Half elves fall in love chapter 97

Chapter 97: Again to be delighted, huh? [Apple Anzeros Luna Lina Yuna]



The shutter was closed and I couldn’t see it anymore, but tonight was a full moon. So, it was the same full moon as that night.

“Again, make me pregnant properly.”

In Anzeros’s magic light, the amount of lumination was gradually falling. The catgirls dropped their underwear from their slender legs and approached me. Anzeros cast magic again and added more light. Just as Apple was keen on it, she reopened the window and let in the moonlight, gaining visibility and moved in front of the catgirls.

“Wa… Wait a minute! I don’t know what it is all about, but it doesn’t have to be Andy-san!”

The three catgirls stopped for a while and thought a little.

“But… it’s fine.”

If you looked closely, love juice was dripping down their thighs. Was it because of the moon? It seemed that there was a high possibility that the smell of the estrus on me and Apple was influencing them. It seemed that the smell was also the cause last time.

“If……If it’s good with other people, do it with others!”
“Apple calm down. Or perhaps I should say wear this.”

Anzeros handed the sheet while saying that with a nervous face.

“But, Anzeros-san……”
“It’s fine.”

The catgirls were strongly influenced by the moon. It reflected not only in estrus but also in their physical abilities. I mean, now they were quite strong. It was possible to get too distracted, to be irritated, and to be exposed, to be untouched. I was able to see that Anzeros was concerned about it by his move of trying to interrupt between Apple and the catgirls by casual footing. I was food for them, so even if I could get the minimum amount of personal safety, it was still too dangerous if Apple got rough.


Apple looked at me with a sad face. Now the point of the future was postponed. And I was ready to lend a hand to Apple.

“All right, Apple. Come here.”

Apple and the catgirls didn’t understand the meaning. Anzeros had a suspicious face for a moment, then understood and sighed. I then dared to say to the catgirls…

“All three……no, I will seed all five of you. There will be no complaints, right?”

Opening their eyes as if they were under pressure, I grabbed their shoulders and pushed them lightly onto the bed.

“Wh, What?”

Catgirls were confused.

“Listen up, turn your asses towards me.”

The upper bodies of the three catgirls were made to crawl on the bed a little forcefully and the hips were arranged. Cat beasts were known for their leg strength and they had beautiful buttocks. I slapped them lightly and then told them…

“I’m going to fuck you without worrying, nasty female cats. But disobeying bad girls need to wait.”
“Why are you so proud?”

I slapped Luna’s ass strongly that seemed unhappy.


I was in a Deadly sadistic mode. It was best not to let these guys, who were acting by instinct, take the initiative. So I dared to release the villain Smithson in me and took the initiative at a stretch. Thus…

“Apple, Anzeros, you guys…”

I pulled their hands and placed the two between the catgirls.

“Hua……ah, Andy-san……?”

Apple was a little confused about the sudden change of atmosphere.

“……I thought that you had something like this in mind.”

After muttering as if she was stunned, Anzeros rolled up the hem of her tank top, lowered her underwear and stuck out her buttocks. When she came to my room, she was expecting it lightly, so she had already started to release the expected juice between her crotch.

“Wh, What……you, something like that……you are happy to be slapped?”

Luna looks into Anzeros’s face and expressed her disbelief. Anzeros muttered with a slight vague voice…

“……Huhu, I’m……a pervert.”
“Yeah. Also, Andy likes to be violent…”

She proudly told something very embarrassing and smiled happily when I slapped her butt again strongly. Stunning autumn colors bloomed. (TL note: Description of a bright-red butt)


Anzeros trembled and fainted in agony, while I suddenly plunged into the cat beast called Lina without foreplay for the time being.

“Nyaa……su, suddenly……”
“You’re going to regret coming to my room. It’s my way of getting back to an undisciplined cat like you!”
“Nya, ……a, aa……a, naaaa!?”

I held her tightened buttocks with both hands and started to reciprocate violently. The hole of this cat beast was completely in estrus and obediently accepted my violent invasion. I pierced the hole of this girl who was still in her mid-teens without any remedies, steadily moving in and out. It was like a maiden’s tongue that got stuck in this hot and dirty filth and looked like a rich kiss. The feeling of the vivid yet thick sex compulsorily with the tension that kept rising, invited my violent insult further.

“Nya, Nyaaaa!! Hiu, gr, great, greatt……like this, like this!!!”

Lina shook her ears and tail and was driven by me to her limits. If I thought about it, although I had been attacked by her, she was still at such an age and it would be bad because it would be her second time having sex since the loss of her virginity. It felt good to add a little more stimulation, but it was a pity to return to a ruthless rape during this wonderful full moon.

