Hero Pandemic chapter 66

Hero Pandemic chapter 66: Punishment–★



“……Can I enter……?”

Honjo-san said so, exposing her tight breasts without hiding them.

For example, if this is “Entering” that was cast from the other side of the door, it means “Do you stay in the bathroom?” And the word I will return is “Enter”.

However, the meaning changes drastically only by crossing over a single door. In this case, “Can I enter?” is in short “whether or not she is entering” and I say “Come in”.

Therefore, I answered.

“Come in”

Honjo-san didnt say anything. I could not say anything. No, the destination is this (, ,), but things have an order.

There is no story to proceed while fucking a junior high school student.

So the first word is important.

“N, ……n”

How about this, “Calm down, Honjo-san. This is a therapeutic act” First of all, the consciousness is devoted to the word of treatment, and because it is a treatment act, it is possible to start with Honjo-san in the flow as it is. ……Yes, it’s a pretty good idea.


In the bathroom, mucous membrane is rubbed and the sound of liquid is leaking out.


It will be bad if you chew it carelessly. You must not think there is something wrong. Let’s chew in the mind. Calm down, Honjo-san. This is…….


“No, I cant stop shaking my back in this state!?”

――――I could not bear it and made a tsukkomi.

It is a mysterious space in which a panting voice echoes since a little while ago. This should not be forced in tsukkomi.

On the other hand, Aya-chan who is a part of the tsukkomi is mysteriously tilting her head. That’s cute.

“What do you mean? Matoba-san, you don’t say that this is a cure…..?”

It has been forestalled. Unfortunately this is treatment.

“I think I said that earlier, but this is really treatment, my sperm has the effect of returning zombies to people, and even if bitten by a zombie it will be a vaccine”

“But even such a small child……?”

Well, yes. I can’t say anything. I was wrong about that time. And I’ve been doing something about it.

Incidentally, even Midou-san is smaller by all means. Well, if she gets naked like this, the size of her chest and her thin legs are that of an child.

Then how to say……as I worry about making an excuse, Kurumi-chan went out before a while. And, like Aya-chan, she grabbed the edge of the bathtub and stuck her butt toward me.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t like it? It hurts at the first time”

Kurumi-chan suddenly begins to talk. At first glance it seems that she is provoking a quarrel, but that is a trickery. The stupid Honjo-san opens her mouth to this tit and tat.

“I, I don’t dislike it! I would be delighted to have Matoba-san……or perhaps is it the first time that everyone……?”

Aya-chan nodded to the question of Honjo-san who realized the fact isnt hidden and Kurumi-chan said “Naturally” by push her chest out and Shizuyo-chan was a little shy before she said “Yes”.


Honjo-san crumbles down cleanly enough to say that she is falling on her knees. The elder sister is sitting, but it is shaped to conceal the nipples and your girls just like being erotically artistic.

“Kazuya-san, I also……hiu……!”

I don’t know whether it is the original attainments of Kurumi-chan by pulling out the penis from Aya-chan and coming to make an appeal by shaking her buttocks, but Kurumi-chan is also insanely easy to become wet like Aya-chan. Although there is some sense of resistance, it is possible to pierce without hurting the vagina and without foreplay.

“Kuhu……Kazuya-san’s big penis is pushing up my uterus, I feel it……!”

To these words, Honjo-san shakes her body. Bother to ask……I thought that Kurumi-chan favors sex with live commentary. There is a nature of exposure and its more intrusive than physical pleasure from outside, so that the person feels good mentally.

“Na, Na, Na”

Kurumi-chan´s heart is dancing seeing Honjo-san who gets upset.


The vaginal pressure rises as soon as my son is grasped tightly and the love juice leaks out from the connection and drips down.

I reached my limit, because Kurumi-chan´s vagina sticks closely to my penis.

“Kurumi-chan, can I put it out? Can you ejaculate in your lovely pussy?”

I’m still feeling the premature ejaculation, but it’s too early to release it. However, the light returned to Honjo’s eyes by declaring it politely.

“Ma, Matoba-san, that’s not good! Baby……!”

“But this is a treatment”

“Uu……yo, you’re already cured!?”

She seems to have noticed it indeed. Got a name for a cause……I don’t know if it is, but Honjo-san found a reason for this and tries to stop us by going into the hot water.

