Hero Pandemic chapter 78

Hero Pandemic chapter 78: Pressure



As said before, net is the living quarters.

It isn’t really an condominium or an apartment, but they seem to have opened some facilities for the general public after the pandemic.


I open my mouth to dispel the dark atmosphere, but end up just exhaling. It’s not the kind of situation where you can say something silly. As we strive for hope, we just have to keep walk forward.



Have we walked for nearly 20 minutes? We finally could see the living quarters.

Unlike other buildings, it is easy to understand because it is filled with barricades so that you can see it from afar.

Although it is within the range that we can see it from here, all the entrances were blockaded. Of course, the entrances are carefully consolidated with concrete.

“Tentatively, do we approach?”

Naturally, I don’t hear any talking from the inside of the building, but the neighborhood is busy.

Here is not good, already…….

The moment when the worst idea crossed my mind, I heard a sudden noise behind me.


Someone shouted from surprise, but I don’t know who it is because my consciousness was directed to something else.

Apparently, a rail-type ladder installed on the wall seems to have fallen down.

“……Why is there a ladder so suddenly……?”

And something comes down before we are wary of it.


“Well, you’re here, you guys……hmm? What’s the matter, why are you so scared?”

That something was Okada-san!

I didn’t forget! She was the woman in a paratrooper uniform who had come to pick Yumi up from the mall before. Her name was…….


Yumi who is more knowledgeable than I called Okada´s name with a surprised voice.

Ah yeah, Okada Yuuna. In the past……I confessed that I was infected, since then we didn’t meet…………risky.

I reflexively divert my face. It is true that I was bitten actually and I didnt lie, but as a result――――we found a vaccine, so is it alright? At first Yunna would wonder, but Kaede would tell her the facts.

“It’s been a while, you two restive horses”

“So, Sorry……”

By the way, did Yumi and Kaede escape from here? If it is Yumi, she would be in trouble for escaping with Kaede who is a necessary personnel. By the way, Kaede didn’t apologize and only snorts with her nose.


“Yo, You’re certainly, Matoba――――”

“Yes, Kazuya Matoba. At that time――――”

A cold metal mass was pressed against my forehead. The finger is not hanging on the trigger, but Okada seems quite angry about something.

“You cheated. ……That gun was my favorite one”

While shedding and sweating, I control Aya who holds a knife behind me.

And to avoid misunderstandings, I told Okada that it was true that I was bitten properly at that time and that I posses the bacteria, which can prevent the zombie virus.

……It can be said that I have the antibody, but I´m a uncool uncle……so it is hard to believe. It can not be helped because it is the truth.

“……I see, medicine……!”

I ask Kaede to assist while explaining everything and Okada finally put down the gun as soon as she was convinced.

“With such circumstances, you came here to make the medicine……but what on earth is that?”


Nearly six months have passed since the pandemic occurred. I don’t know what is going on in the world, but at least the base is peace itself.

Children receive education and they are not exposed to any threat, nor are they troubled with food, clothing and shelter.

So just a little while ago, it happened.

Some kids hide from the adults and dull zombies were outside the fence…… in short, they played around instead playing with toys. But if a child is laughing in a high-pitched voice around the fence, then naturally the zombies will come together.

The children who thought they can do something by themselves――――they were bitten.

What would happen if they were bitten, what would happen to a bitten human……the children knew that.

They were scared. So they hide the fact that they were bitten to conceal their mischief. There was no imagination of what was happening in the original, and there was only fear in the immediate future.

Adults who could not be so carefree as children never noticed such a change to their children.

A pandemic occurred in the base.

“That’s a simple explanation――――well, let’s talk about the rest inside”

Okada-san urged us to climb up the unreliable ladder that creaks a little to set foot inside the building.

They tried not to be found by zombies or to make sure that they won’t be bitten when it is dark.

There are rooms where light leaks out for a while in front of a pitch dark corridor.

We saw a few figures in the passing rooms.

Are those the families of the children that have become zombies.

“Indeed……sorry, this way”

We go up stairs.

“Did you see the weapons depot?”

“Well, more or less”

“There are about 50 corpses inside”

I did not say anything. Because it is not necessary to say anything.

“We´re here”

Up the stairs……is the roof.

There were some people lying who looked through binoculars.

“…………Yuuna-san, the people of the SDF base――――”



“Like the zombies outside, I can’t kill them……they are my acquaintances. Everyone who was bitten was locked up”

Besides the zombies I saw at that time, they were not walking inside the base. It seems that after the pandemic happened, many people became zombies.

“It, it’s okay! Because we have Matoba-san and Kaede-san! Everyone can return to be a human!”

“……They will be rewarded. Saving the children is a long-cherished ambition”


“Honjo. What do you think about males who stay in the way? What do you think happened after someone saw his friend becoming a zombie without firing at him?”

Okada-san told us heartily that everyone shot their heads to commit suicide.

“That is……”

“Even if women and children only survive, it is different from heaven and earth”

She told us this fact to comfort us, but I´m sure she also wants to comfort herself.

“Now that you mention it, where is Makoto-kun?”

Asking questions to change the subject. ……Speaking of which, Makoto-kun didn’t tell anyone about us.

The fact that Okada did not know that Yumi had been bitten would have made it some thing that did not fit in the first place.

“They are going to deliver food to people living in a different living quarter……in the technology building. There is not enough room, when we only have one living quarter. They have been going there twice a day to make sure nothing happens over there”

Although it would be easy if there was a radio, I scratched the scarlet as if you were in trouble as the unprotected reserve was in the arsenal.

“……However, they´re a little late on the way home. I suppose they will return soon……”

Okada muttered slightly uneasily while watching the clock wrapped around her right arm.

“Would you like to see it if it is okay? I also have to go to take some materials”

“Ah, that cannot be helped honestly”

“Then, let’s go together……”

I do not know what material is required or why Kaede is required. And as an escort and carrying luggage, I――――

“I will go”

The person who was watching with the binocular interrupted.


“I will go”

Okada has no time to think about what to do as a matter of course.

“……Th, Thank you very much”

Okada is pushed by a strange pressure and acknowledged it.

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