Half elves fall in love Glossary: Geography

Glossary: Geography


Trot Kingdom
A traditional and feudal nation. Trots capital has the same name as the country. Because it is confusing, the capital is usually just called “the capital city”. It is an almost inland country, surrounded by the large mountain range “Snake Mountains” that runs to the east, the northern elf territory to the north, the Afilm Empire to the west and the Celesta Commerce Country to the south. The climate is cool and rich as a granary and the food culture is also more developed than in other areas. There are also many dwarf mines, and the industrial power is very high relative to the area. In terms of races, the majority are humans and dwarves have a relatively high status among different races. The human beasts and ogres are not openly targeted, but they are not very comfortable. Since the people have traditionally been hostile to the northern elves, they have a strong rivalry and discrimination to elves, in particular half elves are treated as bastards.

It is a city at the northern end of the kingdom and is a place known for their miraculous springs and their miraculous recovery effects. Adjacent to the northern elves, they argue constantly and monsters have a high frequency of occurrence in this place. Hundreds of people. It is a village scale rather than a town, but it is considered a “town” because Baron Goto has his residence here. There are no grasslands and forests in the surrounding area (in Trot, where the aristocratic land is not called a village), and there is nothing special except that there is a small rocky mountain and a river with the water from the miraculous springs. The snake mountain range rises to the east and its branches rises to the west, that’s why Polka is in an isolated position within the kingdom. Also, due to terrain problems, the winter is especially severe and half of the year is buried in the snow.

Capital city

The population is about 100,000. One of the largest cities in the Northwest Plains, along with Celesta’s Quika. It is also one of the nation’s leading industrial cities with three dwarf mines in the vicinity and a large number of workshops lined up. In particular, it is famous for blade blacksmith using “True silver” which is produced a lot. In addition, there is a historical education and research institute called royal capital academy and the children from rich nobles gather there. A place where Andy has spent his youth and is the birthplace of Anzeros. Blessed with a flow of “qi” in the suburbs, there are almost no monsters in the area.


It is a relatively large city in the southern part of the kingdom and has almost the same history of 600 years as the royal capital, so it is called the “Ancient city”. It is relatively warm in the country, so this city has a high food production capacity and it is also a city that is as industrially prosperous as the capital city, but since it is close to the Celesta border, it has been a battlefield many times in the past. Therefore, many castle ruins and other ruins remain in the vicinity. While the royal capital features a blade blacksmith that excels in sharpness and beauty, Schrantz is known for their minerals production and so heavy weapons and large-scale tools are popular there.

Celesta Commerce country
The largest nation in the Northwest Plains. However, since the Russell Desert occupies nearly half of the land area, the national power isn’t as large as the area. The capital city is Quika. As a nation of many races, as its name suggests, commerce is a priority action guideline. The body of the government is the council of wealthy commerce in various parts of the country and the head of state, the King of Commerce, is decided by a ten-yearly vote on the right holder. The main forces are the human beasts of the western dense forest area, the dark elves and ogres association of the oasis / coastal area of ​​the south, the human race of the northeastern plain area and the elves of the southeastern forest territory. Dwarf mines are scarce and inferior to metal industry power compared to Trot, and although the rights of the people are equal among all races, local independence is strong and discrimination by dominant races by each region is not without exception. Polygamy is also accepted to accommodate the customs of many races.

A city near the border with Trot. It used to be only a few hundred villages in the past, but it has rapidly developed into a population of 10,000 people as a key point of transportation after winning the war with Trot and establishing a trade route in the middle. It has the corps building of the crossbow corps led by Dianne in the vicinity. A citizen’s stadium with a good audience as a symbol of development is maintained and various events are held every holiday.


A city at the northern end of the desert. It is located on a road that goes around the Russell Desert called the “Ring Desert Route”. It is about a week’s ride by horse-drawn carriage from Basson to the south. It is close to one of the entrances to the Large Desert Labyrinth, which is a huge underground passage in the Russell Desert and a base for labyrinth adventurers. The atmosphere of the city is a bit rough. Located at the midpoint between the beast market area in the west and the people’s area in the east, the logistics are thriving and the city has a wealth of products.

