Hero Pandemic chapter 72

Hero Pandemic chapter 72: Panacea



“You eat porridge, right!? I’ll bring it to you!!”

Ah, she ran away.

No, but……honestly, I was saved. Aya seems to have zero mental power due to shame, but I completely recover rather than receiving damage, that’s why I rise up from the futon. Somehow radiant.

I’m sick. I’m sick to the extent that I didn’t respond to Yumi´s caress.

But Aya is talking now. Shall I beg her to cry with her cute voice? One or two superb people and I get an erection.

When I was praising Aya in my heart, the door opened without knocking. Yumi and Kaede came inside…. However Kaede sits in a wheelchair and is holding some porridge. Yumi came into the room in the form of pushing the wheelchair.

“What’s wrong?”

“…………It was twisted”

“Phew, twisted……”

Looking at the lower abdomen at a glance, Kaede throws the bowl she had.


“Staring so abruptly, you tinycon”

Well, the cause of it was the deflowering by me, so I didn’t particularly made a tsukkomi. Kaede isn’t willing to let the others know, but when Kaede decides that it is better to hide that fact, I can just respect it.

“What? Why did Kaede throw the porridge?”


Instead of Kaede answering my question, Yumi interrupts because of the thrown meal.

“Wait a minute, Matoba-san. What’s my name?”

“Hmm? Yumi”

I’m not sure, but I think the answer to this question would calm her down, so I call her name and Yumi smiled happily.

“Ehehe……then, what about Kaede?”


“What is this!?”

Bang! Yumi hits the futon. I sweated a bit, because she nearly hit my crotch. I wonder what she will answer, rather than if she calmed down.

“Listen, Matoba-san. It took me four months to get you call me by my name. Four months, right? When I first met you, it was still January……since then! Finally today! So why is it possible for you to call her name? You know Kaede only for a day now!? What discrimination!”

Bullet talk pressure. Is it a mere wind or some power emanating from Yumi that let her hair shaking?

However, there is no point of discrimination or anything. Aya has only one name in the first place, and the sisters inevitably are called by name. As for Kaede, she told me to call her that……when I think about it, I feel like Yumi is wrong.

“No……you never said to me to call you by your name”

“…………Thats right”

Unexpectedly she was convinced easily and calmed down. It may be closer than extinguished rather than calming.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting”

Kurumi-chan, Shizuyo-chan and Aya-chan came over.

I forgot because of Yumi´s obstructing, why did Kaede come here? Besides, gathering everyone……there is probably no choice for everyone to do “That” with me.

“Everyone is here…..I gathered you all for one reason. I found out that the semen of this tinycon could really prevent you from becoming a zombie”

“What……!?” “Tinycon?” “……Tinycon?” “Tiny……con”? “Are you a tinycon?”

Except for the speaker, everyone showed a reaction. ……Hmm? Anyone except me reacts to the tinycon?

“How did I notice the possibility……I confirmed it by examining the semen I got yesterday”

“Really……!?” “Obtained” “Semen” “Semen” “Obtained”

Is that so! I knew that my sperm was special. A expert can see the difference at a glance……!

What did she mean.

“Everyone, please be quiet. I don’t understand what she is saying”

“Understood……tinycon” Aya-chan said.

“I understand Tinycon-senpai” Shizuyo-chan said.

“I knew it, tinycon” Kurumi-chan said.

“Tinycon?” Yumi didn’t listen to the story.

If three girls gather, they say it is fierce, but if five people gather, it will be like this. For the time being, I would like to deny the allegations of being a tinycon first, but since the mystery of my semen is more important, I decided not to ask and urge the continuation.

“Matoba-san, your semen is mostly……hyphae”

“Hyphae… …like mushroom?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I will briefly explain……”

Kaede says roughly, mushrooms and molds are collections of hyphae, parts of mushrooms that humans can eat are the young bodies……their role is to spray spores.

In short, the main body of mushrooms is this hyphae, which is scattered by releasing it. It seems that my penis is playing the role of a mushroom.

