Hero Pandemic chapter 76

Hero Pandemic chapter 76: Infallible



Two days have passed since the first six-man orgy.

The skimpy entertainment is too little though it is not sex like on the first day. The story might be another if it is connected to the internet, but it seems not to recover so easily unlike water and electricity indeed. We had sex to kill time.

“Kazuya-san, I am bored……play with me……”

Kurumi says so while lying on a bed in the sleeping room. However, even if she said she is bored, we had sex together a while ago. As proof of evidence thick semen drips from her crotch.

“Uhh, I wish I would have brought cards here. Nothing to do here”

That day, we encountered Yumi and headed straight to this laboratory, we only had the minimum necessary with us.

“It’s so hard for people who have nothing to do unlike me”

With a sarcastic tone Kaede is hitting the keyboard of the laptop at the far end bed. She works with this laptop which has inferior specs in this room……without a significant reason.

“Do you have anything?”

“Shut up, lolicon”

Although it is several days since we met, Kaede has the habit to call me “Lolicon” often. My semen swims swiftly in that little body, so I keep silent without any particular denial. Well, Kurumi is in a more problematic age.

“I´m bored!”


I’m ready to do anything! Eating the flying body press that was just performed, the air in my lungs is vomited.

“Do you want to laugh until you cant anymore……”

“Kyaa! Pervert!”

Receive a tickle punishment.

As I tickle the flanks of Kaede who is hold down by me and tries to escape, Kaede closed the laptop from our noise.

“Ah, why are you so noisy?”

In order to save mankind, Kaede is doing research. It’s not my intention to interfere.

But apparently it was different, and Kaede shook her head and opened her mouth.

“Let’s do an experiment”


“Yes. An experiment to turn zombies back into humans”

That’s why we decided to leave the laboratory.

I think I won’t say that I did a experiment before, where I caught zombies and gave them my semen, but it was a failure.

The amount of mycelia properly administered, the state of zombies. It is necessary to make them as numerical as possible. In addition, even if you can prevent zombies by ingesting my sperm, there are limits to how many humans can be saved.

Cordyceps sinensis evolved inside me and we must think about culturing it and how to use it as a medicine.

Since it is an organism classified as a fungus, what kind of condition will it live and reach the body……we need the materials that let us know it better.

And, it seem to be in the――――SDF base.
It is not a strange story because Kaede was originally on the base, but I feel a sense of destiny.

Nonetheless, at that time, if we went with Makoto-kun……everyone would have headed to the base without leaving Yumi behind…….

I think about such an if-case. But surely, there was a desire similar to conviction that I wouldn’t be happy as much as now.

“The SDF base……if it is the six of us, I’m sure we’ll arrive without any incident”


It is a remark that can be said as a flag, but in reality we have arrived at the base without any doubt.

Nobody got caught, there was no fear of being caught, it was not even a moment when it was dangerous today.

So, yes. In that sense everyone was careless. Because it cannot be helped?

It is impossible for anyone to think that during the battle between humanity and zombies, the SDF base that can be said as its fort, is falling.

“Kazuya, just I……”

The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t Kaede or Yumi that lived in the SDF base, but Aya-chan.

“What’s wrong?”

The direction Aya-chan pointed to is supposed to be the Self-Defense Force Base according to the map of an offline app. Of course, the map wasn’t wrong, but we still didn’t know why the base is dark.


Kaede mutters. Now it’s around 8 o’clock in the evening, it’s natural that it’s dark.

“…… Where’s the light?”

Yumi was also stunned and muttered. …..Light? What about the light? ­――――ah, yes. That’s true. It is too dark.

Although the whole base is covered with walls, some are just fences. And the surrounding area is full of zombies. Probably, because there are a lot of baits in the base.

Naturally, you should illuminate the surroundings with lights. To prevent zombies invasion and to watch them.

“There are no such punts during a power outage……”

It’s quiet. There is no sound. If it is eight o’clock, there should be many people who are still awake, but then we should hear lively voices.

“Matoba-san, let’s go quickly……!”

“No, I know how you feel, but calm down. We should move in the dark, but we don’t know what’s going on, so I want to avoid having a narrowed view”

“……Alright, Yumi-san. Although I say terrible things, but……even if everyone becomes a zombie, it’s okay as long as the material is safe”

Put it aside as Kaede says. Even if all humans in the base died, it would only be a few hundreds. If things get serious and I and Kaede are to die, it may be the end for humanity. That must be avoided by all costs.


“Fine, Yumi. Even if everyone at the base is a zombie, they´re all 『Fresh zombies』. As long as we are alive, they can be saved. Don’t forget that”

“Ye, Yes!”

Yumi who sees hope regains her calmness.

But let’s say that the neighborhood is full of zombies. If it is the SDF base, we can easily get a gun.

Do you think that it is possible to run away in such a state? You would only waste your physical strength which can be solved by only pulling the trigger. ……How many zombies are left that can be saved by Kaede?

I was silent because there was no meaning to irritate anxiety, but everyone may have come to a similar conclusion.

We secured a room in an apartment to stay inn with a dark atmosphere and went to sleep with almost no conversation.



Next morning.

I was completely shaken by a ready Yumi and I got up. The time is before 6 o’clock in the morning.

Although sufficiently sun has appeared, it seems that sleep was shallow due to a mental problem.


“Everyone is ready now! Even so, we let you sleep to the last minute!”

Well I’m a guy I’m different from everyone and preparation finishes sooner.

“Hmm……Then wait in the living room. I’m gonna wash my face……”

Heading to the washroom, I wash my face with cold water to wake up completely.

At the same time I brushed my teeth with my toothbrush and moved to the living room where everyone waited.

“Thank you for waiting”

The living room seemed to be in a mission conference, Kaede was writing on a big map.

“It is just right. I was just talking about where we´re going to enter from now”

I sit next to Kaede that gave back an greeting.

“I say it again, but first we’ll go to the front. If I can confirm that the gate is closed here, we will pass through the passage Yumi and I used before”

“What if it’s closed?”

To my question, Kaede briefly answered.

“If the number of people in the base is enough, we can help if we do our best, but what can we do to help with hundreds where zombies are mixed in”

She shakes her head, that is impossible.

“First of all, we go to the main gate where there is a high possibility that the most zombies will be gathered and broken, invades inside unless it is broken. Of course there are walls destroyed on the way and if there are unusually more zombies, we will withdraw immediately. So far so good?”

Everyone nodded.

“When we break in, we first aim at the building with the arsenal, because it is good for siege and it has a food warehouse besides it. If we don’t meet people here, we’re going to the living quarters……and if it is still not good, let’s lice the facilities one by one. ……If there is no living person anywhere, we gather the materials and return here again. ……Any questions?”

“What if we bump into a zombie inside a building or a narrow place?”

“……Let’s run away as fast as possible. Break the worst leg……if you can, shoot at the knees with your bow and stop them, but please don’t forget that our lives have priority”

“That’s right”

Affirm the words of Kaede. Do not confront the priority order.

…… However, if you can say “if it is possible” you only have to do it. Anyway I am “100 hit Matoba-senpai”.

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