Curing incurable disease with semen CH10

The first time a man’s semen reflected in her eyes Ⅱ ※ (Ejaculate in Missionary、Cowgirl consecutive ejaculation、Deflower×2、Ojou-sama、Maid)

My consciousness might have soared away for a few seconds because of excessive pleasures.

「Lick……chuuu……if you don’t lick all the semen」

「Ojou-sama、it’s drooping down the other side of the penis。 By all means」

「Thank you。 Hn、it’s delicious」

There are 2 pair of butts that swelled into charming curves,
they were being fluttered back and forth as if showing off their labia to me.

A warm and moistened tongue is crawling around my penis,
slender fingers are stroking along my balls.

As these lewd fairies are playing with my penis, I reached out my hands to their crotch.
I rubbed all over Kayari-san’s white butt that didn’t have a single sunburn with my palm while,
digging my middle finger into her genital, which was wet with transparent juice.

「Aaahn、darling。 Are you taking my first time」

More love juice leaked out, making my finger slimy with hot liquid.
Kayari spoke while reluctantly separating from the cleanly licked penis,
she changed the direction of her body and lied down next to me.

「By all means、please put your penis inside my vagina and poke me……」

I raised my upper body and gazed at Kayari-san’s flushed body.
It’s around C-cup, and they’re swelling in the shape of Japanese soup bowl with the two lovely peach-colored nipples staning up.
On her white skin, around the crotch that was wet with love juice, light is being reflected bewitchingly.

「You’re beautiful、Kayari-san」

As I said some standard words, Kayari-san spread her legs as if urging me.

「I’m happy being praised by you。
What about、this place……、
I want to be violently lust for by you」

Opening the flesh flower petal that nobody is allowed to intrude,
nectar dripped from the thin hole that tempt men’s pleasures to her anus.
Not being able to bear it, I pushed my penis against Kayari-san’s vagina,
I wet my glans with her love juice,
while enjoying the warmth of her labia and the softness of her lewd and twitching vagina flesh.

「Hn、ah、by all means Darling。
My inside……please come in」

Pyu, the pink vagina hole shrank, love juice came out, hitting my glans.
I want to hurry up and put it in, indulge in pleasure and ejaculate,
I pushed my swelling penis into the narrow hole.

「Naaa、aah、just like that、come in deeper」

The vagina wet with nectar swallowed my penis.
I think it went in easier than that time with Fuemi,
but soon I felt a thin flesh wall stopping my path.
My glans tried to seek pleasure there, but I soon slipped through it quickly.

「Au……! Ah、Darling、I’m feeling good。
Please enjoy yourself too」

I was hugged firmly by Kayari-san’s out-stretched hands,
I pressed on her voluptuous breasts while sticking to her from above.
Burying my face into her long black hair, I inhaled the thick fragrance of a beautiful girl while restarting my penis’ intrusion.
I smoothly went into her depth.
However, the swelling semi-circle shaped flesh of her inside wrapped around my penis, stimulating it from every direction.

「Opening my inside up with your penis……、
does it feel goo?
Don’t worry about me、
continue until you released your semen okay?」

Kayari-san said with a satisfied smile while stroking my back.
Sometimes when she moved her crotch,
I felt precum leaking from my glans because of how good pressing against her her depth felt.

「Nnu、aahn……this is making babies with a man。
Feeling good together with you、aahn……I’m really happy」

「Me too……being able to do this with Kayari-san、kuu、it’s a blessing」

「Yees。 I want to make you happy、and make you feel good、
then I want to have your seeds poured into my womb。
Hn、naa……ejaculate deep inside anytime you want okay?」 (TN: Right, now can we stop the lips service? I feel like Hero Machine on Pun’s site all over again……)

When I think about it, this unknown beauty who might be a sheltered daughter of an unknown distinguished family,
she’s embracing me naked while trying to make a baby.
I’m rubbing my penis against the deepest part of this pure beauty’s inside,
then I’ll spit out my seeds, filling her up while being hugged by her womb entrance.

「Kayari-san……if anything ever happens、I’ll protect you」 (TN: OMFG LOL. THIS IS NOT A SHOUNEN MANGA YOU TARD!!!)

「Yes……receiving such words from you Darling、I’m deeply moved。
Without reserve、please love my insides。
I too、will also love everything about your penis」

She tightly embraced me, then licked the back of my neck.
As she licked the sensitive swelling part of my neck, I felt shivers.
I pressed my penis against her womb entrance, making her vaginal flesh wrap around me,
while having my desire to ejaculate to this strengthened.

