Hero Pandemic chapter 71

Hero Pandemic chapter 71: This is Moe




Woke up. The fact that I woke up was, of course, that I was asleep until now…. Not good. I can’t remember what happened.

“……It’s a type of ceiling I don’t know”

Because I have stayed in various rooms, I have seen many ceilings. However, I have never seen a pure white ceiling. Where is this?

“Ahh, you got up. Good morning”

The bed was creaking and an angel appeared before my eyes suddenly.

“Hmm? Are you an angel, Honjo-san……angel……god……uh, my head”

“An, Angel……Matoba-san are you okay!? Kaede-san said you hit your head quite well……”

Honjo-san dedicatedly supports me to get up. And with one phrase, I remembered everything before I lost consciousness.

“I see, that……ah, thanks. Perhaps I’m okay”

When I looked at my body, I found out that Honjo-san or Kaede dressed me. At least they could have put on some shorts….

I’m drowsy, my head is heavy……it looks like a cold.

Is that so? That’s a relief then! Ah, we´re making rice now, I will come to call you as soon as it is ready!”

Honjo who gets off the bed leaves the room.

Now that I remember it, I thought with my head that I should call her name, so I start to talk.

“Thank you――――Yumi”

Honjo-san´s hand that opens the door has stopped.

And when she came back to me in that state, she went up the bed and pushed me down. I am a bit scared of her movement.

“Wh, What?”

“Th, Thank you”


“Ah, emm……Yumi”

As I say so, Yumi quickly relaxed.

“Yes! Your Yumi!”

And with that momentum, she takes off her sailor’s coat and push me down completely. The face was a female who is in lus, and the mood was like a herbivorous animal that is attacked by a carnivorous beast.

Moreover, we´re going to have sex at a time like this, because she removes the buttons of my shirt one by one with trembling hands. Calm down.

I’m starting to get a cold, but I don’t cough, but I have a sore throat. It’s so cold. As I got goosebumps, Yumi removed my shirt. Afterwards she immediately lowered my trousers.

“……What? It is not energetic. ……Fine, leave it to me”

Because I was not wearing pants when Yumi said so, she grabbed my son who was barely exposed. Is it a thrill or chill? Perhaps the latter is probably because the sensation is dull and it was not very pleasant.

I was wondering how to stop this girl……bang! The door was opened vigorously.


It was Aya-chan who came. She has coffee and a egg in her hand, did she made it herself. And Yumi doesn’t notice.

She seems to be angry apparently when she comes closer. I’m sure she’ll get angry if I cum early in the morning……when I think about it, Aya-chan raises the egg and smash it on Yumi´s head who was unguarded.


Of course, Yumi turns around and says “What do you do!”, but as soon as she saw Aya-chan she became silent.――――N? Nn? NNnnn?

It seems to be really dangerous. I suffered from auditory hallucinations. There is no such a thing.

“A, Aya-chan…”

*petit*, Aya ‘s hand touched my forehead. And to confirm the heat properly, she put her forehead on my forehead. It is cold and pleasant.

“Hold on, when you are so forceful, then dont be rude”


“Kazuya, what’s with this reply?”

“Ah, yes”

I nodded. There was no choice but to nod.

“Good grief……there are things that can’t be said with words”

While complaining about the mumbling, Aya-chan put the shirt that was stripped away by Yumi on me.

“Ah, is that so?”

I noticed. It is a dream. That’s a dream. I imagined that Aya-chan would talk in such a cheeky way.

“Ah, emm……Matoba-san, are you in a bad condition……?”

“As you can see”

Aya replies instead of me. Yumi fell apart with an apologetic face.

“If you think that it is bad, yes, this. Please help everyone”

“Yes……I´m sorry……”

Yumi went out of the sleeping room with hanging her head down. I feel a little bad, but I am grateful to be honest. I may have been dead in the middle of the action if we started to have sex now. Although it is a dream.


I thought Aya-chan would leave too, but she touched my lips with a smile.


And twists it with moderate strength.

“Hua, Huani!?”

When my voice of the protest was not able to be pronounced well because she pinched my cheek, Aya-chan released her hand after several seconds.

“No, you had a face like “I see, this is a dream”.

“Yes, Indeed…”

I look at Aya-chan.


I touched my still aching cheek. And then.


I fainted.




Something chilly touched my forehead and I woke up. Grabbing it reflexively, it was a slightly wet towel.

“Sorry, I woke you up”

“No, it’s fine――――Aya-chan”

It was Aya-chan who carefully took care for me. Undoubtedly, this girl talked to me. There is only me and Aya in this room. Someone is mischievous and not aloud. There is no punchline of my dreams and illusions.

