irina sat on a stump and felt a very sharp feeling cross her legs while wearing the cloak, whereas she was completely naked underneath. What kind of composition was that?

“I always think of it. Why is Smithson-dono so obsessed with female bodies?”
“Because I’m someone who loves Polka´s boobs”

I immediately replied strongly.

“……Nu, Nuu. That’s right…….that means Guto-dono has a good animal training skill because of such a sincere face”
“I don’t want you to call Polka an animal trainer production place without permission”
“I, I see. The baron´s wife seems to be happy every day, so I wonder if Guto-dono is also making efforts at night”
“It may be, but it’s not necessarily animal training. You are actually a silent pervert”

Irina was upset, stretched her ears directly to her side and turned red. Oh, I think that she stood up because I preached her compositionally?

“I, I´m not especially like that”
“If I think about it, you’ve corrected it many times, but you’re too obsessed with animal training, aren’t you?”
“Th, That’s because Smithson-dono has a great skill, so it’s just humility……”
“I see, don’t you desire that?”
“Diff……n, no, you can do a lot of things with that skill”

Irina became completely flustered. Good! If I bullied her now, she would run away from here. Even if she tried to accuse me, I would just be silent because it might rekindle my suspicions. I could be even possible to get into the flow of a great escape success!

“Actually you, a man……I mean, you don’t have knowledge about sex at all!”
“Th, That is……I can’t help it, I have this kind of standpoint”

Looking like a 12 or 13 years old human, her body was poor developed. Well, certainly a little enthusiastic. But…

“So you have a great delusion about sex”
“Th, that’s a denial……I don’t do that”
“All my women are trying to seduce me strangely and the sex that I have is so pleasant that I can’t stop like its a dangerous drug……that’s why I´m experienced”
“N, Noo……no?”

It seemed that it was better to use a stronger approach so as not to miss this chance because there were a lot of competitors (There were also people who didn’t surpass Laila in common sense), and it was more likely to give birth and family than just desire than sex.

“So to be clear, it was just one element that made my sex feel good.” I thought.
However, if I got too addicted, I’d become a super erotic genie. No, actually Hilda-san was a super erotic genie, so I relied on her during Almeida´s case.

“Now, what do you think?”

I dared to laugh nastily and brought my face closer to Irina. Then I concentrated my mind on Irina’s thighs and back, which I was peeping at earlier, collecting blood on my penis and let it erect.


It was about time Irina screamed and ran away. I mean, it seemed to go beyond the range of the word ‘blame’ that it could be joked about if she didn’t run away around here now. I wondered if she would run away soon because she would be in trouble if found by Dianne.

“……Un, Understood……”
“What? Did you say it as you were convinced before?”

I was sweating cold sweat on my back while grinning. It was about time to cry loudly, stand up and run away, Clan chief Irina!

“……U, Umm……”

Irina nodded and unwrapped her cloak. Then…

“If, if you say so much……yo, you can tell me the truth, okay?”

Gently, the cloak fell like a tablecloth on the stump and Irina’s naked body was exposed with her having a bright red face. ……dde. Eh. Go, Good……?


“Welcome to the Trot Kingdom. ……What can I do for you?”
“……I’ve seen you for the first time. I’m……”
“As you know, this country is still paying the price of defeat. I am still an immature, powerless king and I can’t offer anything to add to your expectations. I may just waste your time.”
“……I know. But I have heard that Your Majesty is a bright king.”
“That was the late king and his followers.”
“To the throne and the great hero, you went to the throne to let them live and showed them the future……”
“If so, I will recognize you. With the thirty-nine generations of Trot kingdom, who followed the proud tradition” The descendants of my lord’s sworn friend”
“……I understand. Let’s hear the story. Kalwin´s 『Hero』”

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