Curing incurable disease with semen CH12

Nurse ※ (Handjob、Paizuri fellatio、Nurse)

「Now then Takemitsu-san、I’ll be leaving。
Just leave one drop on that petri dish and it’s gonna be okay。
If it’s not enough then you just need to be a good girl and try your best for your young boyfriend」

She left, leaving irresponsible words behinds as usual,
Doctor Matsunami left the room.

Being left behind, me and Takemitsu-san couldn’t look at each others in the eyes,
she’s making an embarrassed face.

「Umm、how should we do this?」

At my words, Takemitsu-san flinched with a start.

「No……in what way can Onii-san ejaculate?」

「That’s、sex is the best way after all but、
that’s a no go for Takemitsu-san right?」

「……yes、I’m very sorry」

「Then if we use your hands、
or use your mouth to lick me then it should be good」

「Hands……and mouth……okay。 Then、I’ll try my best」

「Well then、let take off our clothes」

「Y、Yes。 Well、please don’t look too much, okay?」

「It’s going to be hard trying to ejaculate while not looking、
So、that’s an impossible request」

「Right……Uu、I’ll try my best」

Even though tears formed in her eyes, she undid the buttons on her nurse clothes one by one.
I quickly became having only my trunks on me,
I folded my clothes and put them on the bed.

「Ah……Onii-san is looking」

After taking off the nurse tunic and skirt,
she only had her white bra and a full set of stockings left on her.
Her see-through panties had a small ribbon right under her abdomen.

From her arms, legs and neck to her abdomen,
traces of purplish red burnt marks were spread out.
But because her breasts are considerably large,
and the lines drawing her hips and butt were really feminine, she was charming.

「Takemitsu-san、please look at me here」

Looking at her, I pointed at my trunks which were making a huge tent. (TN: Kyaaa, hentai desu)


「Yes。 It became like this because I looked at Takemitsu-san’s body。
Please have more confident in yourself。
Because Takemitsu-san’s breasts look really soft、
and your butt is also so beautiful, I want to bury my face into them」

「Th、That’s embarrassing、geez」 (TN: AS EXPECTED MY DEAR READERS, are you ready for the lips service??)

「Now、let’s have some skin-ship without being afraid」


Inviting Takemitsu-san to the bed,
I glued my body to hers as if hugging each other tightly.
Without hesitation I traced my hand on her back, through even the scars,
then caressed her butt across her stockings.

「A man’s body、is so firm……」

At first she was timid, but gradually became bold in touching my chest my back.

「Have you never touched your patient’s body?」

「The truth is、it was impossible for me
so I have only been taking care of female patients……hn、this is a man’s genital」

Her hand crossed over my trunks as it wrapped up my penis.
It felt great having the soft fingers of a woman touching it over the wet cloth.

「Ah、it’s moving」

「That’s because Takemitsu-san’s fingers felt great」

「I、feel good……」

「It’s fine to touch it directly, you know。
It feels good that way, so…」

*Gulps*, her throat made a sound,
as she boldly put her hand into my trunks.

「It’s a different sensation……like a warm octopus。
Something slippery is coming out from the tip」

「It’s OK to grasp it。
Soon white ink’s going to come out from that octopus」

「Geeez、please don’t say weird things」 (TN: LOL GIRL, YOU STARTED IT DAMMIT)

As if having the tension dispersed, she assertively played with my penis.

I also slid my hands into her bra and stockings,
enjoying the sensation of her hips under her panties.

「For me、to make physical contacts with a man like this、
I thought it would be impossible for the rest of my life。
Hnn、touching a penis、having my own breasts and butt touched」

「I felt the same way several days ago。
But Takemitsu-san’s touch feels great、
you’re also a beauty。
That’s why when I think about me being the first one to touch you、it’s a great honor」

「Saying that my body is beautiful、
that’s the first time I heard something like that。 Hnn、I’m happy too」

Her hand that was grasping my penis became more daring,
Seems like she felt it from me poking her nipples as her hips shook charmingly.

「Nnn、if I lick this thing coming out from the tip、
my body will become pretty……」 (TN: Just in case you derped, his semen heals)

She longs for beauty,
and urged on my penis with intense stimulation.

「Takemitsu-san……if I come、
please drink everything right away」

「Eh?……ahh okay」

I unfastened her bra,
and also became naked myself, showing the overswelling penis.
When I lifted her up a little,
I buried my face into her crotch which was facing up on the bed.

「A penis……it’s completely different than drawings in books」

With a penis being presented before her eyes all of a sudden,
she held her breath and stared fixedly at it, it seems.
Looking through her transparent panties,
I enjoyed the erotic spectacle of her butt flesh.

「It’s fine to touch it as you like。
I’ll also enjoy this part of yours here」

「Okay……please ouch me gently, okay?」

As if her curiosity clogged her sense of shame,
there was no resistance towards her private parts being touched.


