Half elves fall in love Glossary: Races

Glossary: Races


Male height 150 ~ 180 cm, pure-blooded magic aptitude is 1/50. Compared to other races, there are few aspects that are particularly prominent, for example strong breeding force In addition, if cross breeding between different kinds of races is repeated and blood becomes thin, even if it is not mated with humans, the feature disappears and it becomes almost a human race. Normal life expectancy is about 70 years. Average combat power isn’t high, but because of high fertility, there is a large population and warriors with outstanding talents will be quite few.

※ Pure-blooded magic aptitude = ratio of talented people who can handle magic like average elves, assuming purebred of the race.

A race with longevity and beautiful appearances. The average height is almost the same as the human race and the pure-blooded magic aptitude is 99/100. In other words, one out of 100 people isn’t good at magic. The life span is around 1300 years old. They mature as fast as humans and stop growing at the age of 18 years. At around 800 years of age, the body’s heyday called adolescence ends and then aging accelerates slowly. The skeleton is delicate but they can handle magic, so they tend to be stronger than humans even in untrained states. Also, when training, there is the advantage that they can keep improving their skills almost without worrying about old age and they will be quite a warrior if it is completed. The weak point is the low fertility and in the case of a purebred couple, it is superfluous if they are give birth to one child in 20 years even if they have sex every night. Also, probably because they have too long a lifetime, their knowledge level is somehow poor in their imagination and flexibility and they are by no means superior to humans. There are two tribes of elves on the continent, the “Northern Elves”, with their territory protected on the ancient border in the north of Trot and the “Southern Elves”, originated from Arkas Kingdom, the oldest kingdom in the southern great plains. Apart from their perceptions, the northern elves are slightly better at the treatment of the world.

Dark elves
A variant of the elves. Their features are brown skin and night vision ability. Other abilities are almost the same as elves. Because of the characteristic that reminds of darkness rather than light, since ancient times the white elves have despised them as “Devil’s followers”. However, at present, except for the prejudices, it has been confirmed by research institutes that there is almost no difference between dark elves and elves than the part above. They are often expelled from the forest and their sociability is high. There is a culture that places emphasis on human relations rather than land and there are a lot of mixed races with other races. The dark elves living in Celesta have more flexibility in developing magic than elves and they are actively researching and developing magical and sexual activities related to life.

Half elves
Unlike tribes, mixed elves are a different kind of elves. Magic aptitude depends on the mixed race partner. Their life span isn’t very stable and they may have a life that is almost the same as elves, but they may age after about 500 years. Most of them always ask questions about their identity and tend to find life in others who accept them because they won’t be accepted by their races.


Bulk and superhuman strength combat tribes. It has a corner of one to three, and it is about 250 to 300 centimeters tall men. The purebred Magic Aptitude is 1/80. Life is the same as humans or a little short. The combat power that comes from the bulk and night vision ability is astounding, and can do somehow if it is about the bear even untrained. I’m not good at fine work because of the huge hand, it is useful in various places for the best for assault and civil engineers. The reproductive power is not so decent as the human. The head is not bad, and there are a lot of pale, and the prejudice is strengthened because it is very scary, and it is not possible to attach it to an intellectual occupation easily. By the way, the genitals of female ogres are magical violins which give the highest pleasure equally to big or small dicks and there are a lot of ogre lovers in other races.

Subspecies of the ogre race and a minority. They gather near the large desert labyrinth. Their faces resemble a cow. Women have faces similar to humans, but their horns are different from normal ogres. There is a characteristic that the nerve is particularly high in the underground such as the Labyrinth and the firestorm brute force is very easy to put out when fighting in the labyrinth. There is a tendency to have a slightly larger physique than a plain ogre.

Author note: Normally the ox-ogres are minotaurus.

They are a robust race with a height of about 120 to 150 cm and are a mass of muscle throughout their body. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 1/10. Growth is slow and their life span is simply the double of the lifespan of humans. Because they have the ability to search for veins somehow and their hands are dexterous and heat resistant, they are very capable of being blacksmiths and craftsmen. They love alcohol. They are very resistant against alcohol, and only become tipsy and not get drunk. There is also a dwarf-specific accent, with a culture that wants to put a cloud on the name. They don’t stand up in the morning.

Cat beasts
A race with cat ears and cat tails. With night vision ability. They´re not too stupid, but they are relatively weak mentally and they can’t stand patience or boredom. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 1/4. They are quite expensive, but so far there are few cat beasts who have learned magic in some way. As a warrior and hunter, they are extremely excellent and their high leg strength also helps and they get considerably stronger if it is trained. They are particularly susceptible to the moon’s phases and the flow of qi. It is not understood well why.

Wolf beast
A race with wolf ears and wolf tails. With night vision ability. Originally, they are a race who live in the eastern mountains area a lot and are a migrant group in Celesta. Pure-blooded magic aptitude 1/5. Their height of physical ability and struggle instinct is one of the best in the human beasts tribes. If they make a promise, it will be fulfilled. For that purpose, there is an extreme side where they don’t spare your life.