Originally mushrooms are treated as a metaphor for male organs not only visually but also because their roles are similar.

“Well then I myself play the role of soil like a fruit body for mushrooms”

“That will be the case……so I will save you a detailed story. The cause of this pandemic is the new kind of cordyceps sinensis I found in a certain country”

I wasn’t surprised because I was listening to Yumi, but I was surprised that the little girl in front of me knew about the pandemic and everyone else also looked at her.

“You can think that Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom parasitizing so-called insects”

This pandemic happened because of the parasitic on humans.

“That reminds me of what I’ve heard in class. Cordyceps sinensis infested ants and dominates their bodies”

It seems that such a story has appeared during lessons, therefore Shizuyo raised her hand and made remarks.

“Hee……ruling ants……what does it do with controlling them?”

“I don’t remember the details, but it could move the ant’s body and stop at a good vantage point and let oneself eat by birds……”

I see. That’s why I let it get away.

“As close to the specie that parasitizes ants, this new kind of Cordyceps sinensis definitely dominates humans”

However, unlike ants, there are few organisms that eat humans. Therefore, in order to increase as organisms……a existence similar to humans who isn’t ruled by the Cordyceps is necessary.

If a zombie finds a human, it will attack him. For growth.

And that way is mucosal infection……zombies convey the hyphae directly from their saliva by chewing humans.

The hyphae infested with humans deprives the host of nutrition and proliferate. Growing as it is, the child entity……unlike mushrooms, the Cordyceps sinensis becomes the grass as the name and scatters the spores. Spores germinate, hyphae is born……loop.

“Although it is a hypothesis to the end, there is almost no mistake. As a result of examining it, that child over there……I found that Hyphae in Aya´s saliva”

Kaede comes to the main point now.

“The hyphae found in Matoba’s semen and the hyphae found from Aya turned out to be a different evolution”

“Different evolution……?”

“Yes, two different things. ……Does Matoba-san has any clue?”

Far from being aware of it, I just knew it.

Aya-chan has eaten my blood and meat and returned to being a human. In the end, I was already infected at that time. My hyphae has undergone another evolution.

And while the pandemic was happening in the world, luckily I wasn’t infected with the zombie virus. ……No, I was infected, but it has become something else. That’s probably why I didn’t notice the pandemic――――

“――――Influenza……I was asleep at home when the world was in trouble. While playing mobile games without touching the TV, I was sleeping alone without going out”

It might be different, but when I mentioned the influenza as a clue, Kaede nodded satisfied.

“……So, what you said, surprisingly matches”


“Although I explained it to Yumi-san once, all the viruses that were made here……were designed to be unbearable over 40 degrees Celsius so that they could be killed quickly in a device”

I had a high fever with influenza. I think I was in bed for about several days at around 40 degrees.

“Matoba´s hyphae should have been annihilated because it is the condition that it dies at more than 40 degrees, so if it is alive it is a new specie that adapted to the environment and evolved”

If the temperature was higher, it would die out. But I’m dead too. That’s why the half-hearted body temperature has come to produce a new specie.

“I know that the background of the new species has been known in a chain-like manner. Matoba´s hyphae is parasitic to the host and unlike the Cordyceps sinensis which only absorbs nutrition. It seems that it evolved into a selected Cordyceps sinensis……why do I know that……I attempted to administer some of the viruses placed here on the hyphae obtained from the sperm of Matoba-san……inbred bacteria, the virus is enclosed and has been killed with surprising swiftness”


The name “Matoba’s hyphae” was omitted suddenly and I was surprised that it became a botanical name like a field fungus, but I was more surprised than that.

“My semen is a panacea to all viruses……?”

Yes, it is so. Instead of killing the normal zombie fungus, it was a panacea for killing all viruses”

My semen is too terrible……and, the name is settled with zombie virus instead of Aya-chan´s hyphae.

“In addition to being a panacea, it keeps the state of the body of the host constant, so it is good for beauty and health”


Every girl reacts in unison.

You’re not scared to go around? My semen. Everyone is looking at my crotch.

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