「Hn、ah、aah……by all means Darling。
Please send your love into my vaginal inside、and my womb」 (TN: Okay, she’s been using “douzo” for like 9000 times already, so don’t ask me why “by all means” this and “by all means” that…)

Wishing for my semen, this lewd and lustful girl instinctively shut her inside.
My whole body is touching the soft and smooth nake body of a beauty,
My penis was tightened by a female genital that would make even a first-time penis want to fulfill its role in making babies.

「Hn、hn、nfu。 If you make me pregnant、
I’ll carry your、first child。 Hn、chuu」

Answering the girl’s wish, I got into a heavenly mood,
and began to ejaculate inside the smiling girl in before my eyes.

「Aah、ahn……hot thing is coming in。
Aah……Darling、thank you so much。
I’ll accept it thoroughly with my womb」

I soaked into the pleasure of climax, and the beauty in front of me happily received the seeds with her womb.
Her wriggling inside sweetly and intensely rubbed against my glans, wringing out even more of my semen.

「Your semen、I certainly have received it。
Hn、nfu、your penis is shivering again。 It’s fine to let it out until the end, you know」

She shut her crotch tightly, letting her greedy vagina sucked up all the semen inside my uretha without leaving any behind,
I offered my semen with an entranced expression on my face.



After sex with Kayari-san, I submerged myself into the reverberation of ejaculation and the naked body of a beauty.

「Thanks for your hardwork。 Master、Ojou-sama。 Please excuse me」

Sylvie-san who had been watching, raised her voice.
Then, she took the penis that was still connecting to Kayari-san out.
Sylvie-san smoothly stroked the penis, giving me pleasant feelings then released it.
Then, she put her hand on Kayari-san’s crotch, stirring for something.

「It’s to make sure sperm don’t leak out from inside the woman who wished to be pregnant」

I rose from the bed, watching over Sylvie-san who’s operating in front of Kayari-san’s opened labia.
She put a towel under her butt, then leaned so that semen won’t leak out from her vagina hole.
Then, she stuffed something thin as a tampon into the vagina hole. (TN: HAHAHAHA PUSSY PLUG FOR 100% PREGNANCY BOIS)
When it already properly went deep inside, given that she wants the penis to go inside and ejaculate again,
it was a lewdly opened vagina hole.

When I unintentionally reached out my hand to touch the flesh flower bud of her labia,

「Master seems to still be desiring a lady’s pussy。
Next, please look after me」

Pushing her bare tits against me, Sylvie-san pushed me down after kissing me.

「Hn……chuu。 Master、please leave everything to me。
To make Master feel good while shooting his seeds、this first-time pussy will be in service」

Sylvie-san grasped the penis with her small hand,
Seems like she got wetter watching me and Kayari-san as she rubbed my glans against her smooth vagina.

「Master only need to think about ejaculating into my womb、
while enjoying my pussy’s service」

I ejaculated a lot twice and yet,
thinking about being able to ejaculate into this silver haired beauty from now on,
gradually it began to swell hard and big.

「Hn、it’s huge、Master’s genital。
I’m welcoming it into me」

Once again my penis was wrapped and rubbed against by the vicinity of the vagina hole,
after being thoroughly covered with Sylvie-san’s love juice,
it was guided into the small opened entrance underneath her slit.

「……ahn、my inside is being spread……while it enters」

While there was intense wave-like motion, the sensation of girly smoothness from her vagina hole continued to sink into my glans.
Her springy boobs didn’t lose to gravity and slightly shook,
while Sylvie-san swallowed her first penis on her own.

「It doesn’t hurt?」

「Master, you are kind。 Without needing to mind me、
please enjoy my pussy」

She smiled gallantly while dropping her hips, guiding me into her depths.

「……ow! Master、I’ll also service your mouth okay。

When my whole penis was inside, Sylvie-san leaned on me and we kissed vigorously.
Because the depths of her vaginal inside isn’t stopping from intensely clamping,
my glans that wished for the womb of the beauty was moved inside the wonderful service of her vaginal flesh.

「Hnnnu~、Master’s penis、it’s so sturdy and splendid。
Please become even more splendid with my pussy’s service、and release your seeds」

Sylvie-san look at me from above with her brave smile,
while I looked at her narrow vagina that swallowed my whole penis.
Her love juice, my precum, and pure blood of a maiden that only shed once in her life.
The pink mixture of liquid coiled around my penis,
boosting the pleasures from the service of her vagina flesh.

