Hero Pandemic chapter 67

Hero Pandemic chapter 67: First experience that doesn’t stop–★★



“U……hu, ……huhu. It is regrettable that you weren’t possible to release it, but I will receive it here……it’s treatment”

Because she was satisfied with it, Kurumi-chan said so with a refreshing smile. Aya-chan, who was forced to watch because she was stopped in the middle, is dissatisfied and Shizuyo-chan also has a troubled face.

However, because it is for treatment, they left from the bathtub and follow Kurumi-chan with a dissatisfied expression.

“Yo……u……ri, ……wa”


Although Honjo-san says something with a loud voice, I don’t hear it. It’s noisy when the water is splashing.

“Yo……uku……kiri, ……su……u, wa”

Her voice is so small that I worry about what has been dashing ahead. The zombie virus……what is the punch line of course. Simply because of my fingers, she has no power. If I say accurately, the remaining power is only to bite my fingers.

“Ah, sorry sorry, I forgot”

When I pulled out my two fingers, I took a deep breath as soon as I was able to breathe satisfactorily, I glanced at Honjo-san. Honjo-san is dyed red and has a expression that says “Ki, Kill!”.

“It’s on purpose!”


Because it is not something to conceal, I affirm it without cutting white.

“Apart from that, what did you say?”

“……We two are finally alone!”

Honjo-san says these lovely words while exposing a little anger.

It is indeed “finally”. There is a girl in front of me who I thought that I would never see again. The factor that I didn’t reach out to Honjo-san has disappeared. Of course, there is a guilt for Makoto-kun, but it is necessary for Makoto-kun to embrace Honjo-san.

“……That’s right, we are alone”

I touch her moist hair. At that time……the memories of the shopping mall is regained. They are nostalgic memories now.

It was sad and fun to live by ourselves. I was lonely and I was satisfied. I was frightened by the loneliness that would come someday.

But I think it was thanks to Honjo-san that I was able to be a adult.

The trauma of the past is still felt, but thanks to Aya-chan and the Kasai sisters I was healed. It was thanks to Honjo-san that I met those three.

In this way I cannot help feeling that its fate that we are able to meet in this way.

“That reminds me, there are lots of things I want to do……what do you want to do Honjo-san?”

The expression of anger disappears in an instant and Honjo-san shyly looks at the washroom.

“That……will you wash it again? Just like that time, my hair……”

I quickly hold my nose, but a nosebleed did not come out.

Regardless of Shizuyo-chan, Aya-chan and Kurumi-chan will be talking about erotic things, if they throw the same question in this state. Compared to that, Honjo-san is pure. Of course, Honjo-san is still an eccentric girl, but here I was going to be conscious of the purity that wish comes out here.

By the way, if I look at the shampoo lying around, it’s the flavor of the mix berry that I chose when I washed her hair before.

Even though I don’t even remember why I chose it, Honjo-san didnt forget it. In the midst of this pandemic, let the baggage be squeezed.

I’m not junk enough to respond to that.

“Okay, I haven’t forgotten. I still know the way how to wash them as Honjo-san taught me……”

Laughing like that, we both went up from the bathtub.




Honjo-san said something, but it was scraped off by the sound of the dryer unfortunately. Therefore I turn off the power once.


“Doing that……after this”


The conversation did not continue. I turn on the power again and dry the slightly wet hair.


I knew that Honjo-san had something to say by her movement, but I pretended that I didn’t hear it. The heavy hair that had been glued to her back sprinkles the water.

I wiped her wet back with a towel and put the used dryer away.

“Let’s go”

I pulled the hand of Honjo-san who said nothing and headed to the sleeping room.

There was a possibility that the other three were waiting there, but there was apparently no one who read the air.

I push Honjo-san down on the nearest bed.


Her long and beautiful black hair spread over the top of the white sheet.

Just for a moment, I saw Shikijo-senpai before me. It’s a good point to be associated with other women at this time, but I think it would be my senpai lying there if I solve her ponytail……I thought so.


Knowing that my consciousness flies in a wrong direction, Honjo-san raises a voice that seems anxious.

