Hero Pandemic chapter 69

Hero Pandemic chapter 69: One more time–★



“Honjo-san, hey”


No reply. You are fast asleep like a corpse.

I’ve already finished to dry my hair and I’ve dressed in struggle. I’ll just carry her to bed. There is no sign of waking up at all.

Because I have no choice, I unreasonable move my sore waist and carry the sleeping princess to the bed with princess carry.


I never said it, but she was heavy. I carried Honjo-san earlier and it was without difficulty, but the body of a unconscious human felt quite heavy.

“……Shall we sleep”

Thinking that way, I crawl next to Honjo-san and closes my eyes……

“……I am hungry”

My semen is generated by consuming calories, so I am abnormally hungry. It was a while ago that I wanted to eat meat after having sex, but not here. Is it because the amount is also amount?

Once I had the thought that I was hungry, the inside of my head became clear and my eyes were filled with willpower. Because there is no need to force to sleep for tomorrow without a raff, I was going to get up.

I thought that there might be some warm foods here, so I went to the next room.


In the laboratory, Midou-san was rattling and hitting the keyboard.

“…………Here is not soundproof”

She said so and I felt a bit uneasy because she heard us having sex. To apologize or to distract the topic……after worrying, I chose the latter.

“Ah, what about the other three?”

“Sleep in the next room. There’s some fresh vegetables here, so they’ve eaten too much”

“I see”

By the way, Honjo-san has talked about that. It seems that there are facilities for LED cultivation here. Vegetables that are not frozen are fresh.

Because the situation is awkward I turned around and move to the next room, but I was called suddenly.

“Emm, what?”

Honestly, this girl is weak. I don’t know what she is thinking. She is quieter than Aya-chan who cannot speak. ……Well, as for Aya-chan, there are many people who have unexpectedly understood things.

“Semen. Is it possible to put it out for me to examines it”

Midou-san points at the petri dish held in her hand. It is a circular one that is used when culturing bacteria well.


“Yes. Now”

Shizuyo-chan’s chest. I extend one finger. Honjo-san, normal position. I extend another finger. It became a peace sign. Honjo-san, doggy position. Three fingers are raised now.

“……What’s with your fingers?”

“It is the number of times I ejaculate today”

In other words, I won’t come. Even when I masturbate to the petri dish, I am confident that it will not lead to an ejaculation.

“In other words with your help?”

“……Thats right”

She hasn’t told that far! Although I was glad she say that, but when she says this, I give up. I understand that she wants to know the result as a researcher quickly, but we still have time.

Of course the time is finite and you know how to be impatient. However, the delay of the day is not going down enough to influence the survival of mankind. Please let me eat some meals.

“……Okay. Please take out your penis quickly”

Oops, the real intention without thinking at last――――hmm?

Is it my imagination? It sounded like that the girl in front of my eyes suddenly blurted an obscene word. I’m sure my brain is still affected by the pink cells. It should be cured if I can eat something.

“I wonder what face you will make. I’ll help you with the ejaculation, so hurry up and get your penis out”

“It wasn’t my imagination……”

Midou-san approaches here while sitting on a chair…. Actually, if she is a girl who is interested in sexual things…… it would still be pretty but her face seen here is still expressionless. It looks like a researcher observing the mating of laboratory animals.

It’s too expressionless and not excited. She will not feel guilty either.

If there is a problem, then its that I´m hungry, but I should endure that much.


Midou-san opened up her eyes slightly……when I exposed my penis which was withering.

“This is……the state where you are not erected, is it?”

“Ah, yes”

This girl speaks in a honorific language somehow. I wonder if she has no experience. She is not likely to be interested in such a thing, and if she has a boyfriend in university, the boyfriend is sure to be labeled as a pedophile.


Midou-san raised a voice of surprise to my erecting son. Well, as I know that the other person is an innocent girl, my dick will be excited. Sense of guilt? It is hidden behind the excitement and can not be seen.

“If you rub it, I will ejaculate……”

As I murmured like a preparation before the test, the inexperienced girl grasped my penis with a firmer hand than I thought and moved it up and down.

But her movement is pretty clumsy. Just moving up and down with a certain rhythm.

