Curing incurable disease with semen CH14

Kayari-san’s request is my first job ※ (Sleep-rape、Deflowering×2)

That night, when I thought it’s finally time to lay down,
Kayari-san contacted me through cellphone.

There’s someone who needs to be saved by you!」

I calmed the flustered Kayari-san down, then listened to the situation.
Kayari-san’s sisters from a family that is very close to her family have been having a fever since yesterday, (TN: Close as in relationship, not neighbor)
seems like they’ve been diagnosed with influenza.

I was thinking that it was because of the early season change,
but influenza during summer with high fever,
or very dangerous life-and-death cases are very few.

But in reality, those sisters’ fever never calmed down and finally reached pneumonia,
and tonight their conditions stepped into the dangerous zone.

「I beg of you just this time……if I lose those sisters……」

Flat out rejecting a sobbing while begging Kayari-san,
it’s impossible for me to do that.

「I’m coming at once。 Which hospital?」

「! Thank you very much、darling。
Right now、a car from my family is going to pic you up at your house」

「Un、got it。 I’ll come prepared」

Hanging up the phone, I suddenly thought. Even though I said I’ll come prepare, what am I preparing……。
Well for now, let’s change my trunks.
I opened the drawer where underwears are.



Exactly 15 minutes later, I was called by a middle-aged chauffeur,
I got into the black car.
It’s local streets yet the car soared with highway-speed,
and arrived at the hospital in one blink of an eye.

「Darling! Thank you very much。 This way」

Being guided by Kayari-san who’s wearing gothic-tiny-like clothes and black scarf, I entered the hospital.

It was different than the hospital Fuemi has alway been in.
We went up the gloomy stairs while Kayari-san clasped my hand tightly.

「Darling、please put this on。
Leave the talking to me、and please play along」

She handed over a pure white robe. I hurriedly put it on.
When we came out to the hallway, a person that seemed to be a woman was staning there.

「Oba-sama! I brought help」 (TN: Oba-sama = Aunt)

Hearing Kayari-san’s voice, the middle-aged woman slowly lifted her face.
Traces of tears could still be seen.

「This person here cured my eyes……。
He’s an acquaintance that skipped a few grades studying abroad,
and studied about various medical treatment。
Mana-chan and Mina-chan、
right now he’ll let them try the medicines Japan never knew of、
and test it out。
……yes。 Moreover、he doesn’t have a Japanese license so、
there won’t be any problem with the public image of the hospital。
Oba-sama please keep everyone away from this room for a bit、
it would be great if you can do that」

Even though she was surprised towards Kayari-san’s proposal,
the lady moved her head and nodded.
Then for the sake of her daughters she screamed and begged me,
then disappeared into the opposite side of the hallway.

「Now then darling、right now。
I’ll let you know if someone comes」

「Got it、I’m leaving that to you」

Then I looked around the hallway,
confirming that there was no one and quickly enter the sickroom.



The lights are still on. There are 2 beds inside.
On each bed is a long-haired beauty sleeping. (TN: You better go kiss them and wake them up, then go find the witch LOL)
I wonder if it was too hot inside the blanket that they had already turned it away.
The sweat soaked blue and yellow pajamas made the beauties’ skin visible.

「Haa haa……」

They’re breathing roughly in anguish.
I need to get excited and use their bodies to ejaculate right away. (TN: Wow. Why does this not sound one bit heroic? LMAO)
Again I realize my own sins.

I got on the bed of the girl with blue pajama, then stroked her flushed because of the fever cheek.
She didn’t even have time to show any reaction.
If she was still healthy,
she would be the most popular and lovely girl in class that would make you spread your eyes.
Her long eyelashes, small nostrils and her whole face are well-featured.
I kissed those lips that had changed to a red color.


As if trying to heal the dryness in her throat, she licked the saliva on my tongue and swallowed it.


The beautiful girl frantically drank my saliva,
as I kissed and enjoyed her face up close.
With just that, I felt my penis getting in high spirits.

Next I also got on the bed of the yellow pajama girl,
I kissed her the exact same way.


On the chest part of her clothes, an embroidery that said “MINA” could be seen.
This girl is Mina-chan, while the blue pajama girl is Mana-chan huh.

