Hero Pandemic chapter 53

Hero Pandemic chapter 53: Character Introduction


・Matoba Kazuya

Before he could remember, he was training the bow under his grandfather, because he was born in an archery family. His high school was relatively close and he joined the archery club, but he was not able to endure the bullying of his seniors who were jealousy and transferred to another high school. After that, he went to a decent university with nothing in particular, and was working in a relatively white company and lived a rough life. Then one day, the pandemic happens.



・Honjou Yumi

Especially without big mountains and valleys, Yumi lived pulled by her temperamental childhood friend. As she said, she was concerned about that childhood friend and who wasn’t next to her. Relationship is just childhood friends, but often acts together. When the pandemic happens one day she was living a high school life while being exposed to the toughness of the reason.


・Matoba Aya

Because she was the only daughter, she was pretty loved. Born in a general household, Aya is chosen as a reader model to which her mother applied her. Although being a middle school student, with her swimming ability she could go to the whole country. A swimmer and a model, a day when she was worrying about which way she should aim for in her daily life, the pandemic happened.


・Kasai Shizuyo

Born in a very ordinary household. Although Shizuyo is not good at conspicuous things, she is attracted to the archery of a quiet and dignified atmosphere and starts archery in middle school. She continued archery with her little sister who began archery a little later and entered the archery club even at high school. Because her sister was active, there were many conflicts with others and she got the strength of the core to protect her sister. One day, when her sister’s high school examination is on the verge, the pandemic occurred.


・Kasai Kurumi

Born in an ordinary household. Kurumi loves to move her body and stand out. However, after seeing the dignified figure of her feminine older sister, she started to do archery. Her talent wasnt as good as her sister, but she is honest. But since she like to work with her sister, amnesty is not that high. Kurumi wanted to go to the same high school as her sister, while working on the examination exams, the pandemic occurred.


■Side characters

・Yuki Makoto

His study and body movement were roughly the best since he was small. Therefore, he is doing things which are hard for other people to do. He can’t really do anything, but he thinks that he can do anything around because he’s done everything. He despises this misunderstanding a little. One day, the pandemic occurred while still living in response to the expectations of the surrounding area.


・Okada Yuuna

She was raised up with three older brothers and grew up like a man. She doesn’t like to be a woman and is not interested in love affairs. Therefore, there are places where she can be fascinated by lovely women who have something that she do not have. While learning from her older brothers, she went to the japanese self force academy while attending various martial arts. With her excellent brother ‘s guidance, she straight belongs to the first airborne team, which is a special force. Because her direct superior is her older brother, flexibility is a good position.


・Ai Hitomi

Born in an extremely common household. However, her grandparents run an archery field and she training archery since she was a kid. Therefore, although she had confidence in her arms, she realized that she couldn’t win against Kazuya (the main character) at first sight. Although it was somewhat frustrating, she was drawn to his figure drawing seriously a bow. She also fell in love with him.

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