Hero Pandemic chapter 77

Hero Pandemic chapter 77: Empty shells



“Well then, let’s go……ah, please make the quiver small”


An oversize quiver that contains sixty-six arrows is my favorite, but it seems to get in the way, so I decided to leave it behind today. Instead, I´m taking a medium sized quiver containing two sets. Three sets……no I will use two sets.

“……I almost forgot. Yes, this. It is a medicine for emergency to prevent you from becoming a zombie, so please drink this if you get bitten”

Kaede hands a test tube that was capped with cork to everyone except me.


The contents were sticky cloudy liquid.

“It’s just semen!”

Normally everyone should be disgusted.

But they usually drink it with pleasure……so it is likely that they will drink it.

“I can’t help it, I will go to the base to make real medicine from now on, so there is no pill form right now”

In good faith.

That’s why the girls pay close attention so that they won’t break it by putting it in their pouch.

And after we checked that we didn’t forget anything, we left.



I unleash the tension from my body.

The zombies who are wandering outside and looking for humans came here because there are still people alive. However, since most of the people around here escaped to the base, almost all the zombies will gather there.

In the end, the same number of zombies as in that university which is the birthplace of zombies is here.

Because we had been informed beforehand, everyone’s expression is stiff because of tension.

In fact, ordinary streets are lukewarm. Zombies aren’t running and not many zombies fill the road. ……Well, there are people who get caught off guard because of that, but it is not a problem if you pay attention to important points properly.

Especially now, there are five people besides me……nothing in particular happened when we came near the main gate.


As Aya says, there is a swarm of zombies at the gate. Numerous zombies were wringing like ants in the vicinity of their nest hole.

If the number is so big, you lose the will to fight. If the spores begin to fly in summer, this view will be seen in the whole city. It is disgusting whether this is the early stage of the pandemic.

Spores cant be breathed in when you wear a gas mask, but death is inevitable when even crows or dogs have become zombies. Of course, the structure of the brain is complicated, and the worst is not going to happen because this species just happens to adapt to humans. ……Well, it is scary if a Cordyceps sinensis that can posses dogs is born by chance.

“But well, those fellows being over there means that the gate is safe”

“Alright. ……Let’s go. This way”

Follow the instructions of Kaede, we bypass the main gate.

The west side was not a forest, but trees were growing over a small scale. Because it grows to enclose the base, it probably was artificially planted.

Although we can hide ourselves, the trees also hide zombies, so we are cautious. Although bow and arrow are not so thick as to get in the way, I switch to a crowbar to be able to respond quickly.

“Over there”

Looking at the direction Kaede points at, it was certainly only partly miscellaneous after being repaired.

We head towards the fence avoiding the corpses of the zombies whose heads have been blown off.

“Do you have any pliers?”

“Ah, here”

I take the radio pliers and bolt cutter from Yumi and remove the wrapped metal thread. Of course, when I took off the metal thread, I wasn’t likely to pass through, so I made the hole a little bit bigger.

“From the high bow to the inside……!”

“I understand”

Originally they got out of here, so you wont get caught in a hole that was further widened and we enter without difficulties.

Next is Shizuyo.


Because of the cushion which was packed, Shizuyo couldn’t pass the hole that Yumi passed easily. With a weeping expression, I don’t speak to Yumi and silently extend the hole.

“So, Sorry”

“Don’t worry about it”

Perhaps the most concerned is Yumi.

Everyone else will pass as long as Shizuyo-chan passes. I also stepped in to the inside without problems and closed the hole again.

“The facility with the armory is here”

I expand the map and check it. Because the details of the base aren’t written on a normal map, I still confirm the direction. In the unlikely event of being attacked by zombies and we get separated, we have to keep track of where we should go.

“Lets go”


I want to keep the mood running and head towards the destination at a speed that is a little slower than fast walking. The reason for that is to save some extra power.

“It’s quiet……”

The rustling of leaves can be heard, but it doesn’t sound like gunfire or fighting. ……Naturally there are no living beings and the neighborhood is deserted.

I don’t know what the facility is, but the room that can be seen from the window of the building is empty.

“I can see a little…..ah, that’s it! Emm that……rough……eh?”

Before we slip through the building……as I saw Yumi, I saw a tough building.

The fourth floor of the building is the top floor……and all the windows from the first floor to the third floor are struck with wooden boards, so that the inside cant be seen. You can see folded nails from here, probably because they were hit in a hurry.

“It’s like something fortified but what was it originally?”

Listening to the gaping Yumi, I shook my head and denied.

“No! The buildings we passed a little while ago were the same!”

“As far as it concerns……did they escape from zombies?”

Then there could be people inside. I feel uneasy about not hearing any noise.

“Let’s approach temporarily”

The reason why there is no noise is that there are no zombies. We’re approaching the building with the utmost vigilance.

“The entrance is……it seems to be completely blocked”

The main entrance, the communication passage, the back door……it is all blocked by barricades. They did not only nail the board they carefully solidify the concrete.

“Rather than protecting from the outside, something seems to be sealed so that it doesnt run away……”

Did she become afraid of that oddness that Kurumi grabbed the hem of my clothes.

If you are sure to consolidate with concrete, there is no need to take the trouble to go outside. It is safer to do it from inside and it seems to be a push-type door, so it is more certain that you have solidified the inside. As if there is something inside it, I feel like I got shed from the outside.

“……! Kazuya, that!”

Aya who noticed something grasps my arm.

In the direction that Aya points ――――two zombies were walking slowly.

It is not necessary to hide purposely because it is enough to see primly from the distance. However, I thought that the little hope we had collapses from seeing these zombies.

Where did everyone disappear to? If all the people in this base have become zombies, they would be wandering around more. However, in fact it wasnt possible to think positively by actually seeing zombies in the base that was supposed to be safe. 

What is in this building? ……No, how many zombies are sealed? Are there still people alive?

“……Where shall we go next?”

Nobody said anything, but everyone walks toward the living quarters. The steps were awfully heavy.

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