I also feed the yellow-pajama Mina-chan my saliva while,
undressing her pajama.
She’s still using no-wire bra,
but it won’t be long until these modest breasts got tired of holding on to their growth.


I put the firm tip in the center of her breast in my mouth,
and licked as if kneading it.

If Takemitsu-san, who I had sex with, has the charm of a grown-up woman,
then this Mina-chan right here is a still green fruit.


I persistently tasted the still pale colored nipple,
and gave her skin an idea of what pleasures are like.

Even in her current state of cloudy consciousness,
tonight’s sexual experiences would still be recorded into her memories through her bare skin, I wonder if she would recall about this every time she masturbates.

I had those wild and shameful desires of conveniently monopolize her while,
caressing her young nipples until both of them stood up.


I took turn taking care of the 2 beauties’s bare skin
teaching them about sexual feelings for the first time, using my saliva and my fingers.


I pulled down Mana-chan’s panties,
and sank my finger into the uncivilized lands of her vagina where sweats and love juice were mixed together.

Her vaginal entrance rejected the intrusion of a person’s middle finger,
seems like it doesn’t know how to let out some good love juice yet, as it lacked moisture.

I performed some gentle guidance to that immature naked body.
I caressed the flesh-colored embarkment of inverted-triangle shape, (TN: Fuck this author and his fancy way of wording, this basically just means her vagugu)
then as if conveying it to the inexperienced womb inside, I used my finger to stimulate it.


As I touched her vagina and clitoris, warm juice came out.

It’s irritating to go from bed-to-bed,
so I lifted Micha-chan’s body and brought her to next to Man-chan.
I stripped the panties of both of them,
the 2 crotches that just knew of getting wet tonight are now right before my eyes.

「Haa haa……naaa」

Right now the small breasts of these beauties when their consciousness is being cloudy because of the fever,
perhaps they’re not struggling to breathe because of the pleasures.
As if eating fresh-picked cherries,
I held those 4 lovely nipples in my mouth in turns and use the tip of my tongue to stimulate them.

The flesh of those fruits swelled and changed color because of my conducts.
I used both hands to smoothly touch the 2 vaginas,
and investigated to see what’s different betweent them.
On top of their vaginal openings, there were these things shaped like candies
I stimulated their clitorises that were hiding underneath the labia foreskin as if crushing them.


The faces of the twin beauties reacted the same way,
I think they’re beginning to take on a different kind of heat aside from the fever.

My penis soared up,
so I put it on Mana-chan’s crotch that was wet with sweat and love juice.
Without rushing putting it in,
I expected the vagina to get used to my penis where they’re meeting.
I’m going to insert into the small cave at her vagia.


Her still childish yet lovely face turned red,
and her body shuddered when the penis rubbed on her vagina.
Then next I brought my penis towards Mina-chan’s slit,
and rubbed her vagina with my glans as if spreading it.


She puffed up her breasts, pointing her nipples upwards, and shook her head unwillingly.
Because of Mina-chan’s young vagina, my penis got bigger,
then in order to indulge in lust, I spread my pre-cum and rubbed her.

I used my finger to pressed the vagina that’s not beeing rubbed by the penis,
smearing the pre-cum to other parts around the vaginal entrance.
With just that, it was as if my seeds entered.

「Haa、haa、haaa」 「Haaa……yaaan」

While the beauties let out sounds like having nightmares and breath roughly, I used both hands to play with their bare skin,
then used the penis to give them sexual feelings by intercrural sex.
From the pink-ish blood-red labia,
hot juice is spouting and at the same time,
my penis also began to ejaculate.

「Uu……kuun!」 「Haa……aaan!」

Using a body that never knew semen before, I dyed her vagina and small navel in a cloudy white color.
The semen clung to Mana-chan’s vagina,
I used my finger to caress her and brought another hand.
I thrust my fingers smeared with semen into their ecstatic lips.

「Nchu、kuchuu……」 「Pichuru……chuu」

They frantically drink the semen like babies drinking milk.
Teasing the insides of these two beauties’ mouths while having their tongues coiling around feels great.



Now next is taking their virginity, I need to pour lots of semen into their wombs.
A choke of sinful feelings struck my chest.
But this is for the sake of saving them,
after pursuing myself so, I gazed every nooks and and cranes at their bare skin, boosting my excitement.

