Hero Pandemic chapter 65

Hero Pandemic chapter 65: Titty sex ★



The laboratory is air-conditioned so its not cold when you’re naked. However, because it is cold to enter the bath and I want to remove the dirt instead of taking a bath, I quickly enter inside and sit on a chair. Aya-chan who was waiting occupies the front of me.

“Aaa! Aya-chan is sneaky!”

Then immediately Kurumi-chan entwined around my neck in the manner of a tackle, and I was wrapped in softness from before and behind..

My son, who was completely withered by the battle with the zombies, started to raise its head.

“Bufu!! It looks like Aya-chan is growing!”

It seemed that it certainly grew because of Aya-chan, who opened her thighs.

“Shall I violate you just as it is?”

“Please stop it”

It is refused in a serious talk at once when I propose it to Kurumi-chan who was smiling and laughing. Well, of course.

“Senpai, please let me join, too”

She suddenly took my left arm. Of course, it is Shizuyo-chan who pulls my arm, enveloped by her battle power which the other two don’t have. My son bounced up spiritually by this softness and fresh elasticity that makes you misunderstand it for a illusion.

Just because they happen to be junior high school students, I’m not a pedophile……. Therefore, it is inevitable by all means to be conscious of it. That’s why it is said that too big is better than too small.


I thought this was dangerous and I have enjoyed Shizuyo-chan’s big breasts, so Aya-chan put force on her thighs and sandwiched my penis, Kurumi-chan stimulates the glans by extending her hand over the back. It is a junior high school student alliance. My sense of speech is bad. No, this sensation is also a crime in everything.

“We are inferior in growth, but there is technique that can cover it!”

Using body soap, Kurumi-chan applies it on my penis without much lathering. Then make a loop with her thumb and forefinger, she raises it up like a hook. She also didn’t forget to stroke the glans with the opposite palm.

Aya-chan is rubbing her thighs and squeezes up and down my meat pole.

I seem to be brainwashed from the crotch that things like boobs are only chunks of fat after all.


Shizuyo-chan who saw it leaked a dissatisfied voice.

She took body soap in the same way as Kurumi-chan and I only hear a sound from behind.

When thinking about what to do with the end of my head……muunun, a large bulge was pressed on my back.

“There is no towel to wash your body, so please be patient with this?”

A soft sensation strikes my back. A soft skin whose frictional force has been reduced to the limit by the body soap moves up and down. However, the erected nipples were asserting themselves were like good plums.

“Onee-chan you are breaking the rule!”

“Because it is a two vs one, it’s fine, is not it?”

Quarrel with each other without stopping movement. Both of them are fighting seriously, but that’s bad, so I have thought of something.

That is of course titty fuck.

“Its bad if you quarrel, Shizuyo-chan will you come over here?”

“Ah, yes”

“Aya-chan and Kurumi-chan move back at once――――then, Shizuyo-chan, please”

I won’t dare say anything, while Shizuyo-chan squats down to the penis in front of her eyes.

“He? Ah, I understand”

Her red tongue licks the root of my huge dick. It feels good, but it’s not what I want.

“Shizuyo-chan, it’s not a blowjob, with your chest……okay?”

“Ah, I see!”

Hearing a satisfying reply, Shizuyo-chan popped her palms and raised her chest.

At the same time Aya and Kurumi who withdraw aside grasped the situation and hit me from right and left with their fists lovely.

“Breasts after all! This non-pedophile!!”

No, even if it is said like an unpatriotic individual.

Immature persons are taking a bath and drinking milk”

Huhuh, proudly, Shizuyo-chan swallowed my dick between her chest. There seems to be knowledge of titty fuck, because she shakes up and down.
The degree of pleasure is thinner than I thought. What I mean is that the breast pressure is low.

“Hmm, it’s harder than I thought, this……”

Shizuyo-chan treats it like grabbing my penis with her breasts, but it does not work out very well. Licking the glans penetrated through the gap of her chest makes the titty fuck disappointing and Shizuyo can’t concentrate on the breast fucking. My penis is slipping away between her huge melons.

Well, if it is difficult to do it alone, just do it with two people.

Shizuyo-chan concentrate on the titty fuck, Kurumi-chan please take care of the tip”


Keep your hands on the floor while sitting on the chair. It is a form to protrude the penis with the upper body rebellious.

As it is now, Shizuyo-chan is continuing with the breast fucking, while Kurumi-chan is licking the tip.

Aya-chan who is bored……soon sucked my lips. Preparing a chair so that blood does not go up to my head, she is supporting my head like a knee pillow. She looks great looking from the edge.


From the instinct exposed to the danger of life, the limit came soon.

“Nn, I’m ready”

Kurumi-chan, who noticed my sign of ejaculation entered her tongue at the last spurt. Shizuyo-chan increases her breast pressure to the extent that her breasts collapse accordingly.

