Hero Pandemic chapter 70

Hero Pandemic chapter 70: God is dead–★★



“Aa, ku……haa……haa”

She is expressionless, but Midou-san looks at the petri dish. Of course, semen does not adhere to a drop enough there.

Nonetheless, there is plenty of semen on both her face and chest. She can scoop it out with her fingers and it will be over……but Midou-san who is a genuine researcher seems to have been unconvincing.


“Hey, hey”

Midou-san swallows my half-erect penis after getting confidence by having made me ejaculate once, without hesitation.

The remaining semen is sucked out and even if it is poor, it is sucked politely.

But alas. The time to ejaculation of a man is not equal for the second time and the third time. Better fourth and fifth time, there is a difference between addition and exponentiation.

Whether she know it or not, Midou-san continues sucking just the meat stick that is hard.

“Nku……nju, ju……juru, chu……buchu”

Five minutes, ten minutes……she never raised the root.

At first she was trying hard to stop the saliva that would be dripping due to tiredness of the jaw, but now it is dripping. Rather, she rubbed against the penis with her right hand, showing progress by using her saliva as lubricating oil.

Naturally the level of her tongue skill has also been raised, trying to mix a simple kiss against the glans, making the tongue crawl on the rod, cheeking the bags until her jaw becomes extremely tired.

But, as a matter of course, things have limits. There is a limit to physical strength, there is a limit to the durability of a jaw. Midou-san who became maximum exhausted spit out my penis with a hatred expression.


“Hey, please don’t overstrain yourself. Won’t it be done tomorrow?”



My heart pained from the abrupt groundless abuse.

Well, well, I suppose that she finally thought to abuse me at this timing. Although the words are rushing now, Midou-san shall concentrate on another research rather than spending time here, because it is better to inspect again tomorrow. That way is more efficient.

I thought so.

“Can I insert it soon?”

Midou-san lays down on the floor, spreading her legs while supporting her body behind her back.

There was still resistance in exposing her genital, because her knees hide her secret part. However, thick love juice hung down as if she was expecting it. It seems she has become completely excited by the fellatio apparently.

Even though she is grown-up, her genital is naturally matched with her height size. The hair which grows lightly has a tidy black color, but it does not grow except there and grows with being wrapped in the foreskin. The vagina entrance hid without showing its face even if the feet were spread.

It is a totally unbalanced body. Whether Midou is a girl or an adult……she may still be growing, but this genital will be awful for sex. Even if I see it it looks younger than Aya-chan. It is young and is promoting extra crime.

“……Then, I will insert it”

I only pretend to insert tentatively. Even if I try to stop without doing anything, she will not be convinced, and if she finds out that I couldn’t enter even if I do my best, Midou-san should give up because she is also working hard.

“U……uu……ouch!? Ii, guuu……!”

I sink into the small vaginal opening with the glans that is wet from love juice. It is like thrusting a ping-pong ball into the nose and the size of the hole does not match with the hymen membrane. It is a structurally impossible story where somewhat the slippery got better.

“……Hey, it won’t get in. Let’s stop. It’s not something we have to overdo”

If this act is love I also cooperate. I compromise if necessary.

It hurts. The vagina will split and the unimaginable pain should hit. But if it was an act of loving each other and being convinced, I might as well have thrust into my heart even though I am a demon.

However, every assumption is different. I can not afford to lend a hand to this act that can be said to be only a nuisance, and there is no way I can think so.

……Indeed, Midou-san who is much smarter than I already realized. I´m unmotivated. If so, what does she do? Will she give up――――she will do it herself in the end.

And Midou-san chose the latter. I don’t know what makes her move that far. Does she think it’s the last chance she is interested in or is there another speculation? Or all of it?

“Ii? Stay still, do not move until I say absolutely”

Laying me down, Midou stridge across my erected penis. I felt that her facial expression was slightly puffing whether she remembered the pain she just felt from trying to insert the tip.

However, she breathed in greatly, and one hand was pulled out from the sleeve of the white coat. The tip of the glans is fixed to her vagina and when it is buried slightly, it is untouched.


She shed weight at a dash.

What will happen if I do such a thing…. There is no need to think about it.


The hymen may not be torn but the crotch may be torn. At least a laceration will have been made. As a testimony, the blood dripping from the junction stained the white coat and my belly red.

Besides, it also hurts for me. It seems that the skin is stretched to the limit and it will peel off to where it can not come off. Besides, my penis is buried more than half, but about a third remains. Of course, there is still a destination because I don’t feel that I entered the interior.

“……Hey, breathe out slowly. Once”

Because it hurts so much, she breathes obediently slowly.

And a moment sooner than having her waist to pull out the pierced dick.

“Agu, aaaaaaaaaa!!”

