Hero Pandemic chapter 73

Hero Pandemic chapter 73: Experiment again



“Although the point with the beauty and health is only speculation……the healing of injuries will probably have an accelerated impact”

“It’s really too versatile……that? Now that I remember it, I have a cold now”

You think speculation was just speculation? However, it is also strange that you can’t prevent zombies or a cold.

“The sickness called cold doesn’t exist in the first place. A cold is a generic term that results from a battle in which the body is going to eliminate a virus that enters the body. So it’s natural that you get a fever or a runny nose, and it’s not minorin to be sick in the first place”

It doesn’t mean that it is immediate death even if the healing of the injury is quickly, it means to live my life as I had before.

“I mostly explain it, but do you have any questions?”

Aya-chan raised her hand.

“I know that Kazuya’s semen can prevent someone from becoming a zombie, but why can’t I be attacked by zombies? Kazuya and even the bitten Kurumi are attacked”

Sure. Only Aya is masquerading as a zombie all the time. I know well that I´m targeted because I´m a mutation or another evolved specie, but Kurumi and Yumi, which were bitten too, are being targeted by zombies.

“It is probably because the mycelium is attacked because the mycelium is a different specie. Targeted by zombies even if they were bitten……this is also speculation only, but its because it does not match the conditions. Have you ever seen the moment when a man bitten by a zombie become a zombie?”

Everyone nods. I was watching the situation many times.

“When zombies eat humans, do they stop eating in the middle without completing it? ……This is probably because they became a zombie at that time. In other words, the amount of mycelium in your body was regarded as a friend when it became more than a certain amount. The other two quickly received semen and did not reach that certain amount”

I was certainly wondering. Zombies eat humans. This is no doubt, but why leave a corpse which you can still eat. A new corpse is still likely to be eaten, so why don’t other zombies attack? It is only speculation, but it applies.

But it’s paradoxical…….

“Aya is still a zombie, as everyone is thinking, but if you keep on ingesting semen she will become a normal human again someday ――――Don’t become careless. Since you did not get attacked yesterday, doesn’t mean that you won’t be attacked today”

Honesty Aya-chan ‘s presence in this group is a major strength. It is obvious that she is not a zombie even if she is bitten, because there is a possibility of bleeding and shock death. Not being targeted by zombies is not another world´s cheat.

“……That reminds me a little while ago, Aya vomited a flower when she caught a cold. White, it was a flower petal similar to a lily, in short, this is a part of the grass of the Cordyceps sinensis, I think it’s okay to sprout?”

“Flowers……thats right. You fulfilled the conditions of sprouting as your body temperature rose……no, it doesn’t sprout from releasing, maybe something has arrived there probably…… just what is beyond knowing what will happen, do not catch a cold as much as possible and take semen once a day to thoroughly do it”

Needless to say, the female team nods in unison. Even though we depend on each person, at least five times every day……I must be prepared.

“By the way, what about my blood and saliva?”

If my hips are dead, I would kiss them all the time. That’s what I thought, and as she sensed my intentions, Kaede shook her head happily. She usually has an expressionless face.

“Because many of the hyphae are in the testicles, I wonder if a large amount of hyphae are mixed in your semen. ……In other words, the number will be less stray away, so maybe not. Actually, I tried to examine your saliva and blood, but it was overwhelmingly few. If the number is small, far from losing the zombie fungus, it might be a serious thing to become violent in your body. so perfect would be to choose the semen”

Huhuu, Kaede laughed. But if she knew what I’m thinking, she wouldn’t have such a face. Because I want to do my very best. Against Kaede.

She told it herself. If you take semen once a day and thoroughly do it. No doubt the person can be broken.

“No more questions? If not, you can eat porridge to regain your energy. The Cordyceps sinensis absorbs the host’s nutrition, so you can eat as much as you want”

Yes, I pass the porridge which has completely cooled down to Aya.

Aya takes it as a matter of course and choose to carry a spoon silently to my mouth. Of course I don’t open my mouth.


Aya calls my name, but I don’t open my mouth.


Aya who guess my intentions groans shyly, which is just cute. Everyone else is looking at here with a expression “What are they doing”.

“A, Aaah……”

She looked into my eyes while being embarrassed and she holds the spoon.


Kurumi shows a hungry face, Shizuyo seems to be glad and Yumi stands behind Aya with a face that says “Next is me”, even though we have no order.

“Nn, delicious”

It seems that the rice porridge cooked once was washed with water, but with a cold the taste dulls me just right. It is smooth and delicious without a specific disgusting sticky feeling. Because it allows us to eat together, it is enveloped by the sense of euphoria.

“……I will have a heartburn when I see this”

Whether she didn’t like seeing us flirting, Kurumi stood up and started to leave――――but she didn’t leave and came between Aya and me. However she didn’t interrupt us and crawled into the futon before lowering the zipper.

“Ah, don’t leave us out of the fun”

Destroying our small little world, Kurumi started to lick my penis.

“Ah, unfair!”

Yumi also wants to feed me and say “Aah” more than I expected, because she is sitting behind Aya-chan. It seems that Aya is not likely to give up her position which is regrettable news for Yumi.

“Kazuya, aaah”

“N, aaah……uu”

As Aya makes me eat, my consciousness is given to Kurumi ‘s tongue licking my son. Because it is after the unfamiliar blowjob of Kaede, I feel even more pleasant.


Aya shows her chest at a glance. Her cute nipples are peeping out with her smooth skin that has no scratches.


Suddenly my penis grew bigger and I noticed that Kurumi is surprised inside the futon.

I wonder why nipple that peep out from the chest still has a different taste or is more erotic than seen naked..

Speaking of skin, there is no scratch.

“I was wondering when I first met Aya, you didn’t have any traces of a zombie bite, so how were you infected before I was bitten?”

When I asked this question while chewing the porridge, Kaede slammed and closed the book that she had started to read.

Were you reading when you thought it was quiet? What a bad guy.

“The first infection was probably an air infection. I don’t know how it leaked, but I think it infected a few hundred or thousands because of the spreading of the infection. Of course, in summer, the world will end when the summer grass is blooming. Everyone who’s in a safe place where the spores are will be infected――――without your semen”

What a great story, I thought that the survival of mankind is really at stake……for my semen.

I thought it was further away, but summer comes in a few months.

“I have to cultivate your mycelium by the time summer comes and have to bring it to a state that I can easily absorb it”

“That’s right. But I think the worst summer is over. In fact, Aya seems to have returned to being a human……lets start to experiment soon”


My son, who responded to the word experiment trembled and Kurumi’s voice was heard from under the futon. It can not be helped. Experiment in me is essentially erotic.

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