Hero Pandemic after story 3

Hero Pandemic after story 3: Being a virgin is only allowed for elementary school students – ★




The boiling point of the two people who were drunk suddenly fell together and a blood vein floated on their foreheads.

Both were confused by the word “spider web virgins” said by Kaede who has the appearance of an elementary student.

But as a matter of fact, I can’t say anything because Kaede really has more experience in sex.

“Well, was the stimulation a little too strong for this elementary school student?”

“It, It seems so. Was it too fast for this child?”

It is a non-adult behavior of ridiculing Kaede´s physical feature. But instead of being angry, Kaede response without hesitation.

“That’s right. It’s up to elementary school students allowed to be virgins”

……I feel like I’ve heard something similar, but I’ll stop doing a tsukkomi.

“But unfortunately, I’m not an elementary school student, but a fine adult woman. I’ve already experienced sex one or two times”


“Do not you understand? I am saying that I am a non-virgin”


Ai and Okada are astonished by Kaede. However, the smile is not destroyed from the room.


Ai-senpai is speechless. She will be twenty-nine this year and already thirty next year. She can’t accept the fact that Kaede in front of her has already lost her virginity.

However, she noticed Okada-san who is more resistant to drinking than herself……no, you could say “A possibility” precisely. That means that they believe those words are a bluff.

“Huu……Ai, you will understand when you think a little. It seems that you got a lot of bad sickness to get such damage done”


Ai-senpai regains her energy quickly with those words. But sooner than Ai-senpai opened her mouth……no, faster. My son was exposed.


Ai-senpai raised a surprised voice and fell down from her chair as my son suddenly appeared before her.

By the way I´m not an pervert who took it out so suddenly. The criminal is Kaede.


“Somewhat, is that what you wanted?”

I gave a complaint for the time being, but as Kaede thought by I was hoping for this to happen. Because I was in a erected state I am dying to ejaculate. Before thinking about whether it is my true intention or the influence of the field fungus, I wanted to release it.

“There are also things you say to yourself, is not it something like this? You have predicted words to be returned. ……So let me show you. Adult skills”

When she said that, Kaede squeezes my pole skillfully, which she did quite well, before she spilled saliva on my penis from her mouth.


The part attached with saliva is chilly and cold. Even if the temperature is opposite to the body temperature which is hotter with alcohol, my consciousness goes to the penis.

However, in addition to the feeling of dullness from the alcohol, my lower body which ejaculated five times already isn’t exploding at the same time. Rather I feel pain from having the glans rubbed many times.


However, Kaede looked at me just like an experiment and she didn’t stick to a handjob only but also grabbed the glans with her small mouth.


While enjoying the resistance made by her tongue, her tongue tangles to the extent that the stimulation isn’t too strong. Of course her arm didn’t stop during that time.


In addition to that, she grasps my balls with the other hand to caress it.

It is an amazing advance compared to the mechanical movement of the first time. At that time she was just moving as if she swallowed the tasks, but now she changes her movements exactly according to my reaction.

I felt so relaxed as to whether I should cum soon, before I remembered the two who were left out.



Both are very thirsty and instead of thinking about alcohol, they can’t look away from Kaede´s movements. Her attitude is just like an adult……though no one can say anything, they know Kaede is not a child. Ai and Okada feel a bit strange.

In addition, if you think that we are showing a true blowjob to two virgins, it’s fun not to get excited.

“Kaede, I’m coming”

It is a place where you can scatter the mouth normally without saying anything, but today I declare to bother for the outfield.

Kaede looked like “Its unusual” but it seemed to me her intention and she showed an intense movement of shaking her head up and down daringly.

Of course I won’t be able to endure it any longer, so I will ejaculate in her mouth as it is.


I cummed for the sixth time today and Kaede´s cheeks were filled with my semen. Well it is the first time to cum in a mouth today, but the amount was still unexpected. Kaede had a face that seemed to suffer.

However, this time it is the main objective to show her skills to the two people, so she cannot spit it out at the moment.


In the end Kaede swallowed it down her throat, without even vomiting once.

“……Thank you for the meal”

She would like to drink water immediately, but it is not graceful here? She drinks down the remaining semen with alcohol. It seems that she managed to keep a cool fade as she is experienced.

“Then, next……”

“Eh, yes. ……Its our turn now”


Whose voice was it?

Was Okada-san surprised by Ai-senpai´s and my talk or was she frightened to do all of this too.

Well, whatever it was, I was a little tensed. Of course, I might be able to enjoy two fellatio if everything goes well.

However, compared to the lewd fellatio of Kaede they are still amateurs and it is far from pleasant, but they will possibly be able to improve.

“I, I!?”

Okada-san, who is upset, stepped back. And then I thought that Ai-senpai will move back too, but she looks at me with a determined face.

“Matoba-kun, I will do my best! If I think about it, I didn’t do anything as a Senpai for you since we have reunited. I´ll do it now……!”

“Yes, yes……thank you…….?”

I thought that she was baited by the sense of intimidation……but well, let’s think positively if it is good for getting a blowjob.

“I, I will touch it……”

Ai-senpai took my son that was full of Kaede´s saliva in her hand. When I look at her uneasy face, I remember Ai-senpai from high school.

Ai-senpai seemed to be more adult to me at that time, but still I didn’t think that Ai-senpai from high school would face this kind of imagination easily.

I’m sure Ai-senpai is not aware of it.

As a man, I can not show a part that is not very good, but it seems to be a brief story to Ai-senpai. Anyway I ran away from Senpai. To flee without even being able to let her tell her feelings to the person she likes, there is no such thing as being cooler than that.

So I told her that I want her to be my Senpai with honest feelings.

“Senpai……can you lick it?”

“Huhuu, it cannot be helped……waru……n. its so bitter……”

Ai-senpai stretches out her tongue and licks the semen from my son. It was just a good stimulation for the penis where still a cum shot of ejaculation remains.

I wonder what this sight is, that I have seen in my dreams often. In fact I have dreamed of this act with Ai-senpai before.

By the way, when I saw that dream, was it only Aya and me? In retrospect, I came a long way and made many things.

“Chupo……Matoba-kun, are you thinking about someone else?”

“No, Noo. I remembered…….Ai-senpai from high school days”

“Uuu……well, that’s okay……”

I wonder if it can be said that it progressed so far through such words. But well, I truly was thinking about Ai-senpai and it is not a lie.

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