Hero Pandemic chapter 64

Hero Pandemic chapter 64: Happy end at the end of the fog



“The left side is still good, we will be shields, so break through forcefully”

There is no reply, three people stare at me just as not to overlook my movement at the end. It is a place where I want to hug everyone for parting, but we don’t have much time anymore. The zombies are right there.

“Well then――――”

There was an electronic sound.

Suddenly, I remembered a old movie I saw. Trauma is also a trauma. The aftertaste is so bad that it can be said as a trauma during a trauma and even after ten or more years it can be remembered vividly.

Although the situation is different, the hero decides to be driven to such a state. He let his sons easily die. But the hero who killed his sons and survived alone is a monster……in this place help comes when we surrounded by zombies.

If the rescue had come a little sooner, his sons would have survived. If he stopped committing suicide till the end, everyone would be saved…. This is a movie with a bad aftertaste.

It remained somewhere in the corner of my head. I did not give up to the end. I stood raw rather than half-hearted death.

As a result――――the electronic door opened.

“Everyone, come inside……!”

Without a doubt, everyone goes through the door without a single person left behind.

Of course, the zombies also tried to get in as they chased us, but slowly the door closed. Slowly like a turtle. However, it does not stop even if a foreign matter is caught, and closes while crushing trapped zombies.

The zombies cerebral plasma exploded like a pressed watermelon. I huge Aya-chan and receive it with my back.


A smell like condensed odor and strange smell appeared at once.


Suddenly, Honjo-san is holding her face with both hands, but there is no particular change.

“What’s wrong?”

“……It’s nothing”

I do not know well, I wonder whether it happened even in a flashback. I do not have a bitter look on my face, so leave it for a moment.

Better than that.

“This is the laboratory……?”

Because I could not see anything because it was pitch dark, when I turned on the flashlight, it was a room without anything. Behind the door there is an entrance, the door locked electronically. On the opposite side, there was a simple manual type door.

“That’s right! We were saved!”

Honjo-san with a big smile on her face wanted to embrace me but stopped. Well, I’m the dirtiest one, but everyone is messed up. Covered in body liquids of those zombies.

“Let’s go ahead, there is someone I’d like to introduce by all means”

When I said so, Honjo-san opened the door and turned on a switch that seemed to be nearby.


To the sudden light, I covered my faces. It was a long time since I saw such a dazzling light, and above all, the room of our destination……the corridor was surprisingly white. The light is emphasized, and my eyes take a little time to become accustomed to it.

“Pure white……”

According to Kurumi-chan´s impression, the ceiling and walls are all white and there are a lot of white lockers on the walls of the corridor that lasts dozens of meters. Although it was built with saved waste, I could say it was strange.

“Let’s go ahead for now”

“Well, I feel sticky and disgusting”

Kurumi-chan said so while looking up to my chest, before nestling herself on my right hand. Aya-chan already occupies my left hand. I’m not going to touch both of them.

Honjo-san missed the competition, so I thought it was the beginning of a new fight with Kurumi-chan.

However, even with a smile rather than a rugged look, she gently tapped on Kurumi’s shoulder gently.

“Inside of this locker, there is a white coat, since it’s brand new, will not you go ahead as you change clothes?”

“Yes. I appreciate that”

It might have been thought about the stereotype as the same girl. But now I’m the one who wants the white coat the most. I open the locker in front of me immediately.

“Ah, Matoba――――”

There were two new white coats inside. I take off my messy jacket and pass one arm through the white coat.

I try to wear it for the first time, but it is more comfortable and warm than expected. It might be a considerably good one.

Kurumi-chan also opens the locker next door, takes out two white coats and hand one to Shizuyo-chan. I’ll help Aya-chan put on the remaining coat.

“Come to think of it, Honjo-san. Did you just say something?”

“N, No. It’s your imagination. Uhuhu”

Honjo-san who says so for some reason was a bit dubious, but as it seems there is nothing in particular, so I leave it alone.

“Let’s hurry ahead, she may be tired of waiting”

Honjo-san said earlier that she would like to introduce someone. What kind of person was it when it was a doctor? I have never heard of the gender in the first place. ……Well I will know when I see it.

We advance our way to the back of the corridor.

“Haa……it looks pretty strict”

Looking up at the heavy constructed door that she has seen only on TV, Shizuyo-chan said so. Should I say that it is a bank or something? Rather than gold and silver treasures it is a research laboratory, but why is this made?

It is not understood well why the entrance of the laboratory is in the sewer in the first place. There is an exciting part inside me, but I feel fear at the same time. It’s definitely not a legitimate place.

“Honjo-san, here――――”

As if to interrupt my words, the door in front of me opened with a sound. There was a girl at the tip of the thick door that did not betray its heavy and thick appearance.

“You’re late”

Crossing both arms, this girl glares at us. Usually you would flinch by such an appraising glance, but the opponent is a girl. My perplexity was greater than before.

I look at that girl again. Her height is low. It won’t be 140 because it is lower than Aya-chan. Is she a elementary school student?

She wears a white coat, but it looks like a custom-tailored size. By the way, the three girls who changed their clothes wear a loose white coat.

Is the ironing properly done? The white coat is beautiful, but her hair is shaggy. I thought elementary school students at this time were more interested in fashion, but this child seems to be an exception.

