Hero Pandemic chapter 57

Hero Pandemic chapter 57: Sobbing ★



Though the condom is carefully removed so that semen should not overflow, it is not so significant if it overflows from the beginning.

The amount is too large.

“I thought it might be something like that, but the amount of semen that Senpai has is very much”

Shizuyo-chan said so while I clean my penis that became muddy with wet tissue. It seems she has come to the conclusion by seeing the semen overflowing in the condom though I was not convinced. Of course that’s correct.

“Hmm, somehow, it increased since I was bitten by Aya-chan.”

“Since you were bitten, if Senpai’s semen is a vaccine, is Aya-chan still involved……?”

I see a daughter who discharges semen that has leaked out from her intestines while making a vulgar sound.

I have a vaccine and I am aimed at zombies. Kurumi-chan who was bitten and Shizuyo-chan who is a healthy person are also subjects of zombies predation, as a matter of course

Only Aya-chan can not be targeted, because Aya is a special――――it is not so easy to answer. Because Aya-chan returned to being a human from a zombie because I gave her my blood.

If that happens I may be a special one, but zombies are targeted me and my sexual desire has increased, since I was bitten.

I and Aya are special existences by chance, because of some phenomena like a miracle……it cannot be denied, but it is not realistic. ……Oh no, I shouldn’t use words that are not realistic in this world.

Perhaps, it is necessary to think. It is just right to think that I´m lucky to have a lot of sex with three cute girls now though we don’t know anything.


Carefully, the spirit of trying to clean every corner is pleasant, but my son who got wilted at the strength of the stimulation erected again, when I was trying to wipe the sperm.

“Kurumi´s charge is complete”

It seems that they still want me to violate Kurumi-chan´s anal after all.

But what am I supposed to do? The two of them had done enemas and cleaned the inside of their intestines.

I don’t have a special disposition like having shit on my son…and the ass is a place I dont want to insert when it is not clean. The same feeling goes to these girls.

“I think there are concerns, but leave everything to us! Please go to your room when you finish Aya-chan´s personal appearance”

As soon as she said, Shizuyo-chan left the room with the handcuffs with pink fur. She probably went to raid Kurumi-chan who is sleeping in her room.

I wiped the buttocks of Aya-chan who can’t move because of weakness and went to the room where Kurumi-chan waited after I dressed myself.

“Huuu! Huuu!”

In the room, as expected, Kurumi-chan who was handcuffed was intimidating, but I was upgrading whether it was different from expectation or something.

“An eye mask……and what is with that?”

“It’s a ball gag”

Shizuyo answered my question quickly, but I didn’t want to answer her honest story.

“NN! NNN!!”

Both hands and feet are handcuffed and the sight is deprived by an eye mask. A ball gag was sucked in her mouth and Kurumi isn’t able to speak.

“Wait, please”

When Shizuyo makes Kurumi-chan crawl on all fours, she opens the buttocks and presents it to me. It seems that she is still willing to let me have this but hole.

“No……like this it will be difficult, is it okay to thrust inside?”

“It’s okay if you don’t insert too far. Just the tip!”

No, it’s not what I said, is it?

“If you take away the first resistance, Kurumi will start to prepare herself with interest”


I don’t understand her words, but Kurumi has denied it.

“Well, if you say that……”

However, it’s not that I’m not interested in Kurumi-chan’s anal virginity. It is rather curious.

The interest does not run out whether the condition is different by the person like this.

I wear a rubber. It won’t fulfill its role of preventing vaginal cum shot, but it is perfect for venereal disease prevention.

“Kurumi-chan, I will insert”

I put a lot of lotion on my penis and push the glans. I was thinking about stopping as well if the resistance is too strong, but because I use a lotion so thinly as to fall down on the towel laid underneath, the glans is swallowed more smoothly than I thought.

“Nnn! NN, nnn!”

Kurumi shakes her head and resists, but I already deprived her anal virginity.

When only the glans were put in and out, before I was aware, Kurumi got stuck in her pillow and stopped moving.

I wonder if Kurumi-chan has begun to feel it in her buttocks as Shizuyo-chand did. I hear only sounds like small crying.

A little more, just a little bit inserting into the interior, there is no big reaction from Kurumi.

Whether she couldn’t afford to support her own weight already, the crawling on all fours stance had been turned downright.


Because her reaction is too thin, I thought it was a panting voice when I whispered into her ear……but it was just sobbing and the eye mask and the pillow became wet and stains.


Kurumi was simply crying.

Well, I got pale. My withering penis was pushed out in a moment.

I look at Shizuyo-chan quietly, who shake her hands and neck sideways. Does she want to say that she doesn’t understand why Kurumi is crying? Or maybe it isn’t bad at all.

Whatever it is, I and Shizuyo are at fault.

I asked Shizuyo to leave, decided to end it and I remove Kurumi’s handcuffs.

But Kurumi-chan rolled herself up and extended her hand to the blanket and never attacked me. That correspondence is reversed.

“Ku, Kurumi-chan”

There is no reply.

“I’m sorry, I got carried away!”

Descended from bed, I kneeled on the floor, but Kurumi-chan doesn’t move.

If this is a game, there are definitely choices available.

Go straight out of the room.
Hold her hands.

Seemingly, the second choice is a gigolo technique. It is effective to leave the room and wait until the storm cool down, but there is a possibility that the positive feelings for me will cooled down.

……After worrying, I chose the second choice.

She doesn’t attack me. First of all, Kurumi-chan is hugged through the blanket. I received a little resistance by her hands, which soon became quiet when I was hugging without unnecessary things.

I tried to gently roll up the blanket, but it seems Kurumi wont forgive me yet.

“I’m sorry, Kurumi-chan. I was mistaken. Sex is only a treatment act, and Kurumi-chan might not have been very enthusiastic, but I hope you will forgive me for just now.

If I think about it… I raped Kurumi, not telling her the reason and never talked to her. Even if my actions are legitimate, the theory of emotion is another. We didn’t have a proper conversation with that sentiment.

“Of course I want to get along well with Kurumi and Shizuyo. But I don’t think there’s any need for sex. ……No, I’m talking about what the mouth says, but I’m not going to be a zombie anymore. Kurumi-chan is okay now, too. It’s okay, so I think it should be like the first time again. It may be impossible”

I apologize for being in tune. But I never apologize for raping Kurumi-chan at that time. There might have been a more correct way, but I don’t think it’s a mistake. Even if I could get back to that scene, I would definitely choose that option.

As a result, Kurumi-chan hates me, which I can accept. There is absolutely nothing to shake.

And Kurumi-chan who heard my words――――

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