Curing incurable disease with semen CH9

The first time a man’s semen reflected in her eyesⅠ ※ (Double Kiss、Double Handjob)

Some time after the dream-like period of time of pleasures when Kayari-san and co. came to visit.
My previous life style of coming to school and Fuemi’s sickroom,
I thought it would return to that.

Pinpoong, my home’s bell rang.
Thinking about whether it’s my parents’ occasional luggage for work or gifts arriving, I went to the entrance.
Today I also came home alone from the hospital, it’s only 7 PM now.

When I opened the door, there,

「Good evening、dear」

In a space where the Sun was sinking, an angel shining of corona has descended, I thought.
It was Kayari-san whose body was being wrapped up in a knitted great bright white one-piece dress.
On her face, at the height of her gaze, a white ribbon wrapped around her. (TN: Blindfold, SM ga kitaaa JK)

「I apologize for the sudden visit。
Would it be alright if I came in?」

Before long, Sylvie-san, who was waiting from behind, respectfully bowed to me the same way a few days ago.

「Y、Yes、please come in」

I was surprised, but I also couldn’t turn them down without letting them hear a reason.
I invited the two of them inside the house. (TN: Then grant them death by snusnu?)

「Ano、I’m the only person here、is that okay」

When was about to go to the living room,
Kayari-san stood in the entrance as is without even taking off her shoes and asked.

「Yes? What is it」

Kayari-san slightly leaned her body forward,

「This blindfold wrapping around my face、
I want you to remove it」

As she tilted her head backwards, my heart race, thinking if she’s tempting me for a kiss.

「Yes……I’m fine with it but」

「Then please」

Trying to shake off the thoughts of recalling Kayari-san’s naked body a few days ago,
I reached out to the knot of the ribbon on the side of her temple.
I pulled the strand hanging from the butterfly tie on the side and unfastened it.
Kayari-san’s long eyelashes and her closed eyelids became visible before my eyes.

「Ah……this is your、a man’s face、isn’t it」

Inside the opened jewel box there were two obsidian stones, my image was reflected in them.
Those pupils weren’t similar to those I saw in the sickroom a few days ago when there was no focus point.

「More than what I’ve imagined、
your face is even more manly and graceful」

Holding my cheeks with both her hands, her moistened pupils drew closer,

「Hn……chuu」 (TN: YUP. This guy is a God, he cured blind with semen)

I felt the touch of her ripen fruit flesh-like lips.
They fully pressed against me for many seconds.

「Chuu……haa。 For granting me lights、
Thank you very much」

Kayari-san smiled with her cheeks red,
it was really cute my chest throbbed and I couldn’t calm down.

「Kayari-san’s eyes……they can、see?」

Leaving the kiss aside, it surprised me when when those pupils gazed at me.

「Yes。 As expected it was your semen、
The fact that it contains something special is undoubted。
……In fact、I would like to receive that semen tonight too、
thus I’d like to ask you for that」

Grasping the hem of her pure white one-piece dress,
a blushing beauty is wishing for my semen.

「Ojou-sama’s eyes are still not perfecting working。
Other people must come really close for her to see。
I would also ask for your kindness。
If you have any kind of desire、I’ll do it all so……」

She suddenly rolled up her skirt, an extremely thin panties different from the other day came into view.
Like this, even if I was some distance away I would still be able to see Sylvie-san’s thin pubic hair and her vagina.

「I too, came here tonight in the mood of offering my everything to you。
This clothing is in fact, a wedding dress to entrust my chastity to you」

Opening the knitted white one-piece dress, she showed me her naked body.
In other words, she entrusted her pure breasts, skin, the vaginal hole that’s protecting the hymen, to me.

「If Ojou-sama’s offering hers、of course I’ll also do the same。
I’ll treat you as my Master、please use this body to your liking」


「Yes。 Kayari-ojousama helped me when I was little。
Then you, the person who saved that Ojou-sama、is no doubt my important person」

Presenting her virgin secret crotch to me,
those were the silver colored eyes of showing loyalty and sincerity.

What I’m being asked for is that, I can release my seeds into the wombs of these two beauties before my eyes as much as I like to.

Suddenly being bestowed such delicious feasts, my penis instantly swelled, wishing for pleasures,
my brain started to calculate in which way should I ejaculate to give the most extreme pleasures.




「This room and bed is where you’ve always rested……」

Inside the huge room that usually there’s only me,
I’m being pressed against the skin of a lovely Ojou-sama and an obedient maid on top of the bed.

「Starting now me and Ojou-sama、
will be embraced by Master here」

「Yes、but if I had to say then、
more than “to do”, I prefer “be done” more」

「As long as you’re happy I’m good with either way、
I want to make you feel good too」

「I too, to make Master satisfied、I’ll do my best……」

「Then I’ll strip your clothes……」

Pulling Kayari-san’s one-piece dress down from the shoulders,
I gently stroked her voluptuous breasts that were being wrapped up in her no-wired bra with my palms.

「Just with the touch of your hands alone、I already……hnn!?」

When I looked at Kayari-san’s pupils that were full of passion, I lost it and kissed her.
Even when I put my tongue in from the beginning, Kayari-san also quickly accepted it and twined our tongues.

「Nnn……nfufu、I’m so happy seeing your face。
Chuu、churu……I decided to see you for my first time seeing a man’s face、
The fact that I can now see、I have not even reported to Father and Mother too。
Nn……nn、nfu。 And thanks to that、I fell in love at first sight with you、
that love can really bear fruits like this。 Amuu……chuu」

I took off Kayari-san’s clothes while kissing passionately,
I enjoyed the softness of her breasts while taking off her bra.
When I reached my hand to her panties, the part at her crotch was already moistened.