(Onii-chan……? What、is with that penis)

In my wild delusions, the Mana-chan that hasn’t spoken a word,
has her face dyed with  fear looking at the erect penis.

(Iyaaa! Why are you coming close to my crotch、what are you trying to do to me!?) (TN: LMAO this fucking nigga…)

I think that I’m quite a gentle Onii-chan,
but in my delusions I pinned Mana-chan down.


(Stop iiit! These kinds of ecchi thing、
it’s for married grown-up couples)

When I forcibly opened up her tiny vaginal hole, my glans swelled and began to invade.

(It hurtss! Onii-chan stop it!
If you do this、I’m going to hate Onii-chan)

The beauty’s resistance was useless as my penis fully entered her vagina hole.

(Hurts、it hurts! Waaan!)


Then a gap inside her vagina was made, the first goal of the penis was accomplished.

(Onii-chan……it hurts、stop it……)



Though I apologized, my penis didn’t stop seeking for pleasures inside the virgin vagina.
She gasped hard in anguish while still closing her eyes, I stroked her whole young naked body,
chewed on her nipple while moving my penis back and forth.

(Fuaaa! Wha、What is this)


Her inside shut tightly, giving rise to the sensation of her entangling hot body fluids.
Not minding her first time being snatched away forcibly, her body’s natural defsenive instincts seem to be making her feel it.


(What’s this!? I’m、something、coming)

The pleasures of just going in and out her narrow flesh passage is incomparable to masturbating.
Looking at her swelling young breasts blushing,
my mood of shooting into her womb was boosted.


Pushing out my hips, I put strength into my penis and tossed out my semen.
Because not the thinnest gap was left open from her vagina,
all my semen was spread onto her womb without spilling anything.


Then finally her vagina squeezed down on my penis and my ejaculation ended.
When I slowly pulled out, no semen was left on my penis.


Mana-chan became breathless in exhaustion.



I gazed at Mina-chan who’s lying there with her vagina and nipples exposed.
Her naked body resembled Mana-chan who got her virignity taken away just now.
As if rejoicing after consecutively taking virginities,
my penis pointed upward full of vigor.

With Onii-chan’s swelling penis、
and my pussy、let’s make babies okay?)

In my wild delusions, Mina-chan is a carnivorous girl who’s interested in sex.
I opened her vagina, and saw no pigmentation,
I rubbed my glans on her pale red labia.

(Uun♪ My crotch is wet、because pee is coming out。
I see、this is so that Onii-chan’s penis goes in easier)

I pushed my glans against her virgin vaginal entrance, which was wet with love jucie, as if digging it.

(It’s coming、Onii-chan’s penis。
It’s fine to dig into my pussy and feel good, you know♪)


When I pressed on the clitoris that was being covered by skin,
more love juice oozed out from her vagina hole, making insertion easier.

(I feel great too、Onii-chan♪
Tease my crotch more、making your penis go inside me is fine)

「I’m going in、Mina-chan」


Zuburi, I was wrapped in a pleasant pressure,
all the while my penis entered Mina-chan’s vagina.

(Hn……this is doing lewd things。 So this is making babies。
Because I’m doing it with my beloved Onii-chan、I’m really happy while feeling it)

Her warm insides tightly tightened on me,
slowly ushering the penis deep inside.

(Come to my deepest part♪
My womb、where my baby sack is、
Onii-chan have to pour your juice inside、okay?
Un、release your baby juice at the deepest part♪)

Though red liquid were stuck on my penis,
her vaginal flesh twitched as if rejoicing.

(Ne~e、Onii-chan。 Do you wanna “chuu-chuu”?
Let’s chuu-chuu with our mouths、
while your penis and my muffin chuu-chuu each other♪) (TN: My best translation ever.)

I greedily sucked on her young lips, violating the inside of her mouth.
Be it first kiss or virginity, both of them were snatched away while she slept,
I wonder what the girl will think of this when she wakes up.
But the imginary Mina-chan smiled lewdly and asked for my seeds.

(Fufu。 Onii-chan、my pussy feels good。
You wanna dump lot os baby juice in my womb right?
Unn、Onii-chan’s baby juice、
it’s fine to release it in my womb♪
Cum with all your might、okayy?)