As I´m about to ejaculate like this, there is a danger of flying up to my face, so Aya-chan got away from me and raised her upper body.

Although it became a cramped position a little, Kurumi-chan doesn’t complain and buries her face into her elder sister’s chest and enthusiastically extends her tongue.

Because there is no need to endure especially, I spit my semen out without any resistance.

“Nnpu!? Juru……gulp……ju……nkuu……waa!”

Somehow Kurumi-chan tried to drink it but when she couldn’t swallow it anymore, she removed her face and my white body liquid was released into her face.


Shizuyo-chan buried my penis in her valley to suppress the splashing semen. My shivering trembling dick jumps out of her chest and also dirties Shizuyo-chan´s face.


As I squeeze out all my semen to the end, I released my penis. My hard penis is still bouncy and shows that it still can continue..

While watching the sisters who are coughing from the scent of semen in their faces, I think who of them I shall fuck first.


I heard a cute sneeze behind me.

“……Would you like to wash your body and immerse it in the bathtub? ”

I stroked Aya-chan´s head who nods here with a red face.

Rather than being naughty, everyone cleaned their heads and bodies while playing with each other and slowly soaking in the warm water.

“Kuhaa……come to my waist”

“Kazuya-san, you look like an old man”

“What. Why would not I be an uncle anymore, if I usually come from Kurumi-chan?”



When hot water is sprinkled on her breathtaking face, Aya-chan also comes in. Naturally my left and right side is occupied by the sisters, so Aya-chan will be on my knee as before.

There is a possibility that the bacteria enters in the vagina when inserting in the bathtub, and because the lubricating oil is not good in the place where it inserted flow in the first place because of hot water, it does not migrate to a lewd thing as it is.

Just relaxing and healing our tiredness together.

“Even so, today is a dangerous day……”

Just talking about extra things. Due to that, Aya-chan remembered my actions, as she protested, did she struck her back head against my chest.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

I became quiet before long when her head was pressed against my chest and we hug strongly because she had grew older.

“……As for me, I can understand the feelings of Senpai, and I cannot say anything because I understand Aya-chan’s feelings well”

Even I am. I understand Aya’s feelings painfully. As I thought it was the opposite position, would I soon dare? Late judgment will only make me feel even worse.

“What was the right answer at that time, are you happy to die with everyone, or are you happy to survive alone?”

There was no answer. But if you live alone, it would be better to die together! I remember those words..

What did the main characters of that movie do after that? Did they scream, despair, and kill her own life? Or will time heal the wounds and make them laugh again?

The oblivion is one of the functions created by human beings to live long. Memory will fade, and if it disappears it will be a day when it makes you laugh.

As I laugh now, the past may be treated as a past.

The answer has come out. I choose to die alone again. Even if everyone dislikes me. I can not give it up, it is my head.

“I do not know which is right, but I will choose again, the way you guys can survive”

I thought that I might be opposed. But neither of them tried to deny me.

“I thought that Kazuya-san would say so……I won’t deny that idea, it is meaningless when I deny, so if you try to avoid it or who enjoys it now, it’s constructive”

“Kurumi-chan leans on me.

“I’m a good woman with sympathy”

This junior high school student has a blistering glitter.

“Kurumi-chan may be anxious, but I am too”

She doesn’t have her glasses so she cannot see well, but Shizuyo-chan came near while watching here with slightly narrowed eyes.

In contrast to those two, Aya-chan began to walk while scattering the hot water as she stood up.

I forced myself to concede at that time, so I guess there is something to think about. In some way, I shouldn’t take the mood of a princess……Aya-chan put her hands on the edge of the bathtub and looked at me..

Aya who is not able to speak is communicating “Insert it” with a glance.


When she sees that I don’t move, Aya-chan sticks out her butt to appeal more and shows her very cute and open pussy.

Aya-chan doesn’t deny me and she seems to be in favor of the opinion that Kurumi-chan said just now.

“Kazuya-san, she is next”

While giving a casual remark, I give top priority to Aya-chan who encourage me to move. No, she is a really good woman, Kurumi-chan.

“I get it”

I stand up and head towards Aya-chan, while scooping the hot water. When I touch her small ass, the skin sucked moistly.

Since it is already wet already, extra foreplay is unnecessary.

“I can insert”

From the look of her nodding, I put the tip against her pussy. And then I went inside with a thrust.


I don’t know how many times my penis has been caught, but that pussy swallows everything unexpectedly as usual.

I waited a few seconds until I became familiar and grabbed Aya´s waist with both hands before moving further inside――――

“Please wait a moment! What do you mean with mixed bath with four people!?”

――――Honjo-san who knows nothing opens the door of the bathtub vigorously and exposes her body.



A mixed berry shampoo fell out of her hand and rolled with a loud noise on the floor.

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