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Hero Pandemic chapter 82: The truth about Senpai




I talked to myself with a whisper. It was a few days since I safely reconciled with Makoto-kun.

I was immediately overwhelmed by the fact that it was not glamorous. Generally speaking, we lack manpower.

Internal threats have left, but there are still a lot of zombies. Repairing fences and thinning out zombies is always done during patrol.

Makoto-Kun has worked many times for other humans, that’s why he has to take a proper rest at night. Then, it becomes my job to take entirely care of everything at night.

Ai-senpai and Okada-san help and of course, it is a alternation system.

But I also have another job. No, it is a thing too luxurious for being work. Because I´m squeezed empty by pretty girls every day.

Nonetheless, it is extremely tiring to ejaculate five times daily, while doing ordinary jobs. It must be like age……I need to consider it like my hair.


The development of medicine was hard to say. The field fungus was more fragile than expected. That’s already amazing. To be specific, it will die when it touch the air.

Kaede says “It is not sperm”. I think so too.

Incidentally the most effective thing was of course direct insertion, but the next sperm was frozen. It will die as soon as the temperature rises above the normal human body temperature, but it seems to be strong in reverse. ……It melts quickly inside the mouth, so it is far from practical use. Kurumi, who was a tester, was frowning.

“Hmm? I wonder who is up――――ah. Matoba. Don’t you go to sleep? It would be early tomorrow”


A dry laugh goes out. Okada-san is a person who knows the ingredients of the medicine. In other words, she clearly knows what early tomorrow means.

“I guess the men of the world are envy, but……I guess I’m going to use my strength well”

“Is that so? Because I am not over there, I thought you were just feeling good”

It would be inevitable to look at Okada’s chest reflexively by listening to those words. She has wonderful milks which are just ripe. Is not it a big loss of humanity that it is not properly used?

Or from that, maybe she is a virgin……?

“What’s wrong, suddenly becoming silent”

“Ah, no……I’m quite tired because I overstrained my whole body nerves, when I ejaculate”

“Indeed. That certainly happens when you shoot, don’t waste your physical strength so severely”

Okada-san continues to talk conversely seriously while making a lewd talk. No, I am doing the act of rescuing humanity, so it is not a foolish act.

“You don’t smoke, right?”


When I nodded, Okada-san took out a cigarette from her pocket and put it in her mouth. Of course she wont lit it up here, so she goes out on the veranda.

Speaking of it, the sound of a gas lighter sounded in the quiet room.

A wooden board is still stuck to the window, so I can’t see her smoking figure. However, somehow I could imagine the sight of her narrowing eyes looking at the base.

Almost all of Okada´s companions have died……No, there was one person.

The last companion walked in the corridor without making a noise, but when our eyes met, she came here with a small run.

“Oh, it’s Matoba-kun. Alone? What are you doing? Do you want elder sister to be your partner?”

Talking with the flow, Ai-senpai removes her black goggles that had been attached as if refusing the cozy.

Her glowing eyes were not different from those in memory.


I heard a voice through the window. Did Okada drop her cigarette? I couldn’t hear Ai-senpai´s small mutter and she continues to talk in the same tone.

“Recently the temperature has gone up all the time. It’s sweaty even though it’s night, so how……how about showering together now?”

Gon, I hit my head against the window and a dull sound sounded.

“Hmm? Was it so windy? Well, it’s better than that――――”


I squeezes out a voice. I had to stop Ai-senpai to continue.

But it was already too late. I was so helpless that I was asked.

It was a one-sided conversation, but Ai-senpai 、、、、and my conversation. Caracalla……the only glass door that leads to the veranda slides with a apologetic sound.
Of course, it was Okada who returned to the room from the veranda.


Should it be said that it is a pain relief? Okada-san faced Ai-senpai while expressing a complex expression that could not be expressed in words.

Of course, Ai-senpai who thought that she was the only one in the room, of course, short circuited to the sudden intruder. Her movement is completely stopped, perhaps she may not even breathe.

――――When we first met I didn’t notice that Ai-senpai was Hitomi-senpai.

Simply because her face was hidden. But the best reason is that she did not put emotions and words on the table.

She didn’t let me know who she was. From the beginning, Ai-senpai wasn’t trying to conceal her identity when she was alone with me. And the former Senpai was a cute girl who likes talking. ……Although she has aged, the fundamental part has not changed since the past.

However, at this base, she was in the position of a special force member, playing a non-emotional person. More accurately, She is still playing.

Well, in the end, it is only myself who knows the real Senpai――――suddenly, the face or the identity, Okada´s confusion, who had heard the conversation before, will be a tremendous big deal.

Not to mention that, of course, Ai-senpai isn’t the same as when she is playing her role.

“……………………………I have some errands to do”

Wearing goggles quickly, Ai-senpai turned around. Okada-san grabs her shoulders.

“No, that is impossible!”

It was unusual for Okada-san who was always calm to make a tsukkomi in a sharp voice.

Ai-senpai can not be seen because of her goggles, but probably her eyes are swimming like Okada-san.

“You……are you Ai……??”


Ai-senpai acknowledged in a vanish voice. No, she can not do anything in denying it there.

“Did you speak…..? No, that’s not. I know you can talk. I’ve been talking to you a few times. I just……you know!?”

Kuwa, she opens her eyes and grabs my shoulder. It hurts normally.

“N, no……well what a nuance”

“How many weeks do you think it took me to get a voice out from Ai to be able to talk straight to her!?”

“Cho, shaking, getting cold……”

It is rocked back and forth gently with the shoulder grasping, and the scenery accelerates.

“Wa, Wait, ……Calm down!”

Because it won’t end, I grab Okada’s arm and forcibly stop.

What is this. In short, Okada-san is jealous of seeing the stray cat who has finally gotten used to her for a while seeing her tail waving to a person who came afterwards.

So pointing out, Okada gave me a red face with “look in another direction” hitting my stomach.


To the unexpected attack, Okada-san points the brunt to Ai-senpai.

“What’s the relationship with Matoba? Because you were dealing men at the base badly, it isn’t your first meeting”


“Think of it as a flagrant delict”

I think it’s different.

“Well, …….Matoba-kun was……was my kouhai at high school……”

“Your boyfriend?”


“I see, your first love”

“Ye, Yes!? Noo!”

Forgetting about me completely, those two left me. By the way are the two of them at the same age? If they, I should ought to be able to build a good friendship.

And now I’m alone and I do not know when it will be attacked by such unexpectedness as before.

“……The smartest thing in a tight situation is to beat a retreat”

As I muttered, I leave the spot so that.

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