Hero Pandemic chapter 58

Hero Pandemic chapter 58: Only one lover now ★★



Timidly Kurumi put her face out of the blanket. She seemed to have removed the eye mask and the ball gag by herself and her wet eyes looked into my eyes.

She looks somewhat younger than her age when crying like this. Ah, I forgot this child is only half as old as me.

I touched her wet cheeks with my hands to scoop up the overflowing tears.

“I love you”

I said it instinctively. When I bring my face close to deceive the embarrassment, Kurumi-chan didn’t run away.

When kissing her softly, she closes her eyelids. Our lips overlap twice or thrice. Kurumi never kisses from herself. However, without resisting, she is accepting this situation while closing her eyes.

It was a vulgar story in such a state, but my son did not erect mysteriously.

Perhaps, surely, I definitely love Kurumi-chan. The same goes for Aya-chan and Shizuyo-chan.

There is a degree of dishonesty and it is a crime in the first place. But it is a funny story that this child is touched because I´m in love with her.

So I try to overlay my lips with Kurumi’s lips so that my feelings will be transmitted even a bit.


It was unclear how long it had passed, but Kurumi-chan opened her mouth.

What? The moment I open my mouth to say something……Kurumi-chan´s tongue invades.


Kurumi-chan disgustedly overrides my mouth that did not respond well to this sudden incident. On the contrary, when she pulled me into the blanket and straddled her waist, Kurumi moved her hips to rub my genitals from above the clothes.

“Unfair……because of Kazuya-san, I became lewd……”

She moves to rub her clitoris against my penis, while our tongues intertwine.

I was confused by the sudden counterattack or raid and my body had been stiff as it was.

“Wai, chu……wait, chu……Kurumi……juuu……chan……!”

I call out to Kurumi to arrange it once, but she only sips my saliva and holds my cheeks with both hands.

“Can I already insert it? Kazuya-san´s penis become so big, my pussy……kuuu……!” 

When Kurumi took out my penis quickly with a familiar movement, she swallowed everything as she couldn’t wait despite the dialogue. Her vagina is suddenly stabbed to the very end and was spreading with surprise, but it is tightly entwined so as to welcome my penis immediately.

The junior high school student´s vagina wriggles as if chewing.

Kurumi is breathing roughly while closing her eyes and trying to deeply feel the existence of my son piercing herself.

“Its entering……deep inside……uh”

Kurumi-chan is grinding her waist while leaning her body against my chest.

Her breath touched my ears, so that I feel a shiver and get goosebumps.

“Where did you learn that……!”

Kurumi took off her clothes with a smile and exposed her small chest, while I push up her uterus somehow to counter her. Next she takes my arms and touches her chest, before she continues to move her hips back and forth again.

“I after all……I like it so much……! Hakuu……but it’s good to be like lovers, ……now that is……I hope you won’t do that again……”

Lewd water can be heard.

Kurumi reveals her feelings.

After all, I and Kurmi-chan seemed to think the same thing.

I wanted Kurumi-chan to forgive me and she wanted to forgive me.

But there was no time and courage to mention it. I was thinking that I was not in a position to say such a thing and Kurumi-chan didn’t know herself. Her body has been piled up to be swept away.

But it seems that everything has exploded by my words.

There is no need to have sex for treatment and it’s not strange to have sex with your lover. On the contrary, it can be said that it is natural.

“Nhu, it’s getting bigger, Kazuya-san”

My son is bouncing in spite of being alive. Kurumi-chan tells me more in detail whether she didn’t mind it.

“Kazuya-san’s adult penis……ah, inside me……its trying to fertilize me……!”

There is no reason not to spread as a man to the word fertilization while pleading for semen. Kurumi has heart marks floating in her eyes, the reason for it has been knocked out.

However, even if I restrain the rest of my life, I will not make the same mistake twice.

“Kuu, rest assure, Kurumi-chan. I wont do anything that you dislike……!”

Enjoying the lover sex until the end, I pull out my penis by pushing my hips.

And although somewhat lonely, my son exposed to the outside trembles――――

“Cho, Kurumi-chan!?”

――――before I buried it again into Kurumi-chan´s pussy.

There was no reason to be able to endure the stimulation because I was at the limit of ejaculation of course, that’s why I vomited my semen with a dash into Kurumi.

While ejaculating, Kurumi-chan is moving as if she carries my sperm deep inside. It is a movement that I can not think of a girl who dislikes vaginal cum shot.

“Is it still bad……what do you do? Can I do what I like Kazuya-san?”

“No, no……more than that, I came inside, but was that fine……?”

Saying that, Kurumi caressed her belly slowly. It makes me feel as if she is happy about a child in her womb.

“It’s not good. I’m a junior high school student…? I’m already used to sex, but I’m scared of having a baby. ……But there is no one who gets angry, and Kazuya-san……you will protect me, right?”

I could only nod. No, it’s not that I chose not to have only this option, but I could only shake my body and neck lengthwise.

“Then, I feel relieved. There is no problem”

And then, with her hand on my chest, she shakes her hips again. The lewd sound that increased by the semen which leaked out can be heard.


Because I felt a glance by chance, there was Shizuyo-chan who glanced here from the gap of the door. Her eyes are asking as if everything is okay……therefore I nodded to say yes. No, I’m in a lot of trouble because of her.

Kurumi-chan also noticed Shizuyo-chan by my gaze and hide her chest, but her lower body can be seen because we are facing the door.

“O, ne, e, ch, an〜?”

“Well then, I’ll disperse the annoying bugs. Please flirt a lot the two of you”

Shizuyo-chan said “I do not know such a thing or be a hindrance” and grasp the scruff of Aya-chan who tried to enter the room……and run away.

“……That elder sister……”

Kurumi-chan holds her forehead while twitching her mouth. I wonder if she piled up anger because of her sister. But she cannot really get angry because its her elder sister.

“The truth is”

That’s why I taught her. Shizuyo-chan is still a virgin in her butt. The helpless feelings can be at least consumed even a little.

“……I heard something good”

Kurumi-chan smiled.

“But let’s do that next time, right now……”

At the timing, when she tightens her vagina, she will have a very naughty and pretty smile, contrary to the earlier junior high school student’s smile.

When I looked at her and raised Kurumi´s upper body, I kissed her and lie down on the bed.

As Kurumi-chan says, now I think I will love her as my lover.

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