Lion beasts
Subspecies of the cat beasts. They overcome the tiredness peculiar to cat beasts and are highly polished as warriors, but they are also more ferocious and difficult to handle by other races. They are characterized by a stunning blonde with a large volume that can be seen at a glance. Their upper body tends to be particularly strong in addition to the leg strength and if it is a cat beast with a strong upper body, then the blood of the lion beast is included.

Fox beasts
A race with fox ears and fox tails. As a beastman, their fighting power is poor but their brain is excellent. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 2/3 and magic ability is also high. They are particularly suitable for being merchants and the three major factions of the Celesta Chamber of Commerce include the human races in the northeast, the dark elves in the south and the fox beasts in the great Almonica river in the west. The current commercial king is also a fox beast. Sometimes there are some fox beasts with multiple tails. Most of them don’t know why, but they are lucky.

Dragons. They have a human and a dragon form in interlocking state by magic and can transform freely. Currently, they are the creature that reigns on the continent’s strongest seat. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 100/100. Their life span is about 1000 years. In adults, the total length is 40 to 70 meters and they fly with four legs. In addition, they can breathe fire and ice from their mouths and there are almost no effective means of defense other than the dragon’s own body, including magic. Their human form has an existence power equivalent to that of the dragon form and in most cases, they have unmatched movement ability equivalent to other race ace knight class, unimaginable sense power and recovery power. They can reproduce properly even if they interact with other races in their human form and the children are born in the form of dragons or other races in a clear manner. It is rare to be born in half basic culture. (Sometimes it can be a dragon with a hereditary inheritance) There is a gap in the sense of values ​​as a whole.

For example, they don’t think that they have power over others just because they think of their own fighting power as someone else and they have power. However, when there is a request of “lend Power” to the dragon because it seems to feel a strong charm in the intention and the purpose consideration of others, it is easy to obey it easily besides the desire. It is due to the fact that under the dragon’s unconsciousness, they aren’t normal creatures, but have a self-awareness that they are a huge, purposeless mass of force, so to speak, a weapon that can annihilate an enemy. In fact, their desire as an organism is surprisingly low and even if they are fasted on an annual basis, even if they are insomnia they don’t die by themselves and their reproductive behavior is captured only to their time. However, there is a tendency to avoid only leading to the death of the family. When the Dragon Exclusion and Extinction Movement occurred 100 years ago, it touched the paradox, and retaliation against the other races on the continent was done in a whole-group unit and the entire population was halved (Fire Dragon War) .

Most dragons are concentrated in a settlement called Dragon Palace. A unique product produced by the dragon’s abundant power and their unique technology and mysterious biological characteristics is called treasure and these treasures are for other races. However, since dragons don’t have much greed, trading doesn’t take place as the other races are scared because of so much power and there is almost no interaction. Exceptionally, only Lizardmen (in the form of submission) actively interact with the dragons.

Lizard humans. Their height is 140-170 cm, which is slightly lower, but they are fine to include their tail. What looks small is a matter of attitude. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 1/50. Their faces are a lizard itself, with plump eyes, a large mouth and a thin tongue. There are scales on the entire body, but usually they aren’t so hard, as lizardmen are popular as a host or hostess with a sober touch because it feels good when they brush your backside. Their intelligence is high and their expressions are very difficult for other races to read. They are also strong and competent as warriors. They are particularly strong in shallow waters such as rivers and swamps. (There are not many special races) Oviparity. There is a legend that they are the descendants of the dragons and if there is a dragon in the immediate area, there is a custom of worshiping it.

A human beast minority group. Birdmen. Not angel style, but almost completely birds from the face. Male height 170-190 cm. Pure-blooded magic aptitude is 1/10. They have wings on their backs and can stay in the air for several tens of minutes (about 20 kilometers if they can get on the wind but a few kilometers if they don’t have wind). Their flight speed isn’t very fast. They were the only airborne soldiers until they were commissioned by flying dragons. Their night vision ability is so low that they cant really see anything at night. Their fighting ability is also quite high with the help of their three-dimensional movement ability and there are several Ace Knights of this minority race. When mixed with humans and elves, angel-like children are born, but there is too much difference in the sense of aesthetics between birdmen and other races so there are not many examples.

Fishmen. 140-160 cm tall. Their whole body is wrapped with scales and the men have a fish face. The pure-blooded magic aptitude is quite high at 3/4, and they turn out to be incorporated into the Celesta army in recent decades, knowing that they can transform into a human (Contract and military action is difficult to be able to converse on land at least calmly). Their ability to move and fight in water is very high and with 10 people they can easily turn a medium-sized fleet into seaweed debris. Women have a human upper body and the lower body is that of a fish a so-called beautiful “mermaid”, but if you aren’t a fish-faced man, they won’t be your partner. It is possible for them to live in both freshwater and seawater, but most of them live in the sea.

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