Curing incurable disease with semen CH19

Rumors’ influence and counter-measure (No ero)


The night Fuemi was safely discharged from the hospital.
For some reasons me, Fuemi, Kayari-san, Sylvie-san and Lucie-san gathered at my house,
and held a small celebration.

Well the girls brought various stuff with them,
the food they brought to the party was leagues different than the common food you can find anywhere.
Moreover, I’m honestly glad they came here just for Fuemi.

But well, I already expected that there’s something that can’t be solved normally though.

First we commented on how good was the food,
then they shared and discuss about the hardships of each of their illness.
While thinking about this this late into the game,
I indulged myself into the fact that I had sex with all these beauties here.

「……Now then、let’s borrow this place、
and I can share my important proposal」

When the conversations harmoniously ended,
Kayari-san carry it on with a quiet face.

「Un、and what is it? Kayari-san」

「First is my assumptions、
is that you’re getting bit by bit more famous, darling」

「Especially among the authorized people from the hospital、and though there are rich people too
there are also people with diseases that can’t be cured with just money、Master」

Sylvie-san summed it up.

「The thing about my left hand being cured too、
it spread a rumor to my surroundings……sorry。
Kayari and me、the twins too、
there are rumors going on in our households which are all connected」

「Onii-chan can cure sickness、
everyone knows about that already?
Somehow、are they gonna take Onii-chan、
and bring him to some big-shots?」

「He’s not that well-known yet、
but that kind of development is not impossible either」

「No way……」

Everyone kept silent at Fuemi who heard the heavy contents of this conversation for the first time.

「But、Kayari-san said she has a proposal。
Let’s hear it」

I directly asked Kayari-san as a representative.

「Yes、darling。 I thought that、
we should broaden the rumor towards 2 fronts」

「Two fronts、they are?」

「First、it’s not true that you can cure incurable people、
if we spread a rumor like that, every family can be healthy。
Then among those families、those that have young girls
that’s hospitalized、
we’ll spread the rumors to them that maybe they can be cured」 (TN: Okay it’s very confusing but TL;DR: she’s saying that they’ll only spread the “true” rumors to those families with young maidens for MC to fuck)

Then Kayari-san looked at me apologetically.
Lucie-san turned her face away from me.

「In summary、I’m just gonna continue what I’ve been doing all this time?」

Unlike the usual me, the fact that I let out such a cold voice surprised even myself.

「Yes。 The families connected to the hospital that would use any means even unscientifically、
they’ll become frantic if there’s a way to cure them。
The more we unskillfully hide it、
the easier Darling get exposed, that’s what I think。
I too、was stopped by Lucie, my best friend」

「……right、just as Kayari said」

「Without hiding it from the families that own hospitals、
I’ll go heal them and then muzzle them huh……」

In actuality, Mana-chan and Mina-chan’s parents and Takemitsu-san’s parents,
I already receive tons of money surpassing that befitting a student from them already.
But then their households never exposed my circumstances.

「What do you think? Darling。
For now、you can assume the front-cover of a person who supports people with sickness
and establish an organization backing you up。
Hiring a skillful doctor for free、in order to support the financials、or something like that。
It’ll cause Darling more trouble though」 (TN: I have no fucking idea what she just said. This author’s writing style is very annoying as per usual)

「If we do that Onii-chan’s not gonna be taken to somewhere else、
is that right?」

「I do think that is the case。
We’ll expose it on the surface、and deny it towards unnecessary people、
If we bring in the right people we’ll support them。
how does that sound、Darling?」

「Well、I have something I wanna hear from everyone……」

I looked around at the light brown haired, black haired, silver haired and blond haired beauties and asked.

「When I、with other girls、
when we do lewd things、is that alright?」

When I asked that, the atmosphere felt like time has stopped for a second,
then all of them had bitter smiles.

「This late in the game? Onii-chan」

「Yes、it’s too late」

「But that’s just like Master、to worry about things like that」

「Welp、a guy with a penis that likes to flirt with virgins like you、
I had no hopes since the first place」

「Fufu、Lucie。 You’re just saying that I’ll care for him with your own pussy more, is that so?」

「Wha、N、No……well、you can say that」

Somehow this serious conversation didn’t even turn serious,
and the night with these girls wore on.



「Onii-chan、you slept?」

「I think、he’s just tired from doing various things everyday」

「Right、I feel like he also resisted having sex recently」

「……wait what? don’t tell me、
everyone’s been having sex with this guy except for your first times?」

「? Un。 One time when I came home、
we did lewd things with lotion in the bath」

「For me I serviced him while wearing maid costume」

「It’s slave-rape play for me……」

「Eh? What、it’s only me that haven’t done anything?
I have Miera-oneesama but、
I have a feeling she did it with this guy too……」

「Ah……somehow、in Onii-chan’s diary、
『Even though the tsundere blond M from eroge
usually becomes the Queen too、
but it didn’t feel good at all……I wonder why』
or so he wrote……hmm」

「What why!? Gununu……」

「We~ll、don’t be discouraged Lucie。
I’m sure in the future、with a good situation
he’ll ask for lewd with you」

「……it’s okay then」

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