Curing incurable disease with semen CH2

Fuemi’s determination (No ero)

It’s weekend, Fuemi’s allowed to go home once in a while.
As always, I took a taxi to go home.
I carried Fuemi on my back all the way until we’re inside the house.
She’s not growing as much as the girls her age but
Even so, she still has the roundness and softness of a growing body
When my hand touched her butt, even if she’s my little sister, my heart still throbbed.

「If I remember correctly、there’s still some fried rice and fried food left from yesterday。
Fuemi、what do you want?
If you want any particular delivery food I can buy it」

「The leftovers are fine。 Carry me to the chair like this okay」

When I turned my head, she was clenching her hands, her slightly swelling breasts glued to my back.
Right now, even if I rubbed Fuemi’s butt she wouldn’t say anything.
Because I’ve been taking Fuemi into the bath and washed her body.

Putting Fuemi down to the chair, I prepared the dinner that only need to be warmed up.

「Then let’s eat」

「Thanks for the meal~」

This is the second time of this month I ate dinner with Fuemi.
Tomorrow’s Sunday, we’re going to hangout somewhere with our parents
We spent the time talking about manga and TV shows.



「When you got out of the bath、go to my room before you sleep okay?」

「Oh、is it about the request you talked about before?」

「Un、that’s right。 Perhaps、we’ll finish it up right away」

「Alright、I got it」

Well I guess she just wants a massage or wants to buy something.
For Fuemi’s sake, I got quite a lot of money from my parents so it’s no problem.

After that, we entered the bath together as usual
I changed her into her pajama and carried her to her room.

It was the same usual night up until that point.