Curing incurable disease with semen CH5

Improvement (No ero)

The first night me and Fuemi crossed the line.
We noticed our parents coming home when we were sleeping naked together
I panicked and put on my clothes then went back to my room.

When me and Fuemi and our parents went out to the shopping district during Sunday,
I looked at Fuemi who was licking the delicious-looking soft served ice cream,
I felt unease in my heart as I thought about how long would we still be able to hang out like this.

Then the new week came, Wednesday is when Fuemi has her regular inspection.
After lunch break when I just left the toilet, I received a message from Fuemi.

(Something happened during today’s inspection。
Come to me after school。 I’ll be waiting)

The moment I saw that, I dashed right back to the classroom, I grabbed only my bag and ran to the staff room.

「There seems to be changes in my little sister’s condition! Please allow me to leave early」

Later on, when I looked back on this, it could only be called me jumping to a wrong conclusion because I was in a state that couldn’t make normal judgements.
But the me at this point just heard last week,
from the doctor that Fuemi’s condition was growing worse and we could expect her death.
She finally resolute herself to cross the line with me,
I didn’t want to believe in what’s happening with Fuemi’s body.

I pedaled the bicycle with all my might, I arrived at Fuemi’s hospital with the best record of speed.
I threw the bicycle and ran to the sick room, my face that time
It was more frantic than triathlon sports players.
Or so I heard from a nurse later on.


I threw the sliding door open with vigor and entered Fuemi’s sickroom.

「Eh!? Onii-chan!?
Why now、this time」

Generations different from the free flip phone I had,
Fuemi was playing with her latest smartphone she had in her hands, she was staying up healthily.


「Fuemi? Eeto、you’re body’s not well、or is it not……?」

「Hmmm? It’s the opposite。
Somehow、my inspection today、it’s really really good, it seems」

「Eh、but last week it got worse and you couldn’t move……」

「Un、I’m surprised too!
This week、me couldn’t move、or hurting、
none of that happened。 The Doctor was also surprised」

「I、I see。 It’s good that you’re healthy。
Fuuu、aah my legs are trembling」

「Onii-chan、you’re sweat so much。
Here、you can use this towel」


Using the blue towel that smelled like Fuemi, I wiped my sweat soaked body.

「Even so、you suddenly got better。
Fuemi、you’ve been in the same state for so many years。
I also heard that your asthma got better when you grew up but」

「Perhaps、could it be that because I did ecchi things with Onii-chan?」

「Buu、o、oi。 This is the hospital。 What if someone hears you」

「Fufu、did you get hard?」

「Nope、not at all。
Ah shit、I can’t return to school this late too、what should I do」

「Then play games with me Onii-chan、it’s been a while」

She got up from the bed in a dangerous way
She walked and brought 2 portable game consoles from the shelf.

「What’s this? Hunting?」

「Hn~、that has a big level difference between me an Onii-chan、so let’s play Barrage Shuu」

「Oh? You’re challenging me who can clear Lunatic?」

「Fufun、yesterday、I was able to clear Extra you know」

「Extra is between Hard and Lunatic huh。 Well fine、let’s fight」

「Let’s fight~」

Normally I hung out 2 or 3 hours after school with Fuemi
But today we played until the limit of visiting hours.