“Hey, it’s coming, coming, I will shoot my sperm into you, so relax your uterus and eat plenty of it!”
“Nyaaaa……hi, hiu, hihuuu……hu, hurry up, more, no, no……hi, hiaaa.”

Lina was shocked and couldn’t breathe properly from the pleasure and vibration and pleaded for my ejaculation like salvation. Excited by her tearful eyes, I cummed.

Byukuu… Byukuu.

I held down her waist while releasing my semen.

“Ha, Haaa, Haaa……Huuu, Huuu……”

When I released Lina, I pulled out my penis which was covered in a mix of sperm and love juice. Luna had a stunned expression on her face from this sex scene and was staring at my dick and told…

“N, No, this is normal.”

When I had my fun in the cat beast colony, sperm hell magic was applied to me and other than that, I received a lot of mischief training from Hilda-san. It was not good to have normal conditions and the arrangement together. But…

“……Well, I can let you have a little bit more motivating amount.”

Anzeros got up from the bed. Come to think of it, she could also use sperm hell magic.

“……Therefore, look.”

Anzeros hugged Luna sideways. Holding Luna’s legs beside her, she invited her to raise her legs. Two pretty holes were in close proximity and exposed to me.

“Andy, first put in here……♪”
“Eh, go, good but.”
“Of course, with all your strength, right?”
“……O, Ou……”

I inserted my penis into Anzeros´s pussy while I tightly grabbed her red swollen butt as per her order. Anzeros casted a spell with a low voice, accepting it with a blissful look. And the junction with me glowed brightly.

“……Magic, it’s it……”

Without any hands, Anzeros casted magic from her pussy.

“Now my consciousness……I’m concentrating on ballast……♪”
“You pervert female slave.”
“Yeah, I am a lewd female slave……from the bottom of my heart, I am your semen toilet……♪”

Saying so, happily from the bottom of her heart, Anzeros lifted her hips and sucked my dick into her lower body to make it easier for me to move. Her nasty switch had been getting lighter recently.

“Good, then pour your white piss into me……!!”

I was also very weak to it because my heart had been charmed by such an Anzeros who had an endlessly lewd and happy look. I completely thrusted my penis inside and got used to optimizing Anzeros’s vagina with all my energy and then went back and dig up the vagina.

“Hi, Hiaaa……uh, uhh, good……put it out, I want to become pregnant, don’t restrain yourself, put your sperm into my stomach at anytime!!!”
“U, oooo!!!”

I reached my limit during my sex with Anzeros now and ejaculated. My sperm shot into her and Anzeros’s belly became tense and swelled up momentarily. Anzeros squeezed her eyes and beared it. It continued for a while and as it couldn’t withstand the pressure, the sperm leaked from the gap between the vagina and my penis and overflowed as if it broke a dam.


Anzeros showed a good face to Luna who was in front of her.

“If you get out of this much……you’ll be satisfied, won’t you?”
“Ye, Yeah……you are amazing.”
“……You are so happy to be fucked.”
“Hahaa. I said I’m a pervert♪”

Anzeros said so happily. I pulled out my dick from Anzeros and pushed it into Luna’s vagina while being covered in a mix of sperm and love juice. As expected, Luna also had little experience, so it seemed a little painful. However, although I fucked Lina with all my might earlier, I couldn’t say that I would jump on Luna too. From the beginning into the top gear, after having sex with Anzeros, I continued to move as it is.

“Nku……u, yo, you, after all are a man who has sex with many women……you don’t think about the woman……!”
“You don’t even think about the man.”

With a little resentment that she has disturbed my lovey-dovey relationship with Apple, I slapped her hips to blame Luna. Although she was a little older than Lina and Yuna, Luna’s vagina was probably still unexplored as she was still unfamiliar with men and her reaction to being overwhelmed by intense extraction was unremarkable. However, Luna’s vagina had already become a right of sexual desire because there was only violently sex repeated in front of her eyes. She hugged my dick with her vagina completely, loving it, indulging in it and was completely intoxicated. Luna’s expression was just painful… even as she was trying to hide it, but she was revealing the true nature of an estrus female cat beast which couldn’t be suppressed or stopped.

“Hiu, Hyauhh……you, a man who has sex with many women, brute, stallion……♪”
“Wh, What did you say, you female pervert, rude, bitch!!”
“I, I’m not a bitch……female cat……kku, I’m at least, a female cat……”
“Either way, you’re a nasty bitch who’s been chasing after my penis greedily!”
“I’m not a bitch……I, I only know your penis……!!”
“Anyone will do!”
“No, Not good……I want your child!!”

