Hero Pandemic chapter 74

Hero Pandemic chapter 74: Everyone is arranged in a row–★★



“Well, if we’re going to catch a zombie for an experiment, we need to be ready――――”

“Nn!? Cough!?”

I stop Kaede who is about to leave the room. Enthusiastically, I stretched out my hands and caught her, at the same time I abruptly stopped Kurumi´s fellatio.

“Go away, tinycon――――wait!”

It is easy to suppress the movement of her upper body and struggle. I drag Kaede from the wheelchair to the bed while holding her arms down.

“『Release your semen once a day and do it thoroughly』 you said. I’m going to do it immediately”

Kaede opened her eyes slightly whether she finally noticed her own verbal slip. Although she doesn’t change her expression, I guess she probably is thinking about a breakthrough. It’s useless.

And as soon as the gray brain cells find the correct answer, did Kaede open her mouth――――at that moment, I pinched Kaede´s left nipple like yesterday.


A high-pitched cry echoes.

Kaede managed to move her body in order to escape from my fingers and the pleasant feeling. Afterwards, she pushes her face against the futon so that her voice doesn’t leak……of course, I know that she is feeling good from her trembling.

“I think there will be more opportunities for 6p in the future. I think if I don’t move, maybe my son will be at a loose end……”

My left hand is already buried inside Kaede. My penis is occupied by Kurumi, so only my right arm remains.

“Ah, please leave your penis to me and my sister”

A technological revolution happened immediately when I thought about it. Shizuyo, who was called by Kurumi went to the other side and started to lick my penis together with her younger sister to show off their teamwork.

In short, it’s a double fellatio, which is exquisite and the force is perfect. The left and right forces are even and my penis doesnt move in a meaningless sense.

The tongues are pressed exactly right and left and when I think whether it is tangled up and down, they entangle. Kurumi comforts the glans and the root, while Shizuyo caress the balls with her mouth.

“Ii!? uGu!”

Unexpected force enters my anus and I pinch Kaede´s nipple again.

“As one would expect from sisters……nmu”

After hesitating, Aya seems to have chosen my lips instead of my right hand and I was kissed while talking.

“Ah!? A late start!”

I saw Yumi hanging around the edge of my view, so I waive my right hand to give her a sign to come here.

“Uu……I wanted to kiss the penis……”

While grasping my right hand in a hurry, she is dropping her shoulders. Of course, everyone should have heard her words, but everyone pretends not to hear it.

Kaede has her nipple teased, Aya is french kissing and the sisters do a double fellatio. And Yumi was holding my hand while crying.

Because it was a pity that Yumi was left out, I take my index finger into her mouth, “Ah……!” and she sucked it happily.

Whether we are exchanging kisses or doing a blowjob, Yumi´s tongue moves indecently by tasting my finger.

Meanwhile the sisters gradually made intense movements to lead me to ejaculation. I can put it out as it is, but since it is awesome, I would like to have some fun.

My view is filled with Aya, so I relaxed my senses and let go of Kaede’s nipple before entering her skirt. The attack on her nipple worked better than I had expected, because she was wet enough for my fingers to enter easily.

Because I decided that I insert my penis first in Kaede today, I will loose her pussy now.

Yumi who shifted from my index finger to my middle finger, pulled my finger out of her mouth and let me touch her crotch to appeal that I should insert my dick inside her first.


Grabbing my hand pleasantly, Yumi moved her waist back and forth while hugging my right arm closely.

My left hand taste a somewhat stiff vagina, while my right hand touches a soft pussy.

“Nn, you want to insert it soon, right?”

I pull my penis away from the Kasai sisters and move Aya aside. Today I decided to try my best against Kaede, of course the top batter is Kaede.

“First of all, from Kaede”

I get on top of Kaede who is lying on the bed motionless and rub my penis against her secret hole.

“What? Matoba-san, have you already done it with Kaede-san?”

“……No, I didn’t”

I lied because Kaede also said that before.

“If you insert it suddenly, it’ll be bad!”

However, Yumi who thinks that Kaede is a virgin says it is better to caress her properly. It is not insane to suddenly pierce into a virgin. Although the person in question is put in the woman on top posture suddenly.

“But I felt like I can insert my fingers, because Kaede isn’t a virgin, right?”


Four people were surprised and match their voices. Well, they were also virgins before, so there is no wonder that they show such a expression.