Getting the permission from the innocent beauty, my penis enjoyed the young vagina with all its might,
smearing her womb with pre-cum and prepared itself for a full-blown child making session.


(Come~、Onii-chan’s baby juice。
My womb now is also really nice and warm。
It’s ready to make babies with Onii-chan♪
I’m going to squeeze my crotch so、
you can shoot with your penis♪)

No more than being just an instinctive reaction, her inside shut tightly,
matching that, the penis released its seeds into the pure womb.


(Hnn♪ Sugo~i。 My belly is nice and warm now。
Fufu、making babies is the best、right Oniichan。
Cum more~)

Her vagina swallowed the semen without sparing anything, just like Mana-chan earlier.



When I came back to my senses after ejaculating many times in a short period of time,
From the young lips to breasts and vaginas, there was cloudy liquids
smearing all over the two beauties.

No matter how you look, this resembles exactly a crime scene made by me,
when I thought about that a pain tormented me to the point that it was hard to breathe.
Even if I used my fist to knock my head,
the increasing pain still didn’t go away.
Not minding about my own clothes getting dirty,
I wiped the semen sticking on the two beauties, then put on their underwear and pajamas.



「……It’s done」

I quietly peeped at the situation outside while exiting the sickroom.
Even though not even one hour passed when I looked at my wristwatch, my body felt like half a day already passed.


Kayari-san, who is standing in the hallway lit by moonlight being sweeter than anyone else, seemed to be surprised upon seeing me.

「……I’m fine。 I properly cured them、I think」

「Yes、that’s a relief but……」

「Well then、I’ll be going home。
The car that took me here is waiting right?」

I looked at the silhouette stretching on the deserted hallway while,
walking pass Kayari-san.

「Please wait a minute、darling」

She grasped my hand, then hugged me and kissed me.

「Hn……chu……there’s the taste of、another girl……」

Kayari-san licked the saliva of Mina-chan and Mana-chan remaining inside my mouth.

「Kayari-san、let me go……」

「You know、even if you say anything to anyone、
when it comes to supporting you、I won’t let you go」

Her obsidian pupils reflected the image of me only, capturing me and not letting me move.

「Un……thank you Kayari-san」

「Yes。 Take it slow and rest up tonight……。
Tomorrow morning I want to heal you with my body」

「Yeah、see ya。 Good night」

I moved my legs like a machine and walked away.

When I came to, I was already home, I lied on the bed and just closed my eyes.



Next day, staying languid as I was, I went to visit Fuemi,
but I suddenly got pushed down by Kayari-san and co.

They stripped me then the 3 of them crawled their tongue and and hands all over me, stimulating me. (TN: Apparently the imouto knows about him fucking the oujou-sama…)
Kayari-san, Sylvie-san and Fuemi competed to touch my erect penis,
they guided me towards ejaculation with the service from their breasts and and vagina hole.

「Hn、chu……tonight I’ll make you ejaculate with my body, okay。
Even my boobs、
and my vagina that was taught the pleasures of a woman。  ……Nnnu♪ Enjoy more、
please cum with my inside。
Hn、hn、nhaa……that’s right。
Please fill the womb that has been dedicated to you with your semen。
Nnu~ahaa、I’m happy too」

you can splash your semen anywhere on my body。
If possible、I want you to dig into my vagina、and cum at the deepest part。
Nfufu、is Master okay with that?
Yes、tonight I’ll send Master to heaven with your favorite cowgirl position。
Then please excuse me……。 Hn、hn、Aaha。
Your penis tonight is also hard and splendid。
I’ll shut my pussy while moving so、please cum into my womb like always。
I’m happy、being impregnated by Master。
Please cum as many times as you want。
I want to quickly get pregnant with Master’s child」

「Oni~chan♪ My pussy is the best right?。
You know、when Onii-chan was still a virgin、
you graduated from it using this pussy of mine。
Even your first time copulating、it was using my womb too。
Your penis hasn’t forgotten the taste of its first vagina right?♪
It’s fine、Onii-chan、come。 Into your first ever pussy、
give me Onii-chan’s first baby」


I played with the lewd girls in the sickroom, and temporarily forgot about the pain throbbing inside my chest.

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