An oasis city located south of the Russell Desert. It has a side as a combined colony of dark elves and ogres. Dianne’s brother Carlos is the colony leader. The history is older than the capital city of Trot and there are some unusual rules such as “Washing in the oasis is mixed bathing and no embarrassing manners” or “If you give a knife free of charge, it is a proof of marriage”. It is one of the largest strongholds on the continent for dark elves and many of the sex magics they specialize in are also handed down here. The sex industry is also quite popular because they are convenient for health management of widows. If you look from other areas, you can buy prostitutes at an unbelievable price.


A city located southeast of the Russell Desert. It is located between the lake zone and the desert and has few features other than being close to the border with the forest territory, but by Laila´s visit and making it one of her separate homes, many lizardmen in the lake zone visit Helicon and the economy has improved since then. It is good for the residents, including the military police.

Elves area in the southeast of Celesta, the central city of “Forest territory”. Aurora’s father Dior is the colony leader. About 100 years ago, in the recognition of the elves who lived in the area, not in Celesta´s territory, ruled in the form of a small kingdom of the elves that made Dior their “king”. According to their name, it is the forest of “blue sky clan” and “clan head” is Dior. There are many threats from the South Sea in the forest territory and the external pressure such as Renfangas Kingdom and Goth Kingdom on the east side of the mountain range. As a measure to negotiate well with them, as an academic city, Klaves published and researched a pseudo magic article processing technique called “Engraving”.


Celesta´s capital. Located on the southwest coast, this is a large city of the same size as the capital of Trot. There is a general command center of the army, an weapon arsenal which is like a new-interested in Celesta, as they research strange weapons day and night and a academy created in opposition to the royal capital academy of Trot. Miscellaneous races gather in the end to expand the slums and security isn’t very good.

Renfangas kingdom
A nation on the east side of the Snake Mountain Range. The country isn’t so big. It is located at an intermediate latitude between the Trot Kingdom and Celesta. It is also called “the most dangerous country in the continent” by other countries, as flocks of monsters occur at a level that falls into chaos and they travel around the country. Due to the labyrinth destruction movement that took place 300 years ago in countries north of Renfangas, serious pollution occurred in Qi, becoming a monster-prone area. Since then, a fierce battle has been unrivaled so that monsters don’t invade south of the country while making great sacrifices. With massive aid from neighboring countries that are threatened if Renfangas collapses, arms are gathered from all over the continent to form a mercenary army. Because of their special environment, most cities have strong walls and the residents are also highly aware of the crisis. In addition, security is generally a problem because they have a mercenary-only army.


Renfangas Kingdom’s capital. A fortified city with an exceptionally strong wall even in Renfangas. About half the size of the capital city of Trot. Security has never been good and it is often the case that a rogue is an armed warrior who has been aiming for a fortune and the chivalric order of Heroes Gauntlet Knights is often at hand in security operations and somehow maintaining the appearance.

A town located at the forefront of Renfangas Kingdom´s north. An ant mound-like fortress rather than a town. It is structured to be able to attack the monsters that are blocked by the lower solid stone wall from the overhanging upper layer with rocks. Inside is a gentle spiral corridor, with houses and shops on the left and right. There is a water source in the lowest layer.

Northern elf territory
A great forest protected by the ancient barrier north of Trot Kingdom. If you try to step into this boundary without the basics of magic, you will be lost forever. White, red, orange, cherry blossom, silver, gold, blue, purple and green clans of the elves live in this area and they reign as the home of white elves in the northwestern plains. The effect of the barrier is that the land inside is distorted and contains more than seven times the area measured from the perimeter. Because of this barrier, the elves have kept their power and culture hidden by blocking external interference by pulling back if they were outnumbered.

Afilm Empire
The territory is the huge Afilm peninsula located on the west side of Trot Kingdom. Since the ogres, the human beasts, the dwarves, the elves and the lizardmen communities have been fiercely fighting since ancient times, they were once called “barbarian territories”. In recent years, it was decided by the “Emperor” of the human race to establish a union of the five major duchies governed by various races. One of them, the principality of Elven, is the birthplace of Selenium. There are also some borders with Celesta and skirmishes occur frequently.

Rapal Islands
An island nation across the sea south of the Celesta Kingdom. In the past, their naval forces far surpassed Celesta and they frequently attacked Celesta. But currently, the mermen employments increases Celesta’s naval power and Rapal are now no threat anymore. Having threatened the forest territory a hundred years ago, there was a fight against Dianne, who was a surveyor at that time, so Rapal made a part of connection with the forest territory and Dianne to the present day.

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