Curing incurable disease with semen CH6

My little sister’s friend is a blind Ojou-sama (No ero)

Since then, Fuemi’s healthy days continued.
Because she’s been having this incurable disease since childhood, instant release from the hospital is a no go, there will be follow up days of more observation.

That time, a certain Friday afternoon in the sick room.

「Ano ne、Onii-chan。
In the morning、my friends will be dropping by to play」

Saturday morning of every other week is the day where she can come home once in a while, it’s also the day of prolonged inspection at the hospital.
This week is for inspection. (TN: So she comes home one week and gets inspection the next)

「Oh、I see。 I don’t need to be here then」

「Uun、Onii-chan comes too。 I want to introduce you。
Besides、this is the first person I’ll be meeting……」 (TN: Quick reminder, Un = yes, Uun = no)

「Hm? When you said friend was it on the net?」

「Un、it’s a girl I talked to a lot through voice chat」

I can rest assured for now since it’s not a man.

「Then the meeting time overlapped with my inspection time。
During that time、it’s bad to let her wait……right?」

「I’m fine but、the person came to meet with Fuemi and all、
I don’t know if she’ll think badly of this because I’m the one who’ll keep her company」

「I think that’s okay。
I did talk to her about Onii-chan through voice chat、
I’m the only child so I’m quite jealous、she said」

Desuwa, huh. Perhaps she’s some kind of well brought up person. (TN: So that friend of Fuemi used Desuwa to end the sentence, which as you all heard in anime, usually comes from ojou-sama of old times nobles, modern JP don’t actually use this kind of ending word anymore so MC had to think about it)

「Hmm、well I’ll take up that role then、
but properly talk to the person in question first okay?」

「Un。 Tonight、I’ll tell her when we talk」

Because my little sister is healthy, an online friend of hers will come to visit.
I can’t possibly be not happy about that.

Then Saturday, the day after. A little while after lunch I arrived at Fuemi’s place.

「Un、that’s the hospital。 The room number is 823。
Yes、I’ll wait」

Fuemi breathed out after ending the call.

「She’ll be here soon?」

「Un、just barely before my inspection time……」

「I’ll just talk to her at that time then」

「Please take care of that、Onii-chan」

Then for some reasons the two of us fidgeted while not doing anything much to spend time
and somebody knocked on the sickroom’s door.

「Ah、Yeーs! Please come in!」

When Fuemi’s tensed voice resounded, the white door slowly slid open.

「Good day、please excuse my intrusion」

It was a charming girl with black hair reaching her waist that entered.
Her yellow skirt and thin white underwear emphasized her overall loveliness.

「Ojou-sama、this way。 Please watch out for the door rail」

The person who took the black-haired girl’s hands was, also, a girl but with glittering silver hair.
She had this kind of frill apron-like navy blue western clothes, she respectfully attended to the black haired girl.

「Th、That’s some sugoi people」


When I spoke to Fuemi with a low voice, the two of them arrived before us.

「How do you do。 ……judging from the smell、
there seems to be one man、and one woman。
As you can see、my eyes cannot see。
Please forgive this unsightly aspect of me」

With both eyes still closed, the black haired girl spoke.

「Femii-san and her Onii-sama, I take it?。
I am Florance」 (TN: Onii-sama?! I WISH they would show that kind of R18 scene in Mahouka LOL)

Femii? Well the pronunciation of Fuemi’s name isn’t different anyway
This person is black haired yet her name is so foreign-sounding, I thought.

「That’s her handle name、Onii-chan」

I came to an understanding when Fuemi said so.

「Florance-san、good day。
I’m Fuemii、real name is、Fuemi。 Best regards」

My name is Kayari、
Amai Kayari desu。
Please treat me well」

「Kayari-ojousama’s servant、Sylvie desu」

The silver haired person also composedly bowed her head. Could it be, that she’s a genuine Maid? (TN: Whenever there’s a maid, there’s lewd, I have hope!)
In appearance she’s only around my age.

I said this yesterday、but since I have an inspection soon、
sorry if I disappear all too soon」

「Yes、I don’t mind。
We’ll take out time to talk later。
Meanwhile、I’ll be spending time with Fuemi’s onii-sama」

「Un、Onii-chan。 I’ll leave Kayari-chan to you」


Just when the conversation reached there, Nurse-san entered the sickroom
Fuemi waved her hand to Kayari-san and Sylvie-san then went away.

In the sickroom now is me, the beautiful blind black haired girl, and the silver haired maid.
When I thought about what should I talk about, Amai Kayari-san opened her mouth.

「Fuemi-san’s onii-sama」

「Yes、what could it be?」

「The other day、you had sexual relations、had sex with Fuemi-san right?」


I stood there dead frozen with my mouth opened as is. (TN: Bahahahahahahaha)