She forcibly dropped down and swallowed everything this time.

“Ite, Itetete!”

Of course, I have a reasonable pain.

Fuck! I thought I understood the girl in front of me, but it was my imagination. I don’t know what she is thinking!


She growled on my belly like a threatening stray cat.

What on earth would make her do this. What is the driving force? Considering that she is so serious, she is troubled with her long bangs in her eyes.

“It’s all in”

Midou-san said with a triumphant look.


It’s not like my reaction is candid. What else should I return instead? I wonder if I can be strangled if I say “Here is great”.

……Well, what do I say? It may be misunderstood. Because it would be too much to praise Midou-san as “You are a great person”.

She certainly is smart. She’s a genius. ……So why can you argue that there are no natural places? In this world there is a wonderful word “The kind calls a friend”.

In the end, the likelihood that Honjo-san’s friend is just as good as her is unfortunately not zero.

When I look at the girl in front of me with a filter obstructed by Honjo’s thinking from the viewpoint of Honjo-san, she surely seems like an enormously competent human. Because this is Midou-san.

I also had a look at the girl in front of me through a filter, because of the image described by Honjo-san. So I was wondering if there was any hidden idea up until now. Different. The one to doubt is Honjo-san, who was a girl in front of me.

“Yoshi Yoshi”

So I holding the girl in a reflective way and stroked her head.

“……What are you doing?”

But as I had anticipated to some extent I could narrow my head. Sorry, I do not have much of a malice.

“Take it out quickly without doing such stupid things”

Somehow this time I truly understand what kind of person she is. What I can do is to ejaculate as soon as possible. It is not convinced if not it is not released either.

Without saying, I could not thrust up my thigh, so I crawled my hand to her waist.


Since Aya-chan was a reader model and was also a member of the swimming club, there was something that could be called sufficiently constricted. But Kurumi-chan does not have much to say “waist!”. In short it is because her body is very young and the body of Midou which is not mature is not curvy at all.

The adult appeal in such a place is erotic.


At this stage I finally got excited.

I move my hands from her waist to her hips.


The voice has come out instinctively. It is very big. Her butt.

Aya-chan and Kurumi-chan have more stiffness or hardness. When it is Honjo-san and Shizuyo-chan, then softness is added there.

In the case of Midou-san, its softness is clogged and has a heavy feeling, though her body is proportionally big. In brief, she was an easy-delivery-type and had a body shape to give babies.

“Nn, now my little friend is trembling, I wonder if it is about to come out”

She shakes her hips while distorting her face in pain or feeling good. It was a movement to stimulate the hard lump and the glans in the womb rather than to drink up the semen.


Still, there is a place called man’s true worth to be conceived. That’s why it is unavoidable to become anxious about Midou-san’s “attractiveness as a woman” as I noticed it.

“It hurts a little, ouch……u……ku, don’t move……”

I push up my hips to push up the uterus like a dagger. Because the vicinity of the uterus is not tightened too much, the glans has space and only the root is crushed firmly. I cannot recognize pleasure when the tightening is too strong, but I can say that this is just a stimulation for my fifth ejaculation.

The feeling of ejaculation came sooner than I thought.

“Midou-san……I’m about to release it”

“……Kaede, is fine. If you have sex, isn’t it a bit tactless to call my surname?”

Unexpectedly……I knew that already, but I didn’t think Midou-san would be such a maiden……no, Kaede.

By the way, Honjo-san is also not right, I should call her Yumi properly……the limit came at last when thinking about this.

“Kaede, I’m going to ejaculate!”

“A, At last, it goes out. Then, take it out in the petri dish at once――――eh?”

Byurururuuu, dobyu, byuu, byuru, byuuu

“Wa, Wait a moment. Ah, nooo”

Even though it is a cumulative ejaculation, Kaede suddenly starts to rampage, when I pour my white liquid inside. I wonder what she wanted, but what’s going on? There is a possibility that she got scared.

However, after finishing the cumshot, as I taste the afterglow like hunger, I don’t release the hold of her waist while flighting to the sky and enjoy the taste of Kaede´s vagina with my eyes closed……………I finally finished taking care of it when I was satisfied.

“Huu……you take it out……ah?”

When I opened my eyes, there was Kaede. Of course. Because we had sex so far. If this is a different person, I would be afraid.

Oh, come to think of it, ejaculation in a dream, in short, when I wake up thinking that rapporteur, in fact, it has been naughty Aya while sleeping……there was something, too. Yes, if I wake up like that again――――


The sound of the petri dish was distorted. Of course, it is not Aya-chan nor Kurumi-chan who swallowed my penis with the lower mouth.

There is only one thing I can do in such a state.

“God bless you”

Yes, it’s about cutting the cross.

“God is dead”

And I also died.

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