Curing incurable disease with semen CH4

When the request was fulfilled ※ (Ejaculate in missionary、Deflowering、Younger sister)

「My pussy is good already、I think。
Let’s put Onii-chan’s penis inside、okay?」

After I ejaculated in 69, Fuemi lied down on the bed, spreading her legs
A bit of white viscous liquid was flowing from her vagina hole.

「Yeah、probably。 Fuemi’s fine on the bottom?」

「Un、being covered by my loved one、
Being hugged closely during her first time is every girl’s dream isn’t it?」

「Is that so……then、I’ll put it in」

I just ejaculated, but upon seeing Fuemi’s cute gently-sloping breasts,
and her beautiful vagina, I felt like I could get hard as much as I wanted.

I aimed my glans at my little sister’s undeveloped and well prepared with nectar vagina hole
We lightly kissed.

「Un、become one with me like that、Onii-chan」

At those words, my penis couldn’t wait anymore and jumped, spreading the virgin hole then entered.
It’s different that Fuemi’s mouth just earlier
My whole penis was wrapped by her hot and soft secret precious passage as I completely invaded.


Fuemi gasped with her eyes closed.

「Doesn’t it hurt?」

When I called out to her, she gazed at me with blinking wet eyes.

「Un、it’s fine。 Keep going。
Ehehe、because I practiced this situation countless times。
It feels really natural」

I have no way to know whether or not she concealed the pain.
However I have no intention of interrupting my little sister’s first time.

She opened her slender legs and circled around my hips, she tightened them around me as if urging my penis to go in more.
Her narrow vaginal passage wrapped around my glans,
The moment I put in some strength, my penis went deep inside while feeling something break.

「……hn! Onii-chan、give me、a kiss……」

Responding to my little sister who requested while frowning her face, my chest glued to her nipples while our lips piled.

「Hn……chuu……love you、Oniichan。 I love you so much」

「Yeah、I love you too, Fuemi」 (TN: Oi, you over there, stop reading and call me an ambulance!!!)

As we joined our lips and genitals, I rubbed her soft swelling breasts. I was drunk with the feeling of becoming one with my little sister.

I wonder if I went to the deepest part of her narrow hole
As my glans was squeezed, my brain sent down a sweet and numbing pleasure.

「Hn……that place、it feels good。 Onii-chan。 Do it、faster」

Fuemi whispered into my ear while hugging me with both arms and both legs, not letting me go.
Acting accordingly to that voice and my instincts, I bent my hips, pressing my penis deep inside her vagina and grind against her depth.


Her breaths, her voice, her immature yet smooth breasts,
then her forever tightly clamping vagina.
Everything of hers put me into a trance, I seeked pleasures from Fuemi’s naked body.

「Just like this、it’s okay。 Onii-chan」

At first I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but then I realized that it was about where I would ejaculate.
That moment I realized I never thought about making my little sister pregnant in the first place.
Enjoying my first vagina to my heart’s content, I’ll also pour my semen into the place where love juice and virgin blood were mixed.
I’ll paint this fresh womb as white as new snow.


I called her beautiful name while gluing my penis to her uterus entrance.

「Onii-chan……hn、it’s good、it feels good」

I could only think about pouring into her deepest part.
The smell of her long hair dampened by sweat, and the sensation of squashing her nipples
Waiting anxiously for my seeds, I felt her usterus’ dirty tenderness while vigorously shooting from my glans.

「Aahn、Onii-chan……chuu、nchuu……love you」

While receive the cloudy liquid into her belly, Fuemi continued to hugged my body intensely.
I devoted my whole penis to the shut close vagina, shivering countless times while accomplishing a child making task.

「Hn……Nfufu、Onii-chan。 You know、I’m really happy」

Soon when the rhythm stopped, Fuemi made a ‘I became a mother’ face
She stroked my cheek and kissed me.