Curing incurable disease with semen CH20

What’s the kouhai’s sickness? (No ero、problems)

The first time I saw senpai was after school, during supplementary classes.
Also at supplementary PE classes in the pool area.
Senpai’s teacher was a male PE instructor while mine was a female swimming teacher who teaches the breaststroke.

「Use the sole of your feet to kick the water harder!

Imagine there’s a wall behind you!」

The voice of the teacher could be heard above me while I was frantically trying to not drown.
Although I do have a secret sickness, this level of swimming can’t even be called a novice tadpole.
Hm? Now I wonder how a tadpole grows into a frog.
I took Biology, but was there even a section about that?
Ahh……ughhh. Water got in my nose.


Though I raised a voice that was improper for a lady, I didn’t have the time to worry about all that when my life could’ve been lost.

「Haa……haa……cough、I drank some chlorine water」

Swimming some distance away from myself, was a boy that was also choking just like me.
What’s with this coincidence?
Both of us were like baby frogs, no we were even less than a tadpole.

「……Hm? Let’s try our best together。
I swam out to 25m but I can’t go back.」

Having that said to me, the boy, senpai, joined his hands as if offering a prayer to God and began to dive into the water, swimming away.
However, senpai was also worse than a frog as he moved his legs in a strange way that didn’t help him move forward at all.
I think I was the same.

「Let’s do our best senpai、even though I don’t know your name」 [TN: Original JP is “senpai who I don’t know his name” but that’s just gibberish so I rephrased it]

Hmm, I hope I didn’t jump into this pool on my period day.
It wouldn’t just suddenly come right now, right? No no, having it inside the pool is pretty troublesome.
Let’s just seriously aim to become an adult frog!

……water splashing


In the end, senpai managed to swim 25m while I ended the swimming lesson at 12, no, 13m.

Senpai and I finished showering and cleaning our eyes.
He wasn’t staring at my swimsuit or anything either.

Well, I’m also not the kind of explosively feminine growth with all the curves anyway.
But I’m still growing, slow and steady!
When that day comes, I won’t let you look even if you beg me!

……cough, what the heck am I even thinking about, I just met him for the first time.
Senpai was probably a shy person.
Of course without any sexual experience, he’d instantly look away the moment he saw some bare skin.

「……what’s wrong? You’re not washing your eyes?」

「Yes? Ah、no no I’ll do it。I’m washing my eyes」

There were two small columns of water spouting out rapidly.
They looked like the flow of emotions gushing out from two people’s hearts.
Wait, no! That’s some pathetic stuff to think about.

「Ahh……my polluted-by-chlorine eyes、they’re getting better」

「Tap water also has chlorine、you know?」

Hm? Did senpai say something?
I’m healing my eyes, you know?.

Right now! Directly! Without wasting any time! Fui~♪ [TN: Yes. This girl is stupid LOL]

Normally, my fateful encounter with senpai should’ve been done after the swimming lesson.

However I saw them.
The girl senpai usually goes home together.
One day I saw her, a girl with the school uniform of a famous female academy. She was a beautiful black haired girl.

「Darling、summer colds have been pretty frequent lately。
Please watch your health」

「Hm? Right。I’ll be careful。
It’s gonna be troublesome if Fuemi catches it from me」

Wait, did you even hear yourself!?
She just called him Darling! Is that his wife?

The senpai that didn’t even care to take a look at me in my swimsuit is dating that beauty with one heck of a pair of breasts.
Did she have some kind of big-breast gymnastic class……? [TN: YES. SHE IS STUPID LOL]

Ahh it’s so hot, like, it’s sooo freaking hot.
So let’s just take a different route home today.


……then the next day, on my way home.

「Hey you. Show some more consideration to Kayari. You guys haven’t been together much lately」

「Even if you say so……。
We walked home together like this, you know?」

「That’s not what I’m trying to say……。
Wait, don’t tell me you two were going at it out in the public!?
Even though you declined when I asked the same thing!」

「How did you come to that。 Nothing like that happened。
Lately I’ve been doing it with just the two of you, haven’t I……」

Hmmm? Hm? What is this senpai doing with a blue-eyed, blond beauty? On top of that, she speaks Japanese so fluently.

The two beauties, this one and the black-haired one yesterday, bring out the same kind of atmosphere when they’re around him. Because of my illness I’m pretty good at reading the mood, I’m not lying!

According to this ability to read the mood of mine, senpai is going out with both the blond AND black haired beauty. In addition, they even have physical relations.

Jeez, who was the one that said senpai was a cherry boy with an innocent heart!?
……let’s take a detour again today.