As a matter of course, nothing like that leads to my ejaculation, that’s why I get tired of that monotonous stimulation and even remember my drowsiness.


At last I could not even maintain the erection state and it was half standing. Midou-san works hard to treat my penis, but she keeps being quiet.

“……You’re not allowed to do that”

Midou-san stared at me and complains when I touched her chest through the white robe in order to make me get excited. But when she confirm that my penis becomes hard, she becomes silent again and let me touch her chest.

I moved my hand inside rather than rubbing her chest from the top of the white coat and directly rub it, but Midou-san did not glance at this and just bite her lips.

Is it frustrating or was she sweating from her forehead because her body started burning with pleasure?

Her expression does not change, but the emotion can be guessed from the gesture and physiological phenomenon. ……It’s getting a little fun.


Surprisingly there is a chest. Aya-chan and Kurumi-chan have some hardness left in their chests and Midou-san’s chest is fluffy and soft. It seems that her fully mature chest is that of a pretty adult woman, unlike what it looks like.


I tease her nipples, while Midou keeps stimulating my penis silently.

She learned to use some strength through my caress because the rhythm has changed, but it is not enough to lead to my fourth ejaculation. Rather Midou-san seems to feel good, because she is rubbing her thighs against each other.

“……Hha, please, take it out soon……!”

“Well, to be honest, the pleasure of ejaculation……I got it! Leave the white coat on and take off your underwear”

“Pe, Pervert……!”

Ah, it is nostalgic to see such a rebellious attitude now. Kurumi-chan´s style. I’m honestly excited. It is not masochistic like wanting to be abused but in a sadism sense to tease a girl.

And Midou-san thought that it can’t be helped to lead me to ejaculation, so she removed her bra and exposed her tits.

It wasn’t easy to understand before, but if I look like this she may have the same chest size as Honjo-san.

And that soft chest apex……the nipple on the left side was erecting only.

“Only the left is erected……what’s wrong?”

“Yo, You! ……You, hii, touched only the left……!”

Her expression changed for the first time. Besides, her ears are bright red.

I ward off her words of complaining and kept giving stimulation to the left nipple.

“Why does it not come out!”

Midou-san was tired of continuing to deal with my meat stick, so she raised the root as soon as possible. It is a good timing because I wanted to go to the next step.

“The stimulation is weak, so it cannot be helped……therefore will you suck it?”

What face will she make to refuse, what words will she say……she thought 10 steps ahead like a shogi player and it was unexpectedly understood at once by Midou-san.

“That’s the only answer after all……”

Those who said that they resorted rather than acknowledged are correct, but it is a result.

The chair is moved away and Midou-san is squatting down.

“Yes, aaah”

“Are you stupid?”

My penis doesn’t fit the size of her mouth. By the way, Honjo-san did the same foolish thing. They are really friends.


Midou-san was trying hard to open her mouth, yet she brushed her teeth at the glans. She cant swallow everything, so she rubs the root and sucks the tip.

There seems to be knowledge of licking, because her tongue scoops out the juice, and licks the glans like a lizard. Meanwhile, although it is a mechanical rhythm, she handles my son with her right hand and it seems that I can finally ejaculate.

It is not possible to touch her nipple because she sits on the floor unlike earlier. When I looked at the screen of the PC, there was nothing but a mystery.

There was much knowledge of VBA because I was using the work pattern spreadsheet software, but I don’t understand anything at all. I wonder if she uses her own software language.

“Nju……juru…………nn, nn”

Saliva is tangled, and the speed of rubbing has risen, too.

I can still endure it if I try to endure it, but it would be useless.

“Midou-san, get ready to prepare the petri dish soon”

Midou-san keeps her head tightly and nods, before moving her hand quickly. At the same time, the whole glans was covered with her tongue, and the sensation of ejaculation soon came up.


I suddenly ejaculate inside her mouth as I said nothing.

“Nn!? ……Nku, ……nnku”

She drinks the semen that it is released in her mouth hard while sucking the tip. However, Midou-san isnt able to endure the large amount, and my penis is released to escape.


She screams and my semen is sprinkled on her hair and chest.

The petri dish which parted from her hand made a sound and rolled away.

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