Such an exchange in the form of yellings was done by us while having sex. When I noticed it, Anzeros was looking scornful. Apple also looked sideways.

“……What are you saying willingly.”
“Andy-san……it’s unfair that only you feel comfortable……”
“E, Eee!?”

I was a little puzzled, but my head was suddenly pulled by Luna and she started sucking my lips. My tongue was overlapped by another thin and sticky tongue and the inside of my mouth was attacked as well. When she released my lips, she breathed violently and her eyes were wet too.

“You’re good……”
“I want your child! You´re good with your dick! I want your sperm. And I’ve always wanted to kiss you!!”

Unconsciously, even though I was puzzled by such a cute confession of Luna, my penis responded honestly. Next, I injected a large amount of semen into Luna´s belly as it is.

“Ha, gaa……ku, this……this, you……human, semen……♪”

Shedding sweat, she withstood the sudden internal pressure and showed a relieved smile. Luna then fainted. ……Yes. As Anzeros said, I thought that something very dangerous was removed and operated.

Lastly, I fucked Apple and Yuna and came while being influenced by sperm hell magic.

“Hau, u, nyauuu……like this, intense, nyaa……this, in this way!!”
“Cu, Cum again……Andy-saann♪”

I put Yuna on Apple, piling up on top of each other, and insert my son while alternately tasting those two holes. Apple’s well-adapted vagina was good and Yuna’s young vagina was even better than Lina´s. When I fucked Yuna wildly while pulling on her tail, she would cramp while crying. However, it could be noted only by Lina who got up after hearing Yuna´s cries as I pulled on her tail.

“Th, That’s not good, human. Yuna will have a tail ache if you overdo it and she would faint.”
“……Is, Is that so?”

I was wondering if it would make me feel more comfortable, but in fact, it was the same principle as tightening with the buttocks. I stopped it because it was a pity. When I thought, Yuna, who was a bit addicted, shook her tail violently and invited me further.

“Nyaa……fi, fine……more tail, pull it like reins, be rude to me……♪”

I felt sorry. I was about to wake up to a troubling orientation. This made it difficult for the Northern Forest lot to refute. However. I was begged by such a young girl with erotic eyes which made it hard to withstand.

“Nyaa……hu, hurts……Moree……!!”
“Andy-san, let it out……seed my womb♪
“I……I want it too……I will pull the tail and cum in your uterus♪”

I was invited into two holes. Without hesitation I pulled the tail and ejaculated in the bellies of those two. I wanted them to feel the danger of the sperm hell magic now.


After all that I spent my super ass massage seeding time until morning, interrupted by my rehydration and Hilda-san’s appearance event.

“……The night is dawning.”
“Andy-san, already my hip……”
“……Andy’s waist is getting stronger.”
“HuuHuuHuu. Actually, Hilda-sensei’s massage was effective from time to time.”

In the river at dawn, we washed our faces, sheets and various places together. Yes, I was indeed sleepy. I needed to be careful not to accidentally attack my men in today’s training.

“……So, the three of you were satisfied?”

I asked that to the three cat beasts washing their bodies a little apart from us. As expected, the two young cat beasts raised their hands with their exhausted faces. Saying “I can’t do it anymore”. However, Luna looked back at me with the usual expressionless face while bathing in the water naked and said, “Now it’s impossible”.

“I will come again when the full moon arrives.”
“Maybe I’m not pregnant.”
“I, I see.”

……I don’t know how to judge.

“Would you go back to the colony if you were pregnant?”

Apple listened in earnest. Luna pondered. Few seconds… Dozens of seconds… Few minutes…

“……Since one child is not enough, I will come again.”

Luna stared at Apple. Or rather towards this tension.

“I’d like you to finish it somewhere else.”
“……By all means?”

Anzeros and Hilda shrugged their shoulders. What?

“……If you’re going to be near Andy-san, you have to wear a collar like this and become a female slave.”

Apple pointed at her collar. Female slaves were not common even in Celesta. It was an abnormal word. But Luna thought otherwise.

“Where can I get it?”
“No, wait a minute!”

Don’t let the number of female slaves grow on their own, Apple!


By the way.

“Uu……I hate studying……”
“If you run away, I will contact grandpa and you will return to the colony, alright?”
“Older sister is a demon!”

Mikagami’s younger sister was made to study standard language, society and morality every morning and evening under Mikagami. I wondered if the female corps building was good enough, although there was certainly a room left. I thought so, but it seemed that Dianne managed to do the procedure well.

“Well, it’s a reassuring thing to have her as Apple’s bodyguard.”

Dianne who said so seriously was solemn.

“The appearance of the corps is becoming more and more unsteady……”
“About half of it was your work.”

I’m sorry.

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