Hero Pandemic chapter 61

Hero Pandemic chapter 61: Separation and reunion



I want it to be some kind of joke. That was my true intention inside my heart.

Cause would be so? I bet my life to help Makoto-san, my life benefactor and that girl who is the heroine of the story……Honjo-san. As a result, I lost the bet and was bite……well I noticed later that the card I drew was the Joker, which is like a miracle.

I surely died at that time. For the two of them……there is no regret.


Honjo-san was crying. My eyes, confident in good eyesight, cannot overlook the drops that fall from her chin.

Why is that so? What is happening. ……No, there must be some reason for Makoto-kun.

That Makoto-kun. Makoto-kun, who helped me carefree walked through the city without knowing that the pandemic was happening, was not going to make a mistake. I was an outsider from the student group, and I could only pull my legs and they helped me who was an old man.

When I was in high school, I was just looking for a helping hand that didn’t show up but it appeared on that day. I have not forgotten the impression yet. It is the help of tens of thousands of years. It might be exaggerated for others, but there is no such a thing at all.

So, let’s wait for Makoto-kun’ s response. His judgment is the answer.

――――I thought so.


I pulled my bow and shot an arrow.

A moment later then my arrow which left from my hand, a gunshot echoed. Honjo-san slowly collapses.

“Don’t move!”

Immediately I prepared a second arrow and aim for Makoto’s forehead. Makoto-kun stared at me hatefully after a glance at the gun that fell to the ground. The back of his right hand has an arrow pierced through.

“――――Matoba-san, you……you are on time, are not you?”

Before asking the meaning, Makoto continued his words.

“……I hear from Yumi that you died?”

I don’t answer the question and look at Honjo-san lying down. ……She is bloody. However, if she is shot, the amount of bleeding is small. That is not her blood. In other words, it looks like I was in time. The released bullet did not punctuate Honjo-san and flew to another place.


A familiar child breaks in between me and Makoto. He had a remarkable sword in his hand.

“Please dont move”

But before I returned any response to the child, Shizuyo-chan, who emerged from the shadows, drew her bow and told so. Apparently, there was only one handgun in the student group.

Kurumi-chan and Aya-chan were still hiding without giving up the advantage of not being known.

“Makoto, what is going on……”

Makoto doesn’t answer. I bite on my lips and clench my fist strongly with the arrow in it. Naturally, blood is overflowing and dripped down.

“Makoto-kun……why did you shoot?”
“……Look, you do not understand? Yumi has been bitten, so she cannot be saved anymore”

I turn my attention to Honjo-san, who collapsed. What seemed like a conspicuous trauma is not visible from here, but because Makoto-kun said she was bitten. How…. That’s what I think is special.

I can’t believe her constitution. The important……is to let her drink my semen if it is true……it is unthinkable to normal common sense, but there is a witness here.

Kurumi-chan who was also bitten didnt die because of me. In this case, it would be better to speak honestly.

“Calm down. Lets talk――――”

“Don’t move”

But this time Makoto-kun dominated me with his eyes.

“What are you going to do now?”

“No, no, listen to me! We’re not going to be hostile. I just pulled an arrow to protect Honjo-san, so……!”

There is not a fragment of hostility that I feel from Makoto-kun. In fact, the situation is deteriorating.

“……I said it is already too late. Matoba-san, you hurt Yumi and drove her to death. I’ll never forgive you”

When he says so, he turned around and walks to the gate, while saying “Let’s go” to his puzzled classmate.

“H, Hey! Makoto!?”

He did not pick up the fallen pistol, nor gave me a glimpse. With an arrow stuck on his left hand, he should have severe pain just by moving. However, the zombie on the gate seems to have been defeated and Makoto-kun gave instructions to his comrades.

The gate, which seemed to be broken, regained peace and is overflowed with countless dead zombies.

Makoto does not look back to the end, but only the wrath and hatred of the other children can be felt.

“……Senpai, that child”

“Ah, yes”

I forgot Honjo-san, but when I checked her there was no noticeable wound. It seems that she has been bitten and it is necessary to treat her quickly.

One month……No, I touched Honjo-san´s body two months ago.


