Hero Pandemic chapter 54

Hero Pandemic chapter 54: Ass orgasm ★★



You hear a light sound that the head of a zombie is shot from a place far away.

One, two, three……the sound is intermittent but there is nothing to be cut off, but a little wilting thinking of the number of zombies that will be ahead.

In contrast to such a withered mind――――my son who erected was enveloped in the vagina of a junior high school student.

“……Amm, Kurumi-chan? I want to move soon”

“Not good. It is impossible. Definitely denied”

I want to move severely but I will not be forgiven, trembling with my sorrow as my penis rise.

“Tss……! .Wait for a moment, please dont move……!!”

“No, this irresistible force”

The movement of my penis cannot be managed by my own will. Especially impatient, control is not beneficial in the state wanting to ejaculate soon. First of all, Kurumi, who is saying such a thing, tightens her vagina with a cramp and squeezes it like a handjob.

And while we are flirting in this way, Shizuyo and Aya are hunting zombies to ensure our safety.

“Here, be patient, I have to figure out when zombies will come if we don’t move soon”

“Would it be ok if you find your accommodation today quickly! Why outside, doing this…!”

The great lamentation hidden in her voice is scattered without echoing under the blue sky.

“No, it was Kurumi-chan who said” I cannot have sex in front of other people, it is impossible!”

“Why do you imitate me!? Please stop, if you feel bad!”

Yeah, she got hurt a bit. Surely I am bad.

“……Th, that, that’s why I said outside……”

Mumblingly, Kurumi-chan moves her mouth while dyeing her cheeks red. At the same time, her pussy wriggles.

After all it seems that there is a feeling of exposure and the honey which overflows indeed has become an amount enough to discolor my pants.

Apparently it doesn’t seem to want to admit it because Kurumi-chan is seen. In fact since our first four person-orgy, they refused to have sex with multiple people.

Of course, it is not easy to find a spacious safe area in this city where zombies appear, so if you don’t like sex in front of others, you have to go outside.

So now, Aya-chan and Shizuyo-chan seasoned the mind while saying they secure our safety and we were doing the injection of semen which was daily routine.

But there was one problem. We have been hiding in the shadows and having sex in the past few days, but this is an avenue where a large number of zombies may appear. The shops on the street were blocked, and they were forced to bloodier to act at the center of a spacious road. I can’t control my voice.


Just a few hips thrusts and I released this cheerful voice. Today when I shook my waist, I guessed that I will easily die by attracting zombies all over this area.


When I was worried about it, Shizuyo-chan came back from the front. Kurumi-chan hurriedly raised her butt and pulled out my penis by pushing me. She seemed to bear the pleasure given somehow.

“Zombies are increasing and it’s tough to go ahead, so let’s go back today”

“……Even today?”

More than a week passed since we left the Kasai family apartment, but as today, we haven’t been able to go forward.

There are many zombies, but Aya-chan can kill the zombies unilaterally and the rate of Shizuyo is not so high, but she can hunt zombies safely from a long distance. Together we can do some impossible things when I and Kurumi-chan join.

However, we cannot join the front line unless I cum thrice into her vagina per day. That is what Shizuyo-chan decided, but we weren’t able to overcome this rule so easily so we are protected for now.

Of course, it is a mistake and should be put on the lever soon…….

“That, senpai. You have not put it out yet?”

Shizuyo-chan’s gaze turns to my son’s erection. It is completely exposed because it was inside Kurumi-chan just now of course. Although it was a little cold honestly, the timing was intact without grasp.

“So, Sorry, I will immediately finish”

“Ah, if it can be taken out right now, is it okay to take it out here?”

When I say so in the ease like a business woman, I pulled out one leg from the hakama and rolled it up to the belly, doing it like a skirt. Shizuyo-chan seems not to wear any underwear and her white, soft hips are revealed.

“Senpai, please――――ah, I’d like you to take it out inside Kurumi´s vagina”

No, even if you say please……I thought that the secret part of Shizuyo-chan was wet enough to reflect the light of the sun.

Or can you saying that she got wet while shooting the head of a zombie? Wet! was it like that?

“I thought that it was probably going to happen, so I prepared myself and it’s okay to insert it as it is”

That seems to be it. Then I am relieved. ……What is relief?

“Well, then insert”


Shizuyo-chan put her hands on a light red car and raising her ass.

Stroking her protruding butt, I adjust my son’s position with my right hand. And I entered her vagina with the glans.


The tip buries with a slight resistance.

Shizuyo-chan´s vagina is still stiff and feels like the resistance of a hymen. When she sticks out her waist further, I passed through the part and I pierced to the root in a blink of an eye.


Her pant voice is also somewhat stiff, showing the appearance that she struck with the lightness just before.

I looked at the joint to see if I should wet a little more, but there was no blood dripping.

“Is it okay to move?”

Sex with Shizuyo-chan is the same as with Kurumi-chan, it becomes a tendency to become long inevitably. However, the number of times still does not meet the double digit and her vagina hasn’t been digested yet.

“It’s alright……”

Even if I get the approval from the person herself, I can not move too much.

Moving slowly.

“Hu, ku……huu”

Shizuyo-chan´s expression cannot be seen from here, but it seems that it is still painful to be struck from behind from her reaction.

Shrinking according to herbreathing. This movement is just like Kurumi-chan, probably because they are sisters, so if Shizuyo-chan get used to it, she will feel it deep inside, therefore I keep thrusting slowly.


The charm that only Shizuyo-chan has……I want to touch her big breasts, but it is difficult to touch with the shallow insertion and extraction from the back, so I tried to push forward a little.

“Ee!? Ya, Senpai, where are you touching……!”

Although it was an act from mere curiosity, apparently it seems that it was a weak point of Shizuyo. The vaginal pressure rose as much as she grasped my penis, but the insertion and extraction was surprisingly smooth.

So it’s just wet……Shizuyo-chan has climaxed and honey liquid flows out from her butt so I inserted my index finger.


She immediately swallowed my finger and also tightened strongly so that I will reach my limit soon.

This tightening is completely different, but it will be safe even if it is slightly violent.

“Kurumi-chan, are you ready for it……!”


The elder sister who has her ass played with called out to her younger sister who is staring here with cold eyes. I’m almost ready to go.

“E, Ejaculating――――”

I tried to pull out my penis from Shizuyo-chan and just put it out inside Kurumi´s vagina.


But with such a pretty voice Kurumi-chan hugs me from behind…………

Byururururu!! Dobyu, byu, byu……byubyuu

And I failed to pull my penis out of Shizuyo-chan´s pussy and released my first sperm for today inside her non-resisting womb, while Shizuyo-chan also receives an ass orgasm.

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