Hero Pandemic chapter 60

Hero Pandemic chapter 60: Finger on the trigger




After having a Shizuyo-chan handmade breakfast, the four of us were having a strategy meeting.

“The zombie corpse that Senpai found yesterday wasn’t blood dry yet”

“Ah……there is no doubt that there are humans. I wonder why they bother to come to this troubling place?”

There was no answer, but I could imagine some.

After the university……there is a base of the SDF though it is quite apart even if I say so. So to get there, we could have killed the zombies that came across from this side like us.

Or maybe the zombies are gathering at that university because there are people, and they could have killed the zombies they came across in the midst of scouting or catering.

……The worst pattern is that the SDF base has not played the role as a base yet and the person who escaped from the other side to this side could have killed the zombies that came across the road.

“Is it a person who lives originally there?”

“No, I can’t deny what Kurumi-chan says, but I think it’s almost impossible. Kurumi-chan if you were the person himself, do you think you’ll live in this place?”

“……I don’t think so. If there is no gun, then it’s impossible”

It is certainly not impossible if there is a gun, gunfire will call the zombies who are a lot in number. The zombies that were dead had been beaten to death in blunt. Of course, there is a possibility to hit and kill them by not using a gun as much as possible, but if you squeeze it out there, it becomes anything.

And if you’re using a gun, it’s better to have a corpse lying around.

“We have Kazuya-san and our bows so we are save!”


It is very difficult to find a person who is seriously hiding. Even if the rule is decided by hide and seek, it is hard to go forward while continuing vigilance while not knowing where and what kind of person there is. The thread of tension is broken somewhere, off guard, and it is the end if someone is caught by any chance.

Imagine. Someone with a weapon captures one out of the three girls. Telling me to throw down my weapon if I don’t want to be killed.

No doubt I will obey it and will be killed as a matter of course. And, the three girls are played with.

But I have to compromise somewhere. If it is not so, Aya and Shizuyo-chan will have to stop going out alone without me. I must be alone. I am afraid that it will be the best. It is undeniable that I’m accustomed to this world honestly.

I knew that I was scared of humans, but I seem to have forgotten it because I didn’t encounter one.

“……Senpai. Let’s go scout that place again. And if you decide to go any further, it should be fine”

After all, according to my words, we were going to go scouting for that place again.




Someone leaked the feeling of this moment, but I’m not sure who said it or whether it sounded as if I was hallucinating.

The factory entrance was filled with dozens of zombies.

“That’s impossible. Lets return today”

It is not as hard as it is to push away that number. Although it certainly came out, although it is uncomfortable to go home without fulfilling anything, it is not necessary to just go to the dead ground alone by that.

Everyone was in favor of my opinion and didn’t disagree. Kurumi-chan would have dropped her little shoulders.

“That’s right. We have to hurry――――”

And a dry sound sounded. A pop of gunpowder that sounded like a cracker. My body becomes half sitting in the reflection and three girls are lying on the ground.

There was definitely a gunshot.

“Senpai, now……”

“Ah, a gunfire. For now let’s go”

I panicked and hid in the shade of a near car with everyone.

“Wh, what do we do, Kazuya-san”

“Calm down. I heard only plosive sounds, so it did not aim at this place and there should be a short distance”

I would have heard the sound of bouncing bullets near me. However, the thing that I didn’t hear is that the bullet did not fly toward here. The pop sounds are so far from the sound, it should be a little away from our place.

However, it can be said that it is a near place to hear the firing sound.

We should get away from here as quickly as possible. I know that. However, there is only a part of people who are able to have a gun in this Japan.

There might be a store which deals with shotguns in Tokyo, but the bullet in that case was different. The sound was small for a shotgun or it was a light shot. Like the handgun I used at that time.


“Wait a moment. I will think about it now……!”

I’m not familiar with guns, and if you take a police gun, then ordinary people can be armed. So maybe I shouldn’t make a vague decision.

Still, I have a bad feeling about it. I feel like I can hear the appeal of the past again.

Once you’ve given up, how do you become the hero of the story?

Should we head back here? Or should we check?

……No, it is good if I am a hero for these three girls. It is a goal, and it is not necessary to become a hero if it is possible to defend these three till the end. It may be that they are not asking for help in the first place.

Instead of being cornered to use a gun, they may be enjoying hunting as a gleefully.