Her upper body is raised and the head is supported. I comb her hair that hung to her face away, while Honjo-san opened her eyes faintly.


“Yes, it’s been a long time, were you doing well?”

It may not be necessary to ask a child who has just been bitten by a zombie, but I didn’t know what the topic should be.

Honjo-san did not return my question, but closes her eyes as if to confront reality. It should be strange that she is alive because she was aimed at with a gun and lost consciousness after a gunshot. ……I thought.

When she opened her eyes again, Honjo-san uttered an unexpected line.

“So……I’m dead, right?”


By the way, Makoto said earlier. He thought I was dead.

Certainly I was bitten by a zombie……well, I will be dead, in the present world. Actually, Honjo-san also thinks I’m dead, therefore she seems to recognize that she is here in the afterlife.

“……Matoba-san, I finally met you”

“Yes, it has been two month”

I keep talking while worrying at what timing I should deny.

“Two months…it was long……. I worked hard to see Matoba-san. I left the base and this far……I came halfway……”


Is Honjo-san feeling extremely tearful? No, that’s fine, but wait for a moment. She left the base to see me……?

“Emm, Honjo-san? You left the base? No, Makoto-kun? That?”

A question mark comes to my mind. I bet on my life to reunite Honjo-san with Makoto-kun?

“That? You didn’t see it from the sky, Matoba-san?”

“Ye, yes. I’m sorry”

What is the sky? I thought about it for the moment,before I responded.

“I love Matoba-san”

“Th, thanks.”

“I became useless without Matoba-san. So I came to see you. Therefore I escaped from the base to meet you”

Indeed, there was pride that Honjo-san certainly might have thought of me more than a little. Still, I thought it was a state like stockholm syndrome in the hesitation of a temporary feeling. So, I was thinking that if she met Makoto, she would remember her previous feelings and if she had a safe base, her mind would settle down.

“……? Do you want massage my breasts?”

I silently said what I misunderstood while staring at the face of Honjo-san. ……oh, by the way she was such a child. She was a child who was different from Shizuyo.

“No, no, I will stop now”

I might confront it later, but let’s leave now. Three people who do not know this story silently ask for explanation and Makoto-kun has left without reforming the gate. It is not amusing when zombies comes.

“Beyond that, Honjo-san, you will not run away now? I think we need a safe place to celebrate the reunion”

“Run away……? Why――――ouch”

The feeling came back gradually and Honjo-san frowned. My eyes go to the tip of the pain……ah, this looks painful. The skin is labia, and the flesh is seen. No worries about zombies or being bitten by a zombie, my semen doesn’t correspond to any other symptoms. If she doesn’t get the treatment, it will be bad.

“E, why…… I, I……! Matoba-san……!!”

Honjo was brought back to reality at once by the pain, and therefore what was not understood somehow. She hugged me as if she were afraid of disappearing from the pain. There is a force of painful squeezing.

“Calm down”


Therefore, I snatched a kiss to make Honjo-san relieved.

Just a touching kiss. My tongue did not get involved and the power had gone out gradually by rubbing her lips. When I see that she has completely lost her weakness, I release my lips and look at Honjo-san again.


Honjo-san blushed and gently put her finger on her lips.

Eh, what a first naive attitude……on the other hand, I, I noticed it at once. I noticed.

The kiss just now is my first kiss with Honjo-san.

Maybe it was the first kiss for Honjo-san. …… Of course, my penis is excluded.

“This……a dream?”

“No, its reality”

We kissed again.

“That……it might be hard to believe, but I’m still alive. It’s not a dream”

“Matoba-san… I’m happy even if it is a dream”

She closes her eyes with charmed eyes. Therefore, it is not a dream.

“――――Ka, Kazuya-san. Who is that?”

Kurumi-chan appeared to destroy the illusion of Honjo-san. The sudden intrude and the voice of Kurumi let Honjo-san open her eyes. Eyed if you say more accurately.

“Kazuya…………Matoba-san, who is this girl? Your sister?”

The battle between Honjo-san who does not recognize the reality and Kurumi-chan who casually shows off her advantage is now cutting the fire ――――looking at me as the point of the attack.

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