Curing incurable disease with semen CH15

The blond Ojou-sama wants to play piano again (No ero)

After school, inside a classroom that seems like the quiet daily life has returned.
It’s been decided that Fuemi will be dismissed from the hospital next week,
I’ve been carrying her personal stuffs back home bit by bit.

I was planning to bring the bigger stuff animals home today but,
I noticed the outside of the classroom being a bit noisy.
People who are still left behind drew closer to the window and looked outside.

When I joined them and looked outside,
a luxurious car that I’ve seen somewhere was parking at the school gate,
then standing on its sides are 2 beautiful girls.

On one side is a person with black hair reaching her waist whose body I know to every nook and cranny.

Kayari-san, you’re really standing out,
please don’t magnificently come to our school just like that,
or so I thought while taking out the cellphone inside my pocket.
Then standing next to Kayari-san with her hands on her hips dauntingly,
was a splendidly blond beauty whom I’m observing from a distance.



The school was built on a high ground so it didn’t take even 20 minutes for me to bike down hill towards a coffee shop.
I told Kayari-san to meet there.
Thinking that the wind feels nice unlike the heat of early summer, I pedaled my bike forward.

When I arrived, the familiar black car has already been there.
As I went inside, the pair of 2 beauties I saw earlier was sitting next to each other in a deeper inside seat.

「Ya、hello、Kayari-san。 Hello」

I greeted the two than sat on the opposite side.

「Good day、darling。
I’m sorry for suddenly visiting you today」

I think that Kayari-san coming when it’s not an emergency
is not that often a thing, but that might just be me.

「Well、I’m happy to be able to meet Kayari-san though」

Then when I turned to the blond girl,
she stared at me as if appraising.

「Did you really heal Kayari’s eyes、
and Mana-chan and Mina-chan?
I don’t believe you!」 (TN: Boys, where did I leave my kitchen knife. This bitch annoys me instantly)

「Wa、Wait、Lucie。 That’s so impolite」

Ignoring Kayari-san, the blond beauty continued to rage.

「Then look at this guy’s hands。
Those aren’t the hands of a skilled doctor、just hands of a dude」

I think this girl, who Kayari-san called Lucie, observed me quite carefully.
Then from there,
I understood that she didn’t hear about my secret from Kayari-san.
Probably, she’s the same with the twin’s mother,
and was told that I’m some kind of excellent doctor. (TN: Please don’t make me hate Kayari. If she keeps pulling bullshit like this………..)

「Kayari-san、let’s just be honest、
I think it’s better that way」

「But if it’s that、you’ll be bothered again……」

「What the heck is going on」

The girl who got left out in the conversion stared at me and Kayari-san.

「Ah、well I am as you thought、
I’m no medical student。
I use a certain method、one that I can’t tell anyone, to cure。
Then、my apologize for hiding this but may I ask、
what do you want to heal?
Judging by your look、I think you’re in good shape」

I observed the blond beauty’s upper body.
Charming hair, graceful facial features,
her appearance is that of a foreigner yet her chest swelled modestly just the way I like.
I couldn’t see her lower half, what a shame.

「The bad spot on my body、is this……」

Saying so the girl gulped down all the black tea in the cup on her right hand
then changed that cup over to her left hand.
Then she tried to lift it but,
the cup fell flat down to the saucer.

「My piano training since childhood has been terrible、there’s no strength here。
I can’t play anything anymore……」

「I see……so that’s the case」

Opposite from her first impression of an unyielding spirit,
right now the girl is hanging her head because she was robbed of the freedom to use one of her hands.

「But then、it certainly is a handicap for daily life
and yeah it’s inconvenient、but since it’s not your dominant hand、
isn’t it just fine leaving it like that?」

「What’s with you。 Even though you cured Kayari、
you’re saying that I’m already hopeless?」

「Well……With my “method” you’ll have to loose something anyway。
Granted、it’s something life-important for a woman」

Gulp, I knew she swallowed her saliva.
To a certain extent, seemed like she already guessed it, but the girl didn’t falter and spoke.

「That’s fine……。
Since I’ll be able to play the piano again」

「Then that means、me and you as a man and a woman
we’ll join bodies, you know」

「Haa? Wait、when I came here
you said it when I asked right?。 (TN: 聞かされてたら言ったでしょうね。)
But you didn’t look like a doctor in any way、
and Kayari looked at you with eyes filled with love。
I understood that much about your two。
But then Kayari who has been hopeless for many excellent doctors since childhood、
she became able to see just like this。
So I’m betting on you」

Lucie-san stared at me with determined eyes.
Her fingers’ passion for the piano,
seems like it’s even bigger than the most important thing of a girl.

For now、without going all the way, let’s just use your mouth and drink “my stuff”。
If that doesn’t recover you completely、and you do wish to continue then we’ll go all the way、
how does that sound?」

「Got it……。
But on my end、I also have a condition」

「It’s fine。 That condition is?」

When I asked her, Lucie-san looked at Kayari-san,

「I’ll say it later。
Besides、if I’m not pleased with anything、
I’ll stop instantly、that’s the plan」

「OK、that’s good enough」

For the time being the talk has been settled,
then Kayari-san who has been silent while watching opened her mouth.

「I’m sorry、darling。
Again、I sent trouble your way」

I stroked Kayari-san’s hair, who’s casting her eye downwards, gently while,

「The things today、or before that too、
it’s not Kayari-san’s fault。
In the end、it’s me who is on the receiving end。 Don’t mind it too much」


In this way I can pile my body with beautiful people,
so isn’t it just fine to go through a bit of trouble? or so I thought.

「You peeps、are you a married couple or something……」 (TN: BAHAHAHA ok blond chick, you recovered that minus I gave you earlier LOL)

Lucie-san was shocked as she narrowed her eyes.

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