Hero Pandemic chapter 68

Hero Pandemic chapter 68: It is not necessary to explain –★★



“……Se, sex is great, is not it……?”

Honjo-san who I thought has fainted got up, while saying this with one breath. However, her knees are trembling and it feels like she raised her upper body somehow.

“No, it’s really my first time to release so much, why didn’t it stop……?”

Honjo-san tilts her head to my mutter. She is a girl who originally had no knowledge though it had been forgotten because she was aggressive to ecchi. It is likely that she doesn’t know the amount of general semen.

“Do you need water?”

“Ah, I want it”

I took two bottles out from my luggage and opened the cap before I handed one to Honjo-san. ……Still, her body is light. One kilogram……even if it was exaggerated, a few hundred grams would have been lightened.

“Thank you very much”

We started to drink the water. Before Honjo-san finished drinking half of it, I already emptied the whole bottle.

Do you want to drink? Honjo-san stretched out her PET bottle to me, but I refused it and took out two more water bottles. I also took out the beef jerky and cookies that I had inside my bag and returned to the bed.

“Do you want to eat Honjo-san?”

I’m hungry anyway. The cookies and the beef jerky is eaten.

“Ah, I’m fine……my stomach is full……ehehe”

I heard the sound of semen leaking in accordance to her voice. There is only a place where semen leaks naturally though the sound is reflected. As she noticed my gaze, Honjo-san tries hard to conceal that place with her palm.

“Do, Don’t look at me! It is a violation of manners!”

“No No, it’s good manners to look during sex”

“……Do you think that I will believe such a lie?”

Perhaps Honjo-san.


I return an apology and see the sheet that was stained with my semen. It might be a problem of time because the amount is an amount that seems not to have eroded to the bottom thanks to being solid.

“Shall we go back to the bathroom once?”


It is necessary to wash the sheet and the lower body of Honjo-san. I can’t say that this is a poor way to sleep.

But how do I carry her? It seems to be impossible to move without polluting even when the distance to the bathroom is small as there is no other way to stop the semen. When I lift her up, it will slowly overflow..

“Ah, how about stopping it?”

Honjo-san thought of a good idea! And this is my half-erected son.

“Well then I guess I will fulfill the role of the stopper”

“We can’t leave like this. ……I cannot move, so I am glad if you suck it with your mouth”

Saying so, Honjo-san collapsed completely. I´m waiting for her to open her mouth with “Ah”.

It is a dangerous picture, even though the person herself wants it. It is inevitable if someone sees us. Is not it a flag? Although I look around, there is no sign of a person naturally.

“I feel a little embarrassed, but excuse me……”

I came close to Honjo-san´s face and put my dick on her mouth.

On the other hand, Honjo-san waited for it while closing her eyes and when I touched her head, she moved her neck and sucked.


When the small semen that remained inside is sucked up, her cheeks become hollow. Because it was just being out and being sensitive, the glans ached suddenly.

But unexpectedly grasping my waist with both hands, she is sucking more violently than to escape.

“Wait, Honjo-san!?”

That technique of tying her tongue and treating it with her throat may surpass even Aya-chan the veteran. This blowjob should have been the purpose of getting me erect but it switched to me ejaculation instantly.

When I grabbed her forehead without pulling force and pulled out forcefully, as if to support the suction power, a “Chupon” sound like in a manga.

“……It’s regrettable”

I was going to ejaculate again.

……I´m in a weak state after the first experience. It becomes uneasy now whether I will be squeezed until I get exhausted. And perhaps, because playing with multiple people will be the basis……this is where Aya-chan and the sisters join. There is no doubt on the abdomen death.

“What’s wrong?”

“……No, whatever. Apart from that, is inserting okay?”

“Yes, I’m ready”

Honjo spread her pussy so that’s easy to insert and I slowly attach my ready penis on it.


I wonder if it still hurts. As I plucked inside the stiff vagina, Honjo-san slightly distorted her face. When she noticed the that I see, she loosens her expression, but her forehead is sweaty.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little bit of pressure……every time it hits the back, there is pain. But somehow I’m happy”

Because she says she is really happy, Honjo-san distracts her gaze from embarrassment.

Am I a worthy man for Honjo-san? I’m not the kind of person who is surrounded by girls in the first place……I think, I first have to fix that thought. If it is not suitable, I only has to become a good-looking man.

“Grasp it from lifting”


It is a natural story because I inserted to cover the semen from overflowing, so she picks it up to hold it.

The arms entangled around the neck, and the legs wrapped around the waist as if to throw in the insertion. It is commonly known as box lunch position.

