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Hero Pandemic chapter 85: Threat of alcohol –★★



“May I have it in my mouth next?”

To Ai-senpai´s escalating words, I nodded silently without resistance. Her plump lips touched the tip and a sweet pleasure started.


It was not seen from the outside but her tongue didn’t move at all though Ai-senpai tried to move her head back and forth by imitating Kaede. She seems to be sucking while holding her breath and the fellatio was stopped immediately after a oxygen-deficit.

“Puhaa……haa……haa……Yuuna, change”


If you don’t like it, you don’t need to force yourself to suck it, but Okada-san seems to be interested and she holds my dick on behalf of Ai-senpai. ……I thought that it was more correct to say that she supports my penis with three fingers rather than grasping the whole thing.

“It’s hard……n? The tip is quite resilient……”

When she touched it, the curiosity prevailed and Okada-san gripped my penis with a firm skill. On the contrary, she put her mouth on the glans earlier than I thought.

“Juru……nn, the semen that remains inside……its bitter and simple……I don’t like it”

It is a passive evaluation that she doesn’t dislike it, but the semen is still sucked as she presses her soft lips against my son.


I slightly restrains my waist from moving due to the strong stimulation, but it is unlikely to suppress the emotions that emerge.

I put my hands carefully on her woven hair and stuck out my waist.


Forcibly withdraw the resisting tongue and stop moving at a position where she cant vomit. Okada-san managed to hold her mouth wide open and breathe in, but she immediately closed her mouth because saliva hung down her mouth.

“Suuu……gohoo, gohoo!”

She tries to take a deep breath with her nose, but she inhales the strong smell of a male.

There was almost no feeling that I was sorry, but there was a sense of conquistation that I could feel. Against the act of forcing my penis into her mouth forcibly, the degree of excitement is quite large.

Though I want to ejaculate inside Okada´s mouth as it is, I´m not ready yet and slowly pulled out my son from her mouth.

“Uu……ku, ha, don’t force me to forcibly hold it in my mouth for the first time……Matoba”

While wiping the saliva from her mouth, Okada glares at me.

I shouldn’t make a misunderstanding, Okada says that I should be gentle to her when being passionate. She sucked my penis out of curiosity and momentum.

Well, if I force her she will get angry……so let’s have Okada-san who is drunk drown in alcohol.

“Well……here, you can moisten your throat with a cold drink”


Receiving the glass of whiskey, she gulped it down at once. ……Is it okay?

“Then, yes”

“……What are you going to do?”

When I confirmed that the contents of the glass passed through her throat, I brought my erected penis near Okada’s mouth. Although she has good courage, Okada is weak against a pushing appearance. If it is in the present state she will suck it somehow.

“Continue, continue. Please think that it is a alcoholic drink”

“Such a vile invitation, I hear it for the first time”

I don’t care about the noisy Kaede and concentrate on Okada’s lips. I feel comfortable.

“……Haa. Can I have another cup before that?”

“Of course. Here is another cup”

“Thank you”

When I gave her the glass with the amber-like liquid, Okada received it with a thank you.

Gulping it down――――she welcomes my penis into her mouth that tastes after whiskey.


I did not know what that feeling was. Just hot. It’s just hot.

In order to rescue my son from her hot mouth in a hurry, I tried to pull my hand against Okada’s forehead, but she caught my waist faster than that. Of course, my son invades deeper into her throat.

Is that her revenge? While spilling whiskey from the edge of her mouth, she didn’t let go of my waist.

“Wait, wait, help! Senpai, help me!”

“Ahahahahaha! What is that, kuhu……ahahahaha!!”

I don’t know whether Ai-senpai is out of sickness or whether her head got crazy because she got drunk, because she is laughing.

Of course Kaede was not an exception and she turned her face towards here and was shaking her body. This drunkard.

“Uh, shit……I’m sorry, sorry! Please separate from me――――Uu”

Dobyururuu, Byuuu, Byukuu……ByuByuu


Okada doesn’t know what’s going on, but I just ejaculate inside her mouth.


I guess I got too drunk and my head became blank. I grabbed Okada’s head which tried to get away at last and poured till the last drop inside. It is a crazy ejaculation that seems to be the top two after zombie rape.

Incidentally, consciousness was clear about two weeks.


I smirk the sperm sticking to Okada’s cheek, who stares at me……but it is not clear. Rather, there is no pain and heat as a jackpot and the feeling of being in a mixed state does not disappear, learning a single anxiety.

