Curing incurable disease with semen CH0

Sequel-like Prologue ~Me who became the founder of a sect will also fill up beauties with my semen today~ ※ (Multiple women、Kiss、Breast milk、Cowgirl cum inside、Missionary cum inside)

I sprawled on the extra-large bed of the pre-prepared “Medical treatment room”
Three naked beauties swarmed together with me.
They’re here to squeeze semen out of my penis.

Making my body become this healthy、
thank you very much。
I’ll give you lots of service today」


Pestering me with a greedy kiss, the long black haired beauty licked my whole face
She guided my finger to her soaked wet vagina, presenting her pussy hole.
That place was already filled with my fresh semen, her love juice was mixed together.

「Ah……Founder-samaa、please love my tits and nipples more。
Do you understand? My belly is swelling。
Being given Founder-sama’s child、milk can come out of my breasts you know。
I want Founder-sama to squeeze out milk from my swelling、sensitive breasts with his hands」

The fair-skinned blond beauty from far Northern Europe too, is having her belly swelling roundly
With her flushed pink nipples pointing out, she gasped for breaths from pleasures.

「Founder onii-chan、aahn……ahaa、deep inside my pussy、it feels good。
Thanks to onii-chan I was saved、please let me give birth to your child。
The seeds of onii-chan’s baby、they’re going to the eggs inside my belly~」

The virgin that just had her first menstruation too, she shook her waist assertively on top of me
She gulped down my penis to the root with her pussy
My glans was wrapped with her soft uterus as it pressed into it.

「Ah ah……I can feel your penis rejoicing。
Please shoot it out inside me just like that~」

As the girl felt it, my penis lust for her immature pussy hole
With the greatest pleasures, I pumped semen into her womb.

Her small round ass pressed onto my thighs
The girl began to smile happily as we made babies.

「Aaahn、the juice to make babies、it feels good~」

The girl lied down flatly on the bed with an ecstasy expression after wringing me out to the last drop.
From her loosely opened crotch, a thin stream of semen flowed out as if she was peeing.

「Hn……chuu。 Founder-sama、would you fill my insides up again?
I want to surely catch Founder-sama’s child on my ovulation day today。
Please make love to me deep inside、and release your semen into my womb」

The woman that indulged in kissing straddled my hips and opened her legs, displaying her vagina.
The pussy hole that I went in countless times, twitched and gulped down my penis
The vagina shut and open as if savoring it.

「It’s excellent。 Please spread your legs like that and push out your vagina」

「Thank you very much、Founder-sama。
Please use my vagina, my breasts and my everything to make you feel good」

The woman’s pussy hole obediently waited for her loved one, I aimed at that hole and thrust my still hard penis.

「Ahaan……please go to the deepest place like that、
Please come while rubbing on the semen you let out earlier」

The woman raised a joyful voice and accepted me like a saintess receiving God from above.

「Founder-samaa、if you drink from my breasts during this time, I believe it’s easier to impregnate me」

I pressed my lips onto the milk-stained nipples.
I drank the breast milk that’s used to raise babies.
Feeling the immorality from planting my seeds into all those other women,
I noticed my penis began to prepare for shooting.

「Come~。 I’ll raise the child of mine and Founder-sama’s、
Inside my womb sack、please release everything」

Her vagina squeezed my penis tightly and wrapped me in softness
Locking my penis inside to the root, my glans glued to her womb.

As I stopped my hips, with my instincts of making babies,
The entire amount of juice for making babies inside my testicles gushed out.

「Naan……I’m、going to give birth、
Being granted good health from Founder-sama……is my most happiness。
Founder-sama’s penis too、I feel more happy to receive love at my insides」

With her eyes half-opened,
Her vagina kept hugging my penis and drinking my semen.

「Nfuu。 If Founder-sama’s number of babies increase、my family will also increase。
Founder-sama saved many women、you’re such a great person」

The caucasian woman patted my head while I kept drinking her breast milk and said so.

I’m not that great a person. It’s just that my lust and the women’s disadvantages matched.
I think of myself as hypocrite. I was just another student you’d find anywhere in the past.
That said, I acted in accordance with my penis that became hard again because of my lust for women bodies again while looking back at the past.