Puncture deeper than the normal position by the weight of the joint part.


Honjo-san who has her womb pushed up leaked a hot sigh while burying her face on my chest.

“I’ll move”

“Ye, Yes――――aa, kuu……this, ha……!”

Every time I step forward, the vibrations will sound, and I should be even deeply gouging the uterus.

“Aa! Aa……!?”

Saliva hangs down from her opened mouth trying to escape the pleasure.


“I, I cannot lose, either……!!”

The entangled folds and the root are squeezed tightly, and I also seem to crumble on my knees unintentionally. While I think it’s a fight, I take a step back from Honjo-san.

I felt a great distance to the bathroom, but when I pulled out my sticky penis because I managed somehow, the semen that overflowed was hung to the foot.

I put it inside a person, but it is dirty.

“No, not at all”

I handed the shower head to Honjo-san, and I sprinkled hot water in the bathtub that got a little warmer. Next we remove the coagulated semen with body soap slowly.

“Waa, you’re used to it”

“Well, it’s a daily routine for men”

“Is that so?”

Honjo-san inserts her finger into her pussy while looking here. Of course, she did not start masturbation suddenly and she might scrap out the semen which entered inside.

I want to help very much, but…….


We are no wild plants. We have been naked all the time, so our bodies have cooled down.

“Ah, cold……I’m going to take a bath?”

Reheating the bathwater will warm us up quickly. I thought so, but when I put my feet in the tub.

“Matoba-san, will you help me scrap out?”

Honjo-san with both hands on a stool shook her butt to tempt me. It seems to be very warm inside her vagina.

“No, I will catch a cold……”

“Matoba’s penis, I want you to insert it……”

No more, where does she know how to say it like this.

I guess surely she remembered that I was excited at Kurumi-chan’s line of speech …………in the end, there is no way I can refuse it.

Although zombies eat people, perhaps I think that they are infected with a special fungus that loves sex, to the extent that I seriously think that the brain has been affected by pink cells.


When I grab her ass ass a little strongly, Honjo-san pants with a voice that seemed happy just as saying “I was waiting”.

“You erotic girl!”

As punishment or counterattack, I thrust inside without any complaints from the back and without notice.


Suddenly being pierced to the depths, her abdomen was squeezed and Honjo-san vomited all air in her lungs. The air is smoke and the mouth is flapping open and close, but it is not possible to breathe well because she was literally caught off guard.

Once I move my waist, countless folds entwined one by one as whether they don’t want to separate from my son.

It is gently pulled out and inserted again to give a moderate stimulation. It is possible to taste the feeling that the brain can play when the pleasure that it is going to move the waist slowly runs in the back, and it quickly reseat it again. Definitely a rare kind of utensil.

It was messy, and the waist was swung like using the consumption type onahole.

“Aa, aa, aa, aa”

Every time my hips hit, a chaotic sound can be heard and the pleasure can not be handled, therefore Honjo-san raises a voice with the same rhythm.

The sperm that was scraped fell off and dropped into the hot water of the shower.

“Ku, Na, u, aa”

I start to massage her chest while hitting her waist like dog mating.

Honjo´s panting voice was no longer a voice, but had become like a doll that was hungry and cried.

Such a monotonous voice changes and when you get entangled in complexity, it says that even the sperm contained in the intestinal juice will drink.

“I’m going to do it a little longer, so please be patient.”

I whispered into her ear while playing with her soft chest that was wet from the water. My words seems to have arrived because she nods many times, but as soon as I pinch a nipple, she stops moving.

Her hands that were put on the stool collapsed, so that Honjo-san lays face down on the floor. It doesn’t seem to hurt, so I don’t hesitate to hit her back.

“Ii, itchy, aahh……!”

She seems to have reached the climax, although she does not seem to be trembling violently……and her vagina contracts.

Slightly behind Honjo-san, I also unraveled the sperm while crushing her soft butt.

The semen is scattered in her defenseless baby room with the momentum of the discharging vibration. The amount also decreased, and the ejaculation was finished comparatively soon.


Honjo-san turns back while raising such a cry.

I sit in the washing room while exposing my son who has withered completely.


The core of my body has cooled down. I think that I will soak in the bath now, but I do not listen to what my body says because of my weakness.

To leer me like that, Honjo-san is doing a massage carefully to my lower abdomen.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, this is? It is an ovarian massage. I wonder if I do not ovulate.…………waa”

After regaining the hardness again, Honjo-san raised a voice of admiration.

I can’t. My body is cold and my hips are sore.

“Matoba-san use only my vagina from now on……please”

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