It reminds me that some of the mushrooms had seeds that would be poisoned by ingesting them with alcohol…….

No, the feeling as if it is always blamed the glans after ejaculation is more painful than it is.


I grabbed Kaede that had been laughing for a while on the floor. It was easy to carry her with her weight.

“St, Stop you tinycon! Stop it! Get――――muguu!?”

Because she was noisy, I put her underwear which was taken off into her mouth and my penis that withered a bit……it’s a bad feeling that there is a sense of consciousness or the like.


“Leave it to me”

Ai-senpai is a special force member so it is easy for her to empower Kaede by getting on top of her.

Is it close to all fours? I seal both hands of Kaede with my own feet and hold both her feet with both arms. Even I could do it, but there is a trick or something and Kaede did not move at all.

“What is this criminal thing”

“Nn! Muuu!”

Ai-senpai opens and closes Kaede´s pussy to inspect it and Kaede still can’t move an inch.

“Uwaa, it’s already wet”

Did she get wet while she was doing a fellatio? Kaede made a sound in accordance with Ai-senpai´s movement. This is enough for Kaede who is used to sex.

Ai-senpai is also ready and opens Kaede´s entrance widely.

“Yes, Matoba-kun, please”

The tip of my son is buried without hesitation. Because it is narrow, Ai-senpai hold both of Kaede´s feet down. It looks like Kaede has already given up as she didnt rampaged.

I judge that it will be okay now and Ai-senpai moved away but Kaede still didn’t resist by merely spitting out her panty stuffed in her mouth. Even when I penetrated deeper inside, there was no reaction.

“……The mystery of a human body”

Senpai who looks at the joining part murmurs as if she is impressed. Okada-san also looks at the joint part and she also leaked a similar impression.

“How’s it going, Matoba-kun? Don’t you feel pain invading into such a small hole?”

――――Unfortunately, there was no room to answer the question.

“Ma, Matoba-san, ha, haya……a bit slower……!”

Kaede who is silent is still involuntarily……the movement just before the ejaculation repeats from the beginning almost.

Because of the alcohol, it was insanely pleasant while I was moving. On the other hand, the heat and the impatience stopped……daring to say that, is it okay to say that it is itchy when insect bites? Although I scratch her unintentionally, it is close to that feeling that seems pleasant during that time.

“Ah, Ah, Ahh……not good……ah, kuu……!”

Has she a orgasm? Kaede strongly tightens her pussy. After cumming a lot today I was already tired and with this tightening which was more pleasant than pain, I naturally spread my semen to the innermost end.


Kaede, which was forcibly squished, seems to be a bit spicy, but since my movements finally stopped after ejaculation, she slowly repeat a shallow breathing.

But when I stopped even during ejaculation, something like an ashful shivering struck me.

“Sorry, Kaede. Can I do it one more time?”

“Wa, Wait a minute――――aaa!?”

From the joint, solid semen leaked out and as I dont listen to Kaede´s reply, I move my waist while ejaculating.

I couldn’t put it out and something like foam was overflowing――――




I realize that morning has arrived unexpectedly by the light that entered from the gap between the curtain.

By the way, when I look around to see what happened……Ai and Okada went to bed as they masturbated and they were sleeping with their lower bodies being naked.

“Are we going to sleep soon?”

Because her eyes were open, I asked Kaede, but there was no reply.


I try to move my waist that is connected with Kaede, but there is still no reaction just a leaking sound from the part that is connected. There is a pulse, and of course, she lives. There is no punch that she became a zombie by consuming my field fungus. To begin with, my field fungus is not such a fungus.

“……Do I also go to sleep?”

I don’t mind staying asleep, but if I fall asleep on the floor my waist may be dead and I won’t be able to do anything. It is the role of a man to at least carry all three to each bedroom.

Once I pulled out my son, semen jumps out like a broken dam. It seems that there is no sound and the momentum has not changed much from my ejaculation.

I have no sense of discomfort in my penis anymore, have I released too much? My lower abdomen is sorely sore. I felt somewhat bad about it. A series of acts mainly done to Kaede.

“Let’s think after getting up”

I thought so carefreely and carried the lying corpses to each room.


――――By the way, I don’t know if I can say it, but all three have no memories about what happened other than me because of the alcohol.

However, it may be that the sense of oblivion by the self-defense tool of the brain was stronger rather than the elimination of memory.

From that day on, alcohol did not line up in the adult gatherings.

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