Hero Pandemic chapter 62

Hero Pandemic chapter 62: Fox and cat



“I’m his lover. Hey, Ka-zu-ya-san”

Oops!? The super special move explodes from the opening!? This is scary! I cannot see the face of Honjo-san――――it hurts! It is clenching! My flesh is scooped!!

“Uhuhu, she is a local wife. You know that cheating is also a man’s worthiness, therefore I will forgive you……but you already have me……right?”

The face of Kurumi-chan who was treated as the local wife changes to wisdom. I saw that moment. What a thing. I looked at Shizuyo-chan’s face……and she had a great smile on her face. A big grin in this situation because she is enjoying it more than anyone else.

I see……Shizuyo-chan loves romantic animes……a real fighting scene! I wonder what the frame of mind is.

Hahaha……I cannot escape from reality. We should leave here before we can escape into a fantasy world. The decision is by no means a move to escape. Surely.

“Look, I’ll introduce everyone later. ……I have to take care of Honjo-san now”

As I said so, Honjo-san looks down and Kurumi-chan clicks her tongue. It seems to be because I have to carry Honjo-san. It is a definite matter that I have to pour my semen in the inside of Honjo´s vagina though there is a misleading expression.

“Senpai, but behind……”

Shizuyo-chan who returned to a tentatively serious expression raises a concern matter. That’s true. We’re left with a horde of zombies. Makoto-kun cleared the front, but played a role of luring other zombies here unintentionally.

We brought some baggage, but I don’t want to roam around unknown areas with this number.

What to do……when I thought about it, Honjo-san graped my sleeves.

“What’s wrong?”

“Emm, I know a good place”

According to Honjo-san, there seems to be a research institute in this basement. There seems to be food and abundant water for this time even for this number, as well as beds and a shower room. Even though that alone is enough equipment, there is also a doctor there. I feel a little turbid, but I wonder if it is a strange type doctor. There is no change what is encouraging anyhow.

“Perfect. Thank you, Honjo-san. I’ll ask, but is it okay for us to go?”

“Of course! I’m glad to help you, Matoba-san……”

Saying such pretty things, I kissed Honjo as a reward, who closed her eyes. Even though the surrounding temperature drops and the cold weather is felt, the body temperature of Honjo-san rises and is offset. Calm down, everyone.

“Well then it’s a row……I and Honjo-san are at the top and everyone else behind us as usual”

Everyone nodded uniformly, while Honjo-san caught hold of me with a smile. Although it would not be bad, I thought that Kurumi-chan would also going to do it, but she looks rather like a winning figure. Moreover, there seems to be considerable leeway, so did not bother to mention the reason.

However, if that happens, it is a matter of contrary, as expected, Honjo-san opened her mouth irritatedly.

“What, emm……”

“I am Kasai Kurumi, so it’s fine to call me Kurumi-aneesama”

“Hello, I´m Honjo Yumi. ……So, Kurumi-san, what is with that strange triumphant face?”

“Oh, you noticed. I’m sorry, it is too funny……excuse me. You look so poor and your facial expression is loose”

Honjo-san has never been criticized before by someone younger, so she is speechless. Frankly, I’m also stunned, but I wonder if this is a female fight?

If you look at the other two looking at this exchange, Shizuyo-chan is still enjoying this and Aya-chan seems uninterested in playing with her nails. She didn’t like the roundness of her index finger nail so she used the file with utmost effort.

“Is that the person, who is jealous not to be chosen by Kazuya-san?”

Honjo-san says so, because of anger. At the same time the power to embrace my arms rose. That’s why it hurts.

“Elected? ……Because there is nothing that can be done, why is it that I´m only chosen by an elimination method?”

“Naa……!I have an important role to provide a safe place and guide you there!”

“A safe place……it was a research institute, right? That means that there is a doctor……that means that it is a place that a person owns or a place where the person has rights right? Well, there was no words from Honjo-san. Surely, she is a “Female fox borrowing the power of a tiger” or something else”

Kurumi-chan emphasizes the female fox. To be precise, a fox borrowing the power of a tiger.

It is not retorted immediately whether there is a little indebtedness in Honjo-san, who groan and stares. In my point of view she only assists in guiding us.

The relatively mature Aya-chan and Shizuyo-chan´s evaluations are rising, but the two who do not even know are fighting with each other.

“If I were a female fox, then you would be a cat thief! I was just a while separated from Matoba-san!”

“I do not think you’ll leave if he’s really important for you!”

“Well there is a reason for that――――”

Dang. A sharp knife stuck to the ground as if to end the quarrel between those two.

Of course, the knife is not from Shizuyo-chan or me but from Aya-chan and the two quarreling girls became silent. It was a serious thing if it mistake one step. Of course, I who was holding Honjo-san would be affected.

“A, Aya-chan……?”

Kurumi-chan glanced with an timidly complexion at Aya while swallowing her saliva with a sound. Aya-chan, of course, did not answer, but pointed towards the gate.


It’s just a coinciding, but there’s a zombie. It seems to have heard this commotion.

In a word, it is a matter of time that the zombies who lost sight of food come toward here because Makoto-kun is away and noisy voices come from here.

“Hey, both of you, please do not forget your role”

Let’s stand up and draw the bow. When I shoot the head of the zombie quickly, I found out that Honjo-san´s line of sight was flickering. By the way, I have never shown my bow skills to Honjo-san and I feel like I didn’t even say that I was doing archery in the first place.

“Let’s talk a lot later, my situation and everyone’s matters”


Let’s walk next to Honjo-san, and go ahead while always wary as usual. It did not become a nature to fight after that in this situation indeed, and Kurumi-chan was fulfilling her duties without having to fight.

“Here it is”

We advanced and walked into a back alley. That road with a sense of déjà vu――――was exactly the way I came here.

I was not conscious because I was following the guidance of Honjo-san, but I thought that only the scenery which had been seen by reason. And on the road to the destination, there was the zombie corpse from yesterday as well.

“That’s why it was so vacant”


“I’m sorry, I’m just talking to myself”

New in my memories is the shattered knee of the right leg. …… So, was that corpse also related to Honjo-san? I think that I had a near mistake when I thought so, I think that it was okay not to make any mistakes.

“The only way is to get down from here and walk to the university…………”

In front of the manhole with a gaping hole, Honjo-san solidified. There is a lid right next to the hole. I wonder if Honjo-san was transaction which leaves because it was half blocked yesterday.

“Well then shall we get down here?”

When I asked Honjo-san who had settled in the middle of the explanation, she looked pale just as she shook her head.

I, I……I was bitten here. That’s why I came out of a different place today. There were zombies underneath――――ah, why did I forget? ……Sorry……guu……it is not good anymore”


I am startled of Honjo-san, who suddenly began to shed tears.

Apparently there seemed to be zombies under this and it seemed that Honjo-san blamed herself for forgetting such a thing.

Too many things have happened, and a temporary memory disorder might have caused it too. But that’s not the fault of Honjo-san.

“Do you know how much are below?”

“I am sorry…. I don’t know……I think that it is full”

Although I might offer an handkerchief quickly here which are in my rucksack, I´m a adult man, so I have no choice but to hug her and let her tears suck into my shirt.

“Aya-chan, can you go?”

Aya-chan nodded strongly to my question.

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