Curing incurable disease with semen CH11

Business (No ero)

Not just Fuemi, but I also had affairs with Kayari-san and co., it’s been a few days.
Kayari-san comes to Fuemi’s sickroom everyday,
and had fun with talking about girl things.

When I was called from the other side of the hospital hallway by Kayari-san,
her eyes had really been recovered to not less than an ordinary person.
But then considering Kayari-san,

「If it’s your figure、then I’ll recognize it despite how far we are apart」

or so she says.
Being told so I was embarrassed and stroked Kayari-san’s hair.
But aside from that.



Speaking of where to go inside the hospital, it’s usually Fuemi’s sickroom but, right now I’m standing in front of a different room.
Nerve treatment special room, I confirmed that name and knocked on the door, it opened after that.

「Good day、Onii-san。 You came」

「G、Good day」

It was a pony-tail haired female doctor with a husky voice,
and a light brown, long haired nurse.
The female doctor’s family name is Matsunami, she’s been performing medical examination for Fuemi many years.
The nurse Takemitsu-san is also an acquaintance that I’m much obliged to.

「Well、it’s a long story so why don’t you sit down on that bed?」

There should be a round chair normally, but I can’t see it around today
As told, I sat down on the bed that was covered in white sheets.

「Now then、first off is about your little sister、
she’s in a surprisingly good condition that we didn’t expect at all、
almost perfectly healthy」

Waving her hands greatly like a certain opera company’s campaign, doctor Matsunami said so.

「That’s seriously something delightful。
For doctor Matsunami’s long-time effort on taking care of my little sister……、
thank you very much」

Doctor Matsunami changed her expressions when I gave my thanks,

「Fumu……the person who was decided to be put under my care next、
Amei Kayari-san」

I stiffened the moment Kayari-san’s name game out,
to which doctor Matsunami sweetly smiled.

「How do you think I should report this case so that other people understand?
We~ll、impossible right?。 she’s been under strict treatment for many years yet、
hearing that she was cured from the patient herself made me troubled」

「Umm……Matsunami-sensei、what exactly do you want to tell me」

My act was crushed by the female doctor sitting some distance away.

「I never thought that drinking semen of a young man could cure diseases、
you can’t just go ahead and say that, can you。
The trust that you built up slowly would collapse。
On the TV、saying that drinking this can cure cancer、
with the authorization from Doctor ○○、
some people from the scientific society are going to try making money out of you。
I don’t want to be looked at that way, you see」

She’s dragging this out too much, so I couldn’t bear the boredom and spoke.

「What does Sensei want to do with me?」

「Yeah、I like people that are quick on the uptake。
Fuemi-chan’s brother、I want you to cure Takemitsu-san too」

She pushed Takemitsu-san’s back,
The nurse who has always been hesitating now stood in front of me.

「Takemitsu-san、is her body being sick somewhere?」

I gazed at the devoted nurse who has always been taking care of Fuemi.
It’s going to be warm season soon, but she wears long-sleeved clothings.

「Y、Yes、I’m err……」

Though Takemitsu-san showed hesitation,
she rolled up her sleeves.

「This is……」

Her skin was slowly exposed.
Women as young as Takemitsu-san should have fresh white skin and yet,
she had dark red patterns here and there.

「What I was young my house got on fire、
my body……is like this everywhere」

「That’s……really some hardships, isn’t it」

She couldn’t even show it to her classmates,
so it must’ve been hard during PE classes.

「Whenever I think that a man would hate me after seeing this、
I was scared……so I’ve always been avoiding them」

To say nothing of men, it would even bother other women.
Such worries coming from Takemitsu-san were right on the money.

「Takemitsu-san is the granddaughter of this hospital Chairman、and the lovely daughter of the Director。
Sometimes I myself perhaps also depended on Takemitsu-san but、
if she stays in this state、she can’t get married right?」

「Marriage you say……do you know my circumstances?」

「Yeah that’s right。 You’re having an affair with the daughter of Amei Medicine Manufacture。
Well currently in Japan、there’s no such things as bigamy、or polygamy so、
we’ll manage somehow」

When I thought it was too rude towards other people’s affairs,

「Umm、as expected onii-san……、
you don’t like、umm、doing it、with me right?」

Takemitsu-san hid her skin under her long sleeves,
but she’s looking at me with an almost-crying face. (TN: Check mate. Men are such simple creatures LOL)

「No、it’s not like I hate it。
I did it with Fuemi、and Kayari-san already、
and in all probability、I don’t think I wouldn’t do it with Takemitsu-san but、
umm there’s also the problem about taking responsibility……」

「It’s okay! succeed or no、
if it’s Fuemi-chan’s brother then、
I don’t really mind it。
Please。 If you can cure my body……、
please give it a try even just once」

She’s been taking care of Fuemi for years but,
it’s the first time I saw Takemitsu-san raising her voice that much.
She probably thinks about wanting to erase the burn marks from her skin that much.
To the person who has always supported the lonely Fuemi during daytime,
perhaps I should really return the favor.

「……I understand。
Takemitsu-san、please treat me well then」


When I grasped her hand, she also timidly put in some strength.

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