If the former, you will be saved by saving a person in need. There will be several live birds in the streets where countless zombies are living. And the latter……it is likely to think of as many worst endings as possible. There is no need to put these two on balance.

That’s why, I’m here.


The moment I tried to answer the question, Shizuyo-chan gently grasped my hand.

“We will obey Senpai, so please don’t make a decision that you will regret later……I know that Senpai is a kind person”

“That’s right, I don’t mind the bad part of Kazuya-san will regret or match his painful eyes……I don’t mind……I will not dislike you even if you say something selfish……firstly, how can I hate Kazuya-san when I didn’t hate you at my first-time experience!?”

Shizuyo-chan wears a smile and a expression full of compassion, so that I don’t know what she wants to say from the middle. Kurumi-chan has become the opposite and shows her feelings. And Aya, she just throws a glance of just saying, “I’ll affirm everything” without saying anything.

Should I say that it is purified? I felt like I was rind perfectly clear.

It was ruined not only the town but also my mind because I killed and live on now. I was broken only to pretend to have kept sanity though it was a meaning in living as man because it was such time.

These three girls healed me who was a piece of junk.

“Go to help people who might be in trouble…. It’s natural, right?”

In the past when I felt like that a long time ago……I was rescued by a young man on that day when I realized that mankind had been hopelessly defeated. It is good to return the kindness of the time to someone who might be important. I’m going to turn around and return to help. Like at that time.

“Good, then the three of us are going to help them, as quickly as possible, without making a sound. Never rush, it is forbidden!”



I moved my eyes from those three who nodded in desire and turn to the crowd of zombies.

“Aya-chan, please give me the key. If I give you a signal, open it at once, and I’ll get the closest ones in order”

Aya-chan makes a thumbs up and went to the door first. The key is already passed.

“We attract the zombies and hit them to secure the path, let’s pick up the arrows later”

I camouflage the hood of the car lightly when I told the strategy easily. The zombies react to the sounds of the van and the surrounding area and come to this side. The zombies in the vicinity of the door did not hear the sound or even turn a glance, but Aya-chan quickly cleared up everything there.

We also shot with our bows.

Although we are careful that the zombies does not become a straight line, the concentration increases extra because Aya-chan is ahead. We can never fail.

“Alright, it will not be long. Run”


Running at the head I released a number of arrows, who will shoot through the heads of zombies that are at a distance that is likely to be grabbed by chance.


“Yes, leave it to me!”

The two sisters preceded and the zombies approaching were defeated by one piece. It takes a little time to roll the chain and attach the padlock, but it’s a bit too close to the zombies.



These two who might have come out of the door cover me from behind, but the wind sound that beats the eardrum cools the liver. It is necessary to believe those two and the body secretes a cold sweat with fear.

“Alright, stop. That’s enough!”

I also went through the door at a dash after confirming that an arrow flew out of the back. It is Aya who locks it thinking about the emergency, but the time seems to be enough, and the zombies were still ten meters away even if the lock ended.

“Everyone, just to be sure, don’t even leave from here. I’m afraid to leave, but it’s scarier to know everyone’s position, so let’s move away…..I will never forget the safety check and promise not to overdo it.”

I take the vanguard with their consent. Aya, Kurumi-chan and Shizuyo-chan were coming back in order.

Pipes and tubes have been spread all over the factory, and the four of us are moving apart as much as possible. Although I was relieved that the intention had been neatly transmitted, we advanced ahead.

The firing sound is ahead or on the campus of the university. It might be within the factory, but it is not possible to be alert because it has been heard from a direction at least.

When I was thinking about how to invade the university campus, I heard a sound like a conversation. When I stop, the sign that my three girls stop their movement has been transmitted in the back.

Slowly moving forward while hiding in the shadow of a pipe.



Gradually the sound becomes clearer. It seems to have been a human conversation. I heard a slightly intense, angry voice and a resounding voice.

Are they squeezing something……?

It’s a bit reckless to stick my head in the trouble of someone with a gun, without knowing anything. To get a little bit more information, I put my back on the wall and slipped my head out. And then,


A goofy, surprisingly distracting voice leaks out of my mouth. The voice was so stupid that I couldn’t even block my mouth with my hand. Who would think? In a place like this.

Makoto-kun is pointing a handgun to Yumi-san.

At least I didn’t anticipate it at all and I was staring at Makoto who just put his finger on the trigger.

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