“Aya-chan. ……No”

“Aya is fine”

The name Aya is what I gave her. Now that she can talk, she better correct her name. I thought so, but Aya said that “Aya” is okay. With that, my heart was saved a little. But, if.

“How come you……now?”

The timing isn’t good. There would have been a better time. Why now? I wanted to know that.

However, Aya did not reply at once. Is it hard to say? She doesn’t have to overdo it usually, she will tell me, but I did not have that much margin.

It is a special thing for me that Aya-chan can speak.


Opening and closing her mouth again. She repeated it a couple of times…. When she finally decided, Aya talked about her own thoughts.

“Recently, but I didn’t want to say something……”

It’s too cute”

I made a Tsukkomi by spinal reflex.

……Eh? That’s it? No, it may be important for Aya-chan. But, eh? Seriously?



No, “Yes” isn’t right.

Okay, let’s change the question.

How long have you been able to speak?”

“……When I caught that cold……maybe when I vomited that white flower? I noticed is a little later”

“I see……that……I was sure something had happened, but I didn’t thought you would be able to speak again……”

Kurumi-chan was saved before becoming a zombie. But I was convinced, “I guess Aya-chan can’t talk because she was originally a zombie”, and I felt I understood without permission. But yes. Aya was the only one to come with, and now she can do anything. It might be a strange story that can’t be talked about, because she is like a normal girl now.

“Kazuya……that, do you dislike me speaking?”

No, No, No! Ah no, this is not “disgusting”…..rather, it’s confusing! I never dare to dislike Aya!! There is no doubt! It is just……a complicated feeling!”

When I keep on talking all at once, Aya gave an empty expression. Of course. She doesn’t even know what I’m saying.

“Ahaha, I don’t know what that means. ……But the feeling of Kazuya has been transmitted…… Thanks”


When I saw the bashful Aya, my heart jumped. That? Aya, isnt she cute? No, she was originally transcendence pretty, but it overshadowed her cuteness……

“But if I correct something, it’s the part of” I never hate Aya-chan”. ……Not only Kazuya, I also dont hate Kazuya, so you better remember that”

My forehead was pierced over the towel, and I nodded like a broken doll.

……Really? She doesn’t dislike me…………that’s really good. It was stuck there for the time. What if Aya hated me, what would I do? If you think about what I’ve been doing since I met her, it’s only natural to consider it that way.

The favor to me is only a fake to survive……there was such a fear. If I could express my feelings, I might be denied. That uneasiness was finally resolved.


Deeply relieved, I sink to bed.

“……Aya, I want to calm down a bit, can I hug you?”

“Huhu, what. Why calm down? I´m fine”

I hug Aya who has been approaching. So that it doesn’t hurt as much as possible, but as strong as possible.

I got a feeling of security enough for tears to come out of my eyes.

“But everyone will be surprised, if they know that Aya can talk”

“……Ye, Yes”

I hugged for a couple of minutes and settled down, so I casually said such a thing without a doubt. But the response to that is bad.

…………I remembered the thing before I slowly fainted.

First of all, the words that Aya-chan spoke. She certainly said “Disturbance” to Honjo-san. After that, they had a conversation. It is ambiguous because it is a memory when my condition was bad, but there was nothing wrong with that conversation. ……It is already funny in itself.

It was awfully frank for the first time that the conversation was done though there was a possibility that it did not hold the sense of incompatibility even if Aya talked because she had just met Honjo-san.

“Hey, Aya-chan”

“Wh, What?”

“Perhaps…………am I the only one who doesn’t know that Aya could talk?”


Aya did not say yes nor no. Instead that was the answer.

“……Kazuya, I was anxious……that when I talk, I will make you feel uneasy”

It had been completely penetrated. Oh, it’s not that she did it, because Aya was anxious. Ah I see? Because of my anxiety, Aya became uneasy! Then I have to get rid of it.

“Ah, I was worried. I was worried about arbitrarily thinking of Aya hating me. ……Sadly I was worried about that……but I’m not worried about you talking. I will believe Aya if you say “I like you”, because I trust Aya, because I remove all the anxiety, so it was uneasy that we cant tell each other’s feelings”

Heikamon, word of love. I pour my real intention by mixing some reckless shakes.

Aya might have understood the words I wanted to say at once. She looks bright red.

I do not know how many times we kissed and how many times we had sex. But this is my first time to express my feelings. I wonder if there is a sense of resistance there.

But I believe in Aya and wait.


And finally Aya made up her determination and opened her mouth with tears in her eyes.

“Ah, I love you……Baka……!”

To the extraordinary cuteness I bleed while opening enlightenment that “This is Moe……”.

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