「Nfufu。 When I thought about being penetrated by you、it became like this。
My naked body、and my vaginal hole too、will accept your penis」

I rubbed her smooth and wet vagina, massaged her young flexible butt,
while stripping off the white panties.
Kayari-san’s bare skin glued to me without a single thing to defend herself.
Her nipples and slit brazenly rubbed against my chest and penis, stirring up my carnal lust.

「Now then、this time is Sylvie’s clothes」


Sylvie-san’s navy blue clothes that could be said to be her raison d’etre, have already been opened bare.
What’s left is how it’s basically telling me to use my hands to strip her.

「……Master、my lips too…」


Closing her eyes in an unladylike manner, Sylvie-san pestered me for a kiss by holding up her sakura colored lips. (TN: The raw says she holds up her lips like eating…and it sounds pretty shit so I’d just let you people know that it’s there)


Though she raised a muffled voice, she proactively accepted the deep kiss
When I slurped, Sylvie-san offered me her saliva.
Drinking up that nectar, this time it was me who put my tongue and pour my saliva into her mouth.

「Hnnn……*gulp*。 Mwa、sher……hn……I love you」 (TN: Master*, and goddammit LOL)

Being stripped of her clothes, she’s now only in her see through underwear, and her obedient heart.

I stuck to Sylvie-san’s underwear, diligently licking her.
Now with my saliva, her transparent bra and panties can’t conceal her bare skin anymore.
When I pinched her nipples on top of the cloth,

「Ahnn、do you like my boobs?
Master please tease them as you please」

Suppressing her embarrassment, she spoke those docile words.
Spoiling her, I played with both her nipples.

「Now dear、it’s about time we service you」

I couldn’t get tired of touching Sylvie-san’s nipples,
so Kayari-san snuggled in between and pushed me down to the bed.

「Haa……aan……feels good。
The body of the Master who gave my nipples love、
this time I want to be the one making it feels good」

Sylvie-san pressed her swelling red nipples against me.
I received the pleasant pressure from 2 nude beauties on my left and right.

「I want to put you in a daze by the best pleasures from us。
Amuu……chuu……nhn……」 (TN: Femdom incoming? Hopefully not)

Kayari-san covers the right side,
she kissed me intensely while wrapping the tip of my penis up with her hand.
With it being more skillful than last time, her pace made precum come out from my glans.

「Master、please also leave it to me。
Hnn……*lick*……nnhnn……please drink my saliva」

Sylvie-san snatched my lips from the side,
she poured a large amount of warm and slimy saliva into my mouth.
It warmed up my throat like some kind of aphrodisiac.
Sylvie-san puts her hand just exactly on my glans,
and the pleasures increased as she spread precum out.

「Chuu……hnnn……kissing us who are loving you、
which side is better?」

「Hn……Master、whenever you feel like it
please let out your semen。
I’ll continue rubbing it so……hamuu、hn、nn」

I indulged my mouth into the sensation of different lips and tongues every few seconds.
My penis was constantly being squeezed out semen by the girls’ hands crawling around……。

「Nchuu、your face is showing that you’re gradually feeling better and better。
You’re feeling pleasures from my kiss and my hand right。 Hnn、chuu……chuu」

Rubbing her breast against me from the upper-right, Kayari-san guided my right hand to her vagina,
Hot love juice was oozing out, as if using my hand to masturbate,
she rubbed it against her clitoris.

「Master、are you ejaculating now?
Even if you ejaculated our nude bodies would make you erect again to put it in the pussy」

Sylvie-san from the upper-left also guided my hand to her pussy,
then put my finger into her hot vagina hole that was wet with love juice.
She moved my finger to stir up a shallow part of her vagina while matching it with playing with my penis.

「Ufufu、I offered this body to you so、
you can take my virginity any time you know? Nchu……hn。
I’d be happy if you ejaculate using my naked body many times」

Does she understand the vital points of my penis already?
Kayari-san’s way of using her hand now doesn’t allow me to even think of running away from the pleasures,
as if teasing me for as long as she could, she slackened her grip, giving me pleasures.

「Hn……if Master wants to mate after all、
I’ll paint the semen you released on my hand on my vagina。
Putting it into this baby passage that’s wishing for a child、perhaps it’ll be sent into my womb」

Sylvie-san who’s squeezing my finger tightly with her vagina hole offered a terribly corrupt proposal.

「Fufufu、Master’s reaction of always wanting to mate is so manly and splendid。
Please make babies with me countless times tonight。
It’s a virgin pussy but、I think it’s yearning to give its best」



The chain kisses from the beauties and their service on my penis,
Not even know who I am anymore, pleasures welled up.
Absolutely, their naked bodies and their uncivilized narrow genitals,
and being poured saliva into the mouth from both directions,
with those nutrition being prepared, my penis was ready for ejaculation.

「Ahnn、your marvelous juice is coming out」

「Master with that happy facial expression
I too、feel honored」


Even when I reached climax, the two of them still kept up the persistent caressing service on my penis,
I let out an unmanly voice while continuing to send forth sperm.
With the pleasures of leaving my body to the women who I mutually adore,
not just my body but also the sense of security given by joy of sex is also there.

「Hnn、wonderful。 I swear to give your penis love、for the rest of my life」

Even after I already ejaculated, they kept up the gentle caressing on my glans,
I got this pleasant hallucination of climaxing and letting out semen unendingly.

「Chuu……Master、I will also be by your side forever。 Hn……chuu」

With Kayari-san’s holy mother-like smile,
I received a kiss from the faithful to orders Sylvie-san while,
my penis continued to tremble in joy and reported the pleasures back to me.