“Sorry, Kaede-san. We just changed our clothes”

Apparently, the girl who seems to be Kaede gazed at us again by listening to Honjo-san’s words.

“……Your luck seems good”


Only a interaction between acquaintance is transmitted.

“Well, nice to meet you, I´m Kazuya Matoba. This child……is Aya-chan”

People who want to introduce don’t appear, so I give a greeting to the girl in front of me. I could have introduced Aya as my daughter, but it seems to be confusing, so I decided to go with Aya-chan.

“Ah, I am Shizuyo Kasai. This is”

“Her younger sister Kurumi”

“……Welcome. I am Kaede Midou, the owner here. There is no other person than me”

When she said so, the girl and Honjo-san smiled. So, only those two can understand the exchange――――hmm?

“Are you a student?”

Kurumi-chan said her doubt as it is. Midou-san’s mouth is puffed up. Honjo-san said “It is bad”. Indeed, it seems bad.

…………Suddenly, it is hard to believe, but I wonder about Kaede´s age. I do not think that it is indeed more than twenty years old.

“I’m aware of that. The thing is that I’m short. But, younger sister. I’m 23 this year”

Lie! I barely swallowed my word!


Kurumi says so and I look at Midou-san again.

The skin with no makeup is as beautiful as a child’s skin, and her eyes that are concealed by her hair can’t be seen clearly……she seems to be a young adult woman who knows the society rather than a girl who is unknown about the world and has death-like eyes.

The young female clerk which was working at my company also had eyes like that occasionally.

If Midou-san is really 23, then she is the oldest member of all of us except from me. Although she seems only to be an elementary school student it can’t be helped at all.

“I heard from Honjo-san that Midou-san is a doctor……please take a look”

I draw Honjo-san near me and showed the bite mark.


Midou is speechless and bites her lips. From her point of view, a friend who went outside to chase me was bitten by a zombie and returned. Regression erupted not having stopped Honjo-san and the anger for me jumped up.

“I wonder if it was Matoba-san. ……If you’ve lived in this world……I don’t think you can understand what it means to be bitten by a zombie”

The question is justifiable. But I have a vaccine that I can prove.

I will not make a mistake like with Kurumi-chan before. I do not think that that choice is wrong, but it is certainly not the best. Of course, at that time, whichever option I chose it didn’t change the final result much, or it would have been rather worse.

I made a mistake making a selection from the beginning. I should have shared information earlier. Of course there will be trust in relationships. I could not trust them at that point. So it came as it came.

However this time Honjo-san is a trusted person. Even if I can not believe Midou-san, I can believe her when Honjo-san believes in Midou-san.

Therefore, I said.

“People bitten by a zombie will become zombies……I know that from movies and this reality also seems to be true. However I have a vaccine. Although it may be hard to believe it, but my sperm is effective against the zombie virus”

And of course there was no answer.

Maybe the introduction was too long.

“In short, as long as I ejaculate inside Honjo-san´s vagina, she will never become a zombie!”

Haa, Kurumi-chan sighed. Shizuyo-chan is smiling happily here. Aya-chan looks somewhat bored. Whether Honjo-san was listening to the story or not, she is blushing.

And Midou-san……as expected, she was looking here with eyes like looking at garbage.

“…… Yumi-san when I think I wanted to know what kind of fellow you wanted to meet……it’s too late. Yumi-san, I’m sorry but you better give up”


She turned her back and said “There is nothing to talk anymore” and Honjo-san is looking at me and Midou alternately, and has a troubled face.

“Midou-san, would you please look at this at all?”

I cut the biggest card without pretension. It is the scar from when I was bitten by Aya-chan.

“……That is”

As you see, it’s a bite. This girl here was a zombie at that time”

I say so while stroking the head of Aya-chan who is shy somehow.

“Can I touch it?”

“Go ahead”

When I crouch down, Midou-san touched my wound with no hesitation.

“Looks like real”

“By the way, this girl was just bitten a month ago”

Kurumi-chan was bitten on the opposite shoulder than me. She shows her wound.

“That……vaccine……? Semen……? I don’t understand the meaning……”

Wandering and staggering, Midou sits deeply in the chair nearby.

“Co, could you spare a little more time……?”

“Of course. In the meantime, do not have sex with Honjo-san. However, the arm was treated first”

“Ye, yes. That’s right. The injury……”

Midou-san disappeared into the next room with a gait which was made steady, whether she can’t afford to respond to the word sex. It might be a tool.

“Honjo-san we ask you first. We want to get off this dirt……is there a shower room?”

“Ah, yes, the room on the left is the sleeping room, but there is also a shower room there”

“Ah, thanks. Honjo-san come here after you finished”


Joining those three girls, we enter the sleeping room. NAP room is usually written as there are multiple semi-double beds, and the futon is probably a feather. It is insufficiently expensive……but it is probably a premise that nap cannot return anything.

Well, before the delivery time in my company, because I was sleeping on the floor with a bad feeling so as not to sleep too much, it may be conscientious to think so.

For the time being, we stuff the baggage in the corner and head for the shower room with change of clothes.


There are six private rooms for personal use in the shower room, apparently there is a bathtub in the back. Moreover, ten people could enter inside.

When I turned around, my eyes were intertwined with three people.

“Okay, will you join us?”


They immediately put off their clothes and throw them into a drum type washing machine. I also became naked after them.

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