Hero Pandemic after story 2

Hero Pandemic after story 2: Adult Social Gathering



An amber colored liquid flowed down by gravity. It disappears into deep red lips and is gulped down the throat.

When I saw the ice creaking in the rock glass, she shook the titanium bottle lightly to the left and right.

“Ah……sorry. Thank you”

I pour whisky in Okada´s glass who is getting drunk. Her gaze turned to me and not the glass and it was a little uncomfortable.

“Hey, Matoba-kun. I also want a cup of plum wine”

While dealing with Ai-senpai who put her cheek against my shoulder from the right side, I prepare a cider of plum wine this time. The ratio is two to eight……of course the cider is 80%.

“Plum wine, is not it almost juice?”

The time was a little past midnight. The “Secret drinking party for adult only” started in a empty room where nobody was and it began to become suspicious after a few minutes.

“Eh, because it is plum wine, it is a alcohol”

“No well, though it is so……”

It might be natural for the two of them to be drunk before I came, because Okada-san drunk whiskey with ice and Ai-senpai drunk a cider. They have a small resistance to alcohol.

Although there was the incident when Okada-san found out about Ai-senpai´s true nature, but Senpai didn’t increase her words except in front of me. Of course, Okada has forgiven her as she is drunk right now, but there is another person in this room. Is that tension good?

“If you’re so loud, then get out of here”

If you think only of the age without considering her appearance, the person included in the frame of adults is busy beating the keyboard of the computer while saying so.

Unexpected Kaede is a legendary personality and even if she is busy, she would come to such gatherings. She is drinking something transparent……like water…………no, it probably is sake.

“No, is it okay to drink more than that?”

“No problem. It won’t affect my thinking”

Her laughing face certainly seemed like the same as normal times. I’m envious of her resistance to alcohol. If I too drink too much I will expose myself like Ai-senpai.

“Huuh, like that……what are you drinking by the way?”

“This? You know”

II harden unintentionally. Although I’m shaken by Senpai, my sight is not fixed, but……it is no use chewing than that. I did not know what she was drinking, so I opened my mouth to listen again.


“Shut up, tinycon”

Kaede´s face who is saying that is redder than Ai-senpai´s drunken face.

I thought about purging the wound and stop to pursue anymore and reach out for my own glass. The contents is diluted with melted ice, but it is a plum wine.

“Huh? What are you drinking, Matoba-kun?”

“Ah, uh”

I can’t keep my head upright any longer, as Ai-senpai took my glass while my head was turned around and she licked the content with her tongue like a cat.

“Uu, it’s strong……and strange……Matoba-kun drinks Calpis with a stock solution……”

“What kind of leap is that?”

I just drink plum wine so why am I treated like a strange person who drinks Calpis in stock solution?

Ai-senpai is already useless. Go to sleep and let me drink quietly with the remaining adults. Okada-san who has red cheeks stands up from her seat as if she has made up her mind……and she sat down beside me on the left side.

“Today is a social gathering for adults……but don’t make the two of us flirt with you”

Telling me that, Okada-san took my arm and pressed her big chest against it.

……Honestly Okada’s breasts are big enough to see. Her chest is bigger than Shizuyo, but Shizuyo has the biggest among the children.

Shizuyo is the type that is looking thinner, but you will know her big size when she undress……Okada-san´s size instead can be seen without removing the clothes. That’s the difference in fighting power.

And I sometimes get ridiculed as a tinycon, but the breasts should be big as well. Unfortunately a big chest is also few.

……In the end, my consciousness is directed to the rich land next to me.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Matoba. Becoming quiet so suddenly”

“Ah, no……”

Okada-san is tall for a woman and her tone is like a affected by the surroundings. But her breasts are big and even if she hasa little tight face, I can say that she is beautiful.

Having such a person pressing her chest against me and looking at me with an upward glance, there is no reason that I’m not excited. Even when I already ejaculated five times today.


Of course, Ai-senpai who suddenly became deprived of my eyes seems not to like it and groans quietly besides me.

However the other party was bad. The difference is clearly visible because it is the weapon that every woman has called boobs.

Naturally she knew it, so it seems that there is no other choice but to groan.

Still, she knows that she has to do it even if she knows that she will lose. For Senpai it seems that it was this moment now――――Ai-senpai who is drunk gripped by groin from above my trousers.

“Matoba-kun, here also――――eh?”

Her spirit should be admired.

However, I can not do anything wrong with the bad luck. It’s just like a old bow.

Yes, Ai-senpai grabbed my son. My son erected.

“Wh, Why is it so big?”

Even after cumming five times, my son still erects just because of a big chest. I can’t do anything anymore. However, if they’ll ask me for it, I wont say no. This overwhelming reproductive ability is the influence of the field fungi. There is absolutely no way that it can exist other than inside my crotch.

“What’s wrong? Ai”

“Eh, Matoba-kun´s thing is completely erected”


Their gaze goes to my crotch. Of course, Ai-senpai remains holding my pole.

“Ma, may I touch it?”

“Ah, yes please……”

And Okada-san who gets permission from Senpai for some reason also strokes my crotch in the wind like leaning back.

“Ha, hard……Ai…… that……have you seen this before?”

“Eh! It’s my first time touching……and you, Yuuna?”

“Of course I didn’t have……although I´m surrounded by men, they are considerably more concerned than me……is this really entering there?”

“It is thicker than two fingers……it wont enter……”

“It may be tough for me, as I have never even put my finger inside”

………..Haa!? My consciousness was flying to the lewd talk that started suddenly.

If this were other children, my penis would already be in their pussies, but as long as I listen to them, they are like virgins. They can’t be pushed down so easily.

I´m caught between two beauties and they are stroking my groin. There is no way I can endure it when being told that. ……Besides, there are not only two people here.

“Good grief……it’s not interesting to hear about the talk of two virgins inside a spidersweb”

The only non-virgin girl in this room joined the conversation with a slightly triumphant look.

She has a couple of sexual experiences with me and she is like a savior to me now. The only thing that worries me is that her cheeks are more red than when she was “Sober” which indicates that she was drunk however you looked.

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