But as Kaede buried her face in the futon, she said “… I have a relationship with that serious tinycon. He is a terrible pervert” and everyone seems to be convinced.


“Eh, it isn’t surprising that――――ouch!?”

In order to seal the mouth of Kaede that began to talk, I thrust inside at once.

Suddenly the internal organs were pressured and Kaede couldnt breathe well out of pain, while I reached my limit.

“Aya get on top of Kaede……ah, please turn your ass towards me. Yes, just wait”

The waist is slapped while enjoying the pressure feeling of a big hips for the height scale.

“……Gu, this……man, uu, careless, iiiiruu……!”

“Ah, I cum”

Byururuu! Dobyuu. byu……byuuu, byubyu

“Ah, wai……t!”

Ejaculating my semen as if I treated her as my onahole, Kaede seems to complaint on her treatment and protests from below. I pretend not to hear it, pull out my penis which is still in the middle of ejaculation, and insert it into Aya-chan.

“K, Kazuya……”

Aya complained of my sudden insertion and ejaculation. However she was looking forward to it.

“Sorry Sorry”

Shaking my waist as an apology, the semen that overflowed from the junction drips on Kaede´s hips and her white coat.

“Wa, Wait! Stop shaking your hips!”

“……It’s true that you know it’s dirty and you’re wearing your clothes”

Because I received a constructive opinion, I take off Kaede´s clothes as it is.

“On purpose!? I know what you’re trying to do!?”

Everyone else also take off their clothes and line up in a row. They put their hands on the edge of the bed and push up their butts.

“I confess, I think every man will dream of it once”

Beautiful girls are made to line up in one row to have sex with them. The reaction of the women is subtle, but it seems that they understand and follow my instructions properly.

By the way the order is Kaede, Aya, Kurumi, Shizuyo and Yumi from the left. Although there is no meaning, I decided to place Yumi at the end of the line. Because Kaede and Aya already had it inserted, she didn’t thought that she would be the last in order.

Normally in this order, Kurumi will be next.


Yumi is shocked when she sees me inserting my penis into Kurumi. I don’t mean to bully her, but why did I make such a choice?

“Nn……this kind of thing, it is feeling differently”

Kurumi uttered a doubt while trembling and feeling it.

“It’s totally different. Kurum´s pussy is soft, a bit of resistance when you insert it, but when you want to pull it out it doesnt let you go! Like a spoiled child, it doesnt let you go”

“Th, that’s enough!”

Kurumi was embarrassed from my explanation and interrupted my words as she buries her face in the bed. Taking a glimpse, her ears and face is red.

I enjoy Kurumi’s vagina in one sentence, before I move ahead to Shizuyo.

There is no big resistance when pulling in and out, because her pussy is soaking wet. Just because it is a habit to put power in my waist, her vaginal pressure is high and her vagina is squeezing according to the anal movement. And……


When I insert my fingers in her butt hole, you will see a different movement again.

“Let’s do it with your ass next time”

When I whisper so in her ear, Shizuyo nods happily. It is a pity that she is still a virgin in her butt.

“Well, next”

“Yes! Yes Yes!”

I put it inside Kurumi while looking at Yumi who shakes her hips.


“No, I’m joking……hahaha”

The ABS trembles in reaction as expected. I don’t want to bully her, but it’s a man’s character to tease a woman for a cute reaction.

“Uu……Matoba-san, you bully……”

“Sorry. Look, because men are simple, they do not change from when they were small. I’m a boy who tease someone he loves, so won’t you forgive me?”

“I will forgive you!”

It is really cute that her expressions change. In Yumi´s case, I prefer to have sex in missionary position to see her face, but being connected in the doggy style position is also nice and has some benefits.

If you insert it slowly from behind, countless folds will welcome you.

Because the direction of the folds change each time I move in and out, it feels like as if I´m thrusting in different pussies every time. Even though Yumi looks like a pure and orthodox black-haired girl, her lower part is squeezing semen more than anyone.

“I’m about to cum soon……”

When we are looking at each other´s face, the tightening becomes violent. It is not a climax, but it might be Yumi´s begging. I don’t want to refuse her begging so I start to cum.

“Well then, Yumi accept everything!”

“!!? Kuu……!”

Yumi reached the climax as if she was pleased to her my words and the glans penetrate her uterus and release the semen.

In order to respond to that expectation, I pressed my back against her protruding butt and unleashed everything with full strength.

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