「Yeah……it feels really good」

「Yes、please release just like that。
Hn、hn、haa……I’ll also service you while you ejaculate、
I want to give Master pleasures from heaven」

My excitement was always cut off after ejaculating while masturbating, but now I just keep feeling happy eternally when I’m having sex with a beauty.
Furthermore, I might make this silver haired beauty pregnant, it’s the most extreme sense of accomplishment for a man.

「It’s good、Master。
Inside my vagina、while aiming at my womb、fire to your heart’s content」

Her transparent sweat fell from her nipple into my mouth.
Holding that pink flower bud in my mouth, I entrust everything to how Sylvie-san’s moving her hips. (TN: I’m confused too, not sure what the hell is happening here…)
When I circled my hand to enjoy the sensation of her small butt,
my penis was glued tightly to her womb, not letting it go.

「Master……aah、I love you。
I’m fine being after Kayari-sama、and Fuemi-sama so、please love me too。
Please shoot it inside my vagina、make my womb drink it、make me pregnant with Master’s child」

Intensely tightening on my glans, my semen, which should’ve been completely emptied out, began to release again.

「Ah、ah、aah。 Thank you very much、Master。
Being made into a woman、it’s an extremely happy moment」

Like her declaration earlier, after I ejaculated inside,
she brush her silver hair while moving with her vagina tightened.
Emptying my ball sacks, my seeds were fired rapidly into her womb to which my glans was sticking.

「Hn、nhaa……you’re the best、Master」

Even when it’s twitching, her sweet pussy still did not stop the service.

「Master’s enchanted face……I also felt really really good。
Please stay like that and taste heaven with my pussy for a bit more」

She’s happy over my feelings rather than her own pleasures huh,
Sylvie continued to rub my sensitive penis with her vaginal flesh, leading me into a non-ejaculation climax.

With my vision dimmed, a lax and pleasant feeling continued to stream through my brain.

「Well……Sylvie also made you come this much」

「Ojou-sama、would you also drink the drooping part?
It went inside my my vagina but……」

「It’s fine。 It’s liquid coming from my beloved Sylvie after all」

Kayari-san sat up and taste Sylvie-san’s vagina while she was having her crotch opened.
From there she drank the semen drooping down.

「Fufu、Sylvie’s womb would be lonely if I drank too much」

「Hn、aah……then I’d just have to service Master’s with my pussy again。
I’m also confident that I can make him cum more than Ojou-sama」

「Ara、you said it、this is rare。 Fufu、then……」

Then Kayari-san once again lied down facing up, looking at me.
No, to be more precise, she was looking at my penis that got a hard on from looking at the two of them fooling around.

「Which of us is more satisfying、let’s find out」

「That’s good enough、Ojou-sama」

The two beauties who got traces of semen in her crotch straddled me.
Even if I’m already way passed my limit, my penis is loyal to its instincts of wanting to mate.

「Nfuu、while your penis is hard、
please go into my vagina」

Being smoothly swallowed by the lewd hole, it gave me nothing but pleasures inside her sweet meat.

「Nchuu、Master。 Tonight, with me
please enjoying making babies to your heart’s content」

The black haired beauty swallowed my penis with her vagina, then shook her abundant breasts and hips,
the silver haired beauty rubbed my nipples while drinking my saliva with a deep kiss.

「I understood how to make your penis rejoice。
From now on, among the girls you ejaculate into、
I want my womb to be the one you filled up the most。
If you don’t want to ejaculate please just tell me。
Ah、aah、aahn……I’ll make you feel good with my pussy」

I filled up Kayari-san’s vagina deep inside.

「Hn……Master、I’ll make you feel happy with my vagina again」

My penis quickly entered Sylvie-san’s intense hole.

「Darling……chuu、chuuu……I want to make babies with you forever」

Kayari-san licked my whole body with her tongue while I melt.

「Master’s juice……nhaaa、hnn、hnn……please pour it into my pussy。
To not let it spill、I’ll drink all with my womb……aah、aaahnn」

With Sylvie-san’s tight inside not letting my glans go, I gushingly ejaculated again.

「If it’s you Darling……you can mate with Sylvie again。
My pussy is the best right?。
If you’re going to love me lots again、don’t hold back and release okay?」

I seemed to have become a slave of this unbearabe pleasure.

「Hn、hn、Darling。 Nfuu、your penis is also jumping in rejoice」

「Chuuu……n~chu。 Masteer。
Please release more into my belly、make me pregnant with your child」

I continued to get my semen wringed by the girls until late at night.