“I’m sorry, I was fascinated”


It is inevitable to make a tsukkomi by what I say, but Honjo-san is cute and beautiful which makes no difference.

Aya-chan, Kurumi-chan and Shizuyo-chan each have different charms. However, if I say it in “Orthodox bishoujo”, Honjo-san will be ranked first.

When the Shikijo-senpai appeared on TV in a interview before, the internet became noisy with “too pretty girl”, but it would have been so too, if Honjo-san appears on TV.

To embrace such a beautiful girl is a dream for a man.


I kiss her and gently touch her. Repeating it two or three times, her body which is stiff from the tension is loosening up.

I kissed her again with my tongue and she accepted it without any resistance.


Pushing the tongue together, getting tangled, chasing in the mouth begins.

As I stroked her head, I moved my hand from her neck to her chest, but Honjo-san grabbed that hand.

“We’re going to do that right now”



I couldn’t answer this question.

Why, if asked, for treatment, simply because I want to embrace Honjo-san. But I think the answer is not correct.

After thinking for a few seconds, I opened my mouth.

“Because I want to reconcile”


“Yes. Honjo-san told me 『If you live alone, it is better to die together!』 right? That remained in my heart”

But in the end I ended up breaking it apart.

Even after parting, Honjo-san was thinking about me, but to be honest, I forgot all about her. It can be said that I thought that she would been together with Makoto.

That’s why I want to be reconciled with her or be forgiven. I want another chance.

When I was talking about such a thing, did Honjo-san understand what I wanted to say before long?

“That’s right. We certainly reconciled. ……But now do I forgive you? Matoba-san said. Will you die with me? That’s enough. I was so happy that I cried”

“……Is that so?”

I didn’t need any more words.

After exchanging kisses for a while, I head straight downwards.

A bigger chest than a junior high school student, but it is only a sad size. However compared with a quietly old queen who is old, its softness and sensitivity aren’t bad.

My tongue is crawling around her chest which goes up and down every time Honjo breathes, and I bite her shaking nipples.

Her secret hole was already wet when I stroke her thighs with one hand.

“I will insert my fingers”

Although I cannot go far enough, when I insert my son carefully it will get wet enough to swallow my son unexpectedly. My middle finger easily entered inside.

“Haa――――ku……, ha”

The pressure feeling is painful or Honjo-san repeats a shallow breath. She seems to shudder by imagining the pleasure when my penis is inserted into her fast tightening pussy.

When it fold the middle finger that moves like scrubbing the inside of her vagina, it moves as her waist flickers accordingly. As soon as I touched the clitoris with my thumb, Honjo-san raises a pretty voice.


As early as this, Honjo-san raises her waist and begs for insertion.

To be honest I also have a patience limit, but I have not tasted her body yet. Pureness before scattering purity……a beautiful body can only be enjoyed this current moment. There is no sense of inserting so easily.

I pretend not to hear it and suck on her neck.


Red kissing marks are left behind on her neck.


Sucking on the healthy white skin of a high school girl left countless kissing marks. Sucking her melons and nipples in the same way, Honjo-san shakes her head to escape from the pleasure.

“Please……Matoba-san……hurry up……!”

I pull my fingers out and make kiss marks on her thighs. One on each side. It seems as though Honjo-san was bitten by mosquitoes, but it was made symmetrically, then it feels odd.

When pretending to clit her clitoris and sucking it, her vagina opened and closed filled with anticipation.

“No, Matoba-san, there――――kyaaaaa!!?”

Honjo-san seems to have reached the climax because she is convulsing.

If it is now she will be feeling good and power will be missing, so that Honjo-san may not feel the pain too much.

“Haa……Haa……it’s inserted, right?”

“Yes. I don’t use too much strength”

I grind the glans against her pussy to smear it with some love juice.

I moved up and down, before I stopped moving when fixing it to her vagina.

“Please……take away, my virginity――――ouch!!”

The glans was buried. Her hymen is torn and Honjo´s face is distorted. Even that expression is lovely.

I advance my hips little by little to taste. Although it may be less painful if I enter to the very edge at a stretch, I wanted Honjo-san to carve this pain in her memory.