Her wet tongue licked my glans.
As if urging her, I stuck out my swelling penis more.

「Sugoi……you made it move」 (TN: It cannot be my translation without the ‘sugoi’)

She poked and played with it like some kind of balancing toys.
I undauntedly stroked her vagina on top of her stockings,
while slowly stripping it from her butt.
On the right side there was a clover-like fleck, but overall it’s a pure white and smooth butt.

「Ah……that place、it feels good」

The smell of her crotch gathered into her panties and stockings,
then it was released, it rushed into my nostrils.
I was the first man to sniff the embarrassing smell of her secret place.

「I have a feeling……your penis is swelling even more」

「That’s because I touched your butt、and sniffed the smell of your crotch。
Also because you’re projecting charming pheromones of a woman」

「Nhaa……a man is、
feeling ecchi because of me。 Even when my skin is like this……」

「Please have confidence in yourself。
My penis、it’s already wanting to ejaculate to you。
If you drink that、you’ll become even more beautiful、
it’ll probably turn into the skin that everyone envies, without a single stain spot」

「Okay……I’ll do my best。
For the sake of making Onii-san’s penis feels good、and receive semen」

「Yes、by all means。
If Takemitsu-san wraps it inside those abundant breasts of yours、it’ll be unbearable」

I poked at her nipple, which got moistened because she was sweating.

「My boobs right?。 I’ll do my best……」

She moved on top of me, sandwich’ing my penis into her breasts.
I enjoyed that sensation while completely took off her panties.

「It’s beautiful、Takemitsu-san’s pussy。
The meat wasn’t forced out、I can’t even think of this as an adult woman」

「Hn、hn、is that so?
Other people haven’t seen it、so I don’t know……」

Every time she moved her body up and down, my penis rejoiced because of the soft pressure between her breasts,
As her lewd flower bud opened and shut,
my eyes were glued to that pussy as if it was a special privilege of my own.

「Every time you moved、your pussy
your baby hole opened and closed、
right now I already want to have sex。
When I look deep into your vagina、I feel like I want to release my seeds there」

I’ll make you ejaculate with my boobs、
will I get pregnant?。
If I drank it with my mouth, would it get into my womb?」 (TN: BFAHAHAHA)

Somehow she was kinda enjoying hugging and rubbing my penis with her boobs.

「If that was the case then human population would’ve reached 20,000,000,000 already」

「Fufu、please don’t say baka things、
hurry up and ejaculate while looking at my vagina」

「Your mood kinda changed, didn’t it? Takemitsu-san」

「That’s because of you Onii-san、you keep saying strange things。
I’ve always thought of ecchi things as、
it’s only painful and embarrassing on the part of the woman」

「That’s a relief。
Then without reserve、I’ll look at your baby hole、
and feel good at the same time」

「Un、please do, Onii-san。
Nsho、holding it with my boobs、I’m also、good」

She repeatedly compressed and released it,
sometimes she drooped her saliva and I enjoyed her smooth skin.

「Onii-san、is it finally time?。
While looking at my vagina、you’re going to release、your baby juice?」

To that question, my penis twitched twice.

「Fufu、where’s your answer?。
Is your penis resisting its need to make babies?。
Sorry、if it actually cures my skin then、
I’ll promise to do it lots so、
right now please release your semen while looking at my baby hole。 Please」

Gyuu, gyuu, she smoothly rubbed me with her breasts,
My glans leaked a large quantity of pre-cum while preparing for ejaculation.

「Kyaa!? Ahh、something white and warm is touching my chest……。
Hnn、*slurp*……gotta drink ’em all」 (TN: I’m sorry okay?…dammit Pokemon GO…)

She wrung my glans with the soft flesh of her breasts,
From the vagina hole of the woman who indulged into slurping up my semen,
love juice stickily dripped down.

While I reached out my hand and scooped that up to lick,
she kept up the stimulation on my penis and continued to wring out semen.
We mutually drink each other body fluid while indulging in each other genitals.

「*Licks*……your penis、it’s delicious。
My pussy is also delicious for Onii-san right?。
Please taste more」

Not caring about the fact that there are burnt marks on her body, we continued to love each other.

Onii-san、will you ejaculate again?
You can look and lick my baby hole as much as you like、
even making it sloppy with your tongue。
Please、give me Onii-san’s semen again」

This hole had not been penetrated by any man,
so I burned the image of the small vaginal passage with pale flesh into my eyes,
I fantasized about soiling that place while ejaculating.

「Hn……it came out again。 Thank you、I’ll drink it all」

I thought about reminding her of saving one drop like Doctor Matsunami said.
But, I who got soaked in the sucking sensation on my penis,
ejaculated while slurping up her vaginal hole.

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