Then the following day.

「Master, I apologize but today there’s someone you need to see」

「Ah, Inoi Tsukiyo-san right?

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are full moon so it’s pretty important to her, huh……」

This time it’s a Russian beauty……?
My opened mouth is pretty frozen right now. What……

I steeled myself up and ran up to senpai and the beautiful Russian maid.


「Hmm? If I remember correctly、we met at the pool before……」

「Is she your acquaintance? Master」

Ignoring the two of them, I declared.

「I think you’re going out with too many girls!
I think it’s really bad to date many women at the same time、senpai!」

「Ahh、you saw。 There are actually some circumstances to this……」

「Master、if it has become like this then this girl……」

「……yeah、it can’t be helped。 Besides she might be “that”, too。

This is probably…that disease, right? The one Kayari-san has been talking about recently……」

「……that’s right。 It’s probably a little bit overbearing, but…」

W-What’s with their behaviors!?
I’m a bit confused here.
I have a feeling I’m going to get kidnapped, but…

I quickly turned my head and began running.

「Ah、wait up! I said wait!」

The kind of person that stops when told so doesn’t exist, you see.
If you tell a person who’s running away to stop they’re just going to run faster.

Ahh……I’m just going to start avoiding senpai from tomorrow on.


I’m a lone wolf in class but it’s okay, not like I’m going to get bullied or anything.
I’m just that one girl who occasionally answers her classmates’ questions about the lessons.
Studying is just enjoyable. From obtaining knowledge by memorization to solving advanced puzzles, they’re all wonderful time killer for my life.

Senpai was the one that grandly came to me during lunch break.
He was holding two energy drink-like bottles in his and while standing before me.

「Do you have some free time ?」

「No I don’t、senpai」

「I wanted to give you this」

Senpai held the bottle in front of me.
This person is so forceful, were my eyes blind before or something!

「Senpai, what’s this?」

「I guess you can call it a kind of drink that can cure your illness……」

Hah ?

「My stomach is healthy, though ?」

「Yeah I know。

But just listen to me for now」

「Well……I’m fine with that but…」

「’Kay, listen up」

It wasn’t like he was declaring anything.
He was just speaking really smoothly.

「Is that it ?」

「Yup, that’s all。 You should drink this」

「Senpai、is it okay?」

「It is、probably。 Just a sip is enough」

What’s with this senpai, he’s like some kind of stubborn salesperson.
But even so, I answered him like this:

「Then senpai drink it first」

「Eh ?」

「You can’t ? You yourself can’t drink something you recommended me huh senpai ?」

That moment, senpai’s face turned pretty bitter.
His face was like, full of hate for something he really hates but he still has to eat it.

「I’ll drink。 After this you’ll also drink, right ?」

「I will。 If it’s only just a sip」

「……got it」

After opening the lid, senpai took a sip.

「……hmm、just a normal fermented milk drink。

Just fermented milk drink」


Saying so, senpai handed the bottle with half of the liquid left to me.


Sniffs sniffs……。

Yeah, this really is just fermented milk drink.

There was no strange taste even when I held it in my mouth.

Did he specially manufacture this drink ?

「Thanks、and sorry。

I was thinking about you being in your swimsuit」 [TN: You know, fantasizing and stuff]

「Yes ?」

「See ya。 We’ll attract unnecessary attention if I keep being here」

Then senpai left my classroom.
There was something written on the paper slip of the bottle I was holding in my hand.

(It’s fine if it’s just my misunderstanding, but if it’s not, then you must have been having some tough times, right?
If you think this over carefully, about this memo and the conversation you had with me, then I think you’ll understand; and after this I’m perfectly fine with you taking distance from me.
Your illness may or may not get better after drinking this bottle, but I think I do have confidence in the effect of this thing because I’ve experienced similar cases before. That’s why I gave this to you without hesitation.
However, I also have knowledge of a change about to happen inside your body, so I decided to bear yet another crime and take one more burden of responsibility.
My phone number is 090-FUCK-ME-PL0X.
You can contact me anytime.) [TN: He fed her semen juice and there’s aphrodisiac in it. Also LOL I made up that phone number, originally it was 090XXXXXXX)

Ahh……I can’t stop shaking even though it was supposed to be the hot season.
Normally I’d just label him as a dumbass or a weirdo, but senpai got involved upon knowing everything about me.

Isn’t it fine, senpai.
If I can heal myself off of this, then I’m going to drink until my stomach bursts.
……well, it doesn’t taste bad anyway. I can get used to drinking this.

Gulps gulps gulps……。

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