However, Kurumi-chan opened her mouth to blame Honjo-san who suddenly enters the hot water.

“Eh, take that tub before you enter”

“Ah, I’m sorry”

According to Kurumi-chan who interferes for some reason, Honjo-san obeys it.

Once she gets out of the hot water, Honjo-san takes the tub. Kurumi-chan is Kurumi-chan and her waist movement was violently increased to have a shot.

“Wait, Kurumi-chan”

Instead of listening to my voice, she continues to move her hips. My penis becomes harder to the changed angle and tightening.

“Yes, stop!”

Honjo-san embraces me and tries to peel me off from Kurumi-chan, but it is not easy to escape as she is tightly sticking to my penis. Even if she moves me, Kurumi-chan will only move together with me.

Since Kurumi-chan doesn’t feel like leaving in the first place, Honjo’s effort is empty and we remain bound together.

In addition to that, my son’s hardness also rises to Honjo who is touching me after a long time.

Although I said that I put it out to the inside of her vagina as a joke earlier, it seems to be a bad idea as it is actually.

No, she cannot let it go――――my head was blocked by Honjo-san before I could say something to resist. A tepid and a small tongue instantaneously overrun my mouth.


I don’t even have time to ask about its meaning, when Honjo-san sips my saliva while pressing her soft chest with erected nipples against me.

I wonder if it is her motive to let Kurumi give up and release me or to make me ejaculate once. I don’t particularly resist and hungrily accept the pleasure.

“Matoba-san, juru…………uhu……chu……put out, nchu……when you put it out, do not forget to tell me……?”

The hot sigh of Honjo-san tickles my ears. I got goosebumps.

Even though I am kissing, my consciousness and my gaze surely turn towards Honjo-san, but for some reason Kurumi-chan keeps silent. If I look at her line of sight she still is tightening her vagina.

Because that movement was so cute, I thrust my thumb that turned slimy with love juice to her anal hole.


Honjo-san barked like a female dog in a good voice.

Suddenly, I remember that I never touched Honjo-san´s back hole. Although I had my finger inserted, I felt that I never touched it.

Honjo-san who doesn’t know what to do when I stroke her butt from inside, is gently panting.

When I slowly stroke her buttocks, her legs open as saying “Please touch this place”.

I traced the crack slowly in response to that wish. I do not say soaked but it certainly feels damp outside of hot water.

When I spread her vagina which was neatly closed, sticky liquid drips from that small hole. It is entwined around my finger, while stroking her hips. The middle finger was pierced inside to poke the surprised Honjo-san.


Honjo-san stretches out to escape my fingers and her lips part. However, no matter how much she stretched out, she could not escape, and when she dragged my middle finger invaded.

It seems that Honjo-san cant breath properly, so no words come out of her mouth.

“A, ……u, ku”

Even so, it is a terrible tightening. I usually do not have much consciousness, but the feeling of insertion is completely different between a virgin and a non-virgin. Of course it is not a virgin whether there is a membrane or not, so I wonder whether there is one when I insert a foreign object in her ass.

I am excited about the tightening and hardness peculiar to a virgin.

“Hey, Honjo-san, breath slowly”

“A, ku, u”

Honjo-san was fatigued slowly against the feeling of excretion forced to not be accustomed.

“Ma, Matoba……! Good, riha……daa…….kuu……!”

She is trying hard to speak, but as soon as I bend my middle finger she closes her mouth.

The sadistic part of me is stimulated and it is pitiful to be so violent. Ejaculation feeling has also been included and I pull out my fingers once.

“Kurumi-chan, I ejaculate at once”

I grab Kurumi-chan’s waist for the last spurt and repeat my violently moving.

I thrust until the last minute to the cervix. I just repeat my behavior quickly and relentlessly. Kurumi-chan is already terrified and trembling as if she received an climax.

And as soon as the last spurt was over I reached the limit.

“I’m ejaculating――――”


――――Due to the interference from Honjo, the glans penetrate completely.

My penis is caught and trembling up and down without releasing sperm.

“It was caught! If you don’t push it, pull it……in other words, by stopping the blockage and letting your guard down……ah, Matoba-san, wait a minute! I never want to offend, you――――higuu!?”

As a matter of fact, I add my index finger to my middle finger and keep punishing Honjo-san´s asshole.

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