Is it a cervix that the tip hits a dead end before long? Honjo-san was groaning with pain.

“I entered completely”

The inside of Honjo-san´s vagina shut violently when I whisper so into Honjo´s ear who was enduring.


Honjo says so with a full smile. She sucked me inside as if she wants to remember my shape.


We entangle our lips so as not to put on weight.

“Is it alright to move?”

“No, when you move, it will come out soon”

Even just being left unattended just before ejaculation. Even if I did not put it out at the same time as inserting, I would like to be praised.

“Speaking of which, can you tell me what you’ve done since we separated?”

“Now? ……Well, nothing particularly……nn! Mi, Mischief is too much……”

I picked up her nipple before the story ended and received a protesting gaze.

“I don’t want to disturb you as much as possible, but don’t forget we’re having sex”

As I says so, Honjo-san acknowledged it with abundance.

“That’s right…. Well, after I arrived at the SDF base……”

Honjo-san talked about after we separated though the talk was stopped directly by blocking her lips occasionally and indirectly by stimulating her chest and clitoris.

That encounter with the little girl and the conflict with Makoto.

I also talked about my encounters with Aya-chan and the days with the Kasai sisters as much as possible without hiding anything.

There was a tragic story and there was a pleasant story. Honjo-san was angry with my nasty life with Aya-chan and she was thinking with closed eyes on my judgment to rape Kurumi-chan.

“Huhu……I’m going to be a part of Maroba´s harem, too. When it comes to treatment, I have to ask……a……kuu”

How much time has passed since I inserted?

Especially without doing anything, Honjo-san started trembling from pleasure. It is appealing that her eyes which seem to be painful move quickly.

Her body is burning with no movement and sweat is dripping from her forehead.


The fallen drops were licked from Honjo´s ear and I saw goose bumps on her neck.

My penis is squeezed by her vagina that ask for semen.

“Ma, Matoba-san……”

“Honjo-san……maybe it’s time to ejaculate, I think……”

“Yes, please take it out……inside my vagina……!! Matoba-san’s sperm, I want it!”

In a sense of unity that has melted so much that I cannot figure out how far it is, the pleasant feeling of a thrill runs on my back.

Honjo-san is also frightened by the feeling that she might lose sight of herself, so she cuddles enough to crush my chest.

Byuru, byururu……byuku……byuuu, byuryuryu

Sudden ejaculation began. The momentum does not change as usual, it is somewhat inferior.

However, I did not stop it surprisingly.

“Ah……Matoba-san’s trembling……it comes out……”

Byururu, byuku……dobyu, byuru……byuuuu


The ejaculation continues to the extent that I worry that I’m seeing a dream.

“I, I´m already full……ah! It, it still comes out……”

It doesn’t stop. It keeps going out for a long time.


Finally, Honjo-san stopped talking. She just shut her eyes to endure and catch the semen.

However, there was no reason why the ejaculation continued indefinitely, and the frequency of the discharge began to decrease little by little.


“A, no……kyaaa, ……u……kuu……!?”

However, as a result of continuing catching the ejaculation which doesn’t end so fast, Honjo-san is greeted by a big climax.


As a result, my ejaculation which has calmed down becomes active again. Even though she just lost her virginity, Honjo-san caught my son violently so that there is no escape place for the semen.

The semen which cannot be leaked from the joint presses the womb from the inside so that a bulge is created which can be seen from the outside.


It seems that the trembling tremor has passed through the culm and worried that it has become a serious thing.

As it turned out, I was afraid of Honjo-san, so I forcibly pulled out my penis. The vagina which opposes it whether it extends to the limit don’t suppress me.

The ejaculation also ends immediately when I pull out from the vagina and it settled down to the extent that transparent juice drips down the tip.

“What’s this……”

The semen refluxed from creating a semen pool that is not a puddle. Pushing through the womb the semen jumps out of the vagina like an ejaculation.

……Midou-san seems to be deeply involved in this case, so let’s have her investigated it when there is room.

Looking at Honjo-san trembling while still pouring out semen, I decided so.

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