Hero Pandemic chapter 79

Hero Pandemic chapter 79: All-rounder



“It’s rare, Ai. You’re motivated”

“……Not really”

Ai-san answers curtly.

I didn’t understand it from a distance because she wore whole black body uniform, but she is a black-haired woman like Yumi.

In addition to a black face mask hidden to the nose, most of the face is hidden because it is wearing a black lens shooting glass. The battle uniform fitted perfectly with her slender body and a tactical vest is worn.

On her back is a sniper rifle which is almost the same size as Kaede.

Entering into town is said to obey the township, but no one is willing to say because it is not an atmosphere that can somewhat come out.

“Emm, Ai-san? I’m looking forward to work with you”

Pui, she turned around. Does she normally ignore other people?”

“Ah, wait”

Ai-san started walking quickly. Will she depart?

“Ai! leave the M200 behind, are you trying to destroy the base?”

“……Just in case”

“Do you want to shoot down even a helicopter? Take a handgun”

“……Fine then”

When she said that, Ai-san gave the gun to Okada-san and she headed towards Kurumi for some reason.

“Wh, What?”
“This, lent it to me”
“He, Here you are”

Somewhat forcibly Ai-san robs the bow and arrow from Kurumi-chan and she begins to walk ahead.

“Matoba-san. I made a note of the location of the documents I needed, so would you bring me all of them?”

“……Do you think that you can easily escape from trouble so easily?”

“Yes. Matoba-san is gentle”

Kaede is the only one who put on coquettish airs this time. Being called a lolicon, I want to rub her chest thoroughly as punishment, but I wont do it. There are times when a man cannot take it even if he understands what was said.

“Well, everyone, I will go for quite a while. Let’s talk again when I´m back with the materials”

I say goodbye to everyone who replies and I hurriedly chase Ai’s back.


But surprisingly, she was waiting in a place just outside the door and after confirming my appearance, she began to walk again.

I don’t know how much distance I shall take to her, so I will just walk right behind her.

“Matoba-kun, are you okay?”

“Hee? Ah, yes!”

Suddenly heard a voice and I woke up from my thoughts.

“Emm……Ai-san, is that okay?”

“It’s not my real name, but a short version of my codename 『Hawkeye』. Because I am from the special forces, I can’t introduce myself. Sorry”

“It´s fine……”

To Ai-san who suddenly became talkative, I get a little confused. I wonder if she isn’t good at speaking in places where many people are.

“Although it is the way of calling … well, as you can call the seniors from the younger boy’s grandparents, it is ticklish.”

“Ai … Senpai?”

“Yes, well done”

She steps forward with a gait like a humming song that seems to sing, or even skip by any chance. Was she older than me……?

I’ve seen a couple of human duality since the pandemic happened, but it’s the sudden of the top class. A double personality? Doubtful.

“Do not let your feet slip”


Just like when we entered, we descend to the ground using the ladder.

We headed straight to the technical building without having any conversation, therefore I opened my mouth, because I couldn’t endure the silence anymore.

“Special forces, Japan police……was it the SAT? Well, I’ve heard of it, but is it different from the SAT?”

“Hmm? Well. Is the SAT famous? In short, it is an organization that is publicly announced, but our troops are kept secret even the name. Pretty close to the top of the country, this time pandemic……it fits perfectly”

I’ve never heard of such an existence before……though it is natural because it is kept secret well.

I look at Ai-senpai again. Her figure is almost hidden by the equipment, but she doesn’t look like a person who is a part of that unit by just a glance. No, the equipment is certainly that of special forces, but Ai-san seems to me like a normal woman or like a familiar existence.

“Ai-senpai, why are you in the special forces?”

“…………My relatives are in the Self-Defense force. When I said, “I want eyes that can see far away,”, I was told something……and when I noticed it, I felt it. The scenery which is actually seen through the scope is very beautiful, it is an inorganic matter……well, it is such feeling”

Ehehe, Ai-senpai laughed as if she is shy somewhat.

“Why are you so far away?”

“Ah, will we go that way? ……Well, it can not be helped……muu …………uh, well. That……there was a boy I liked. But, one day he has changed school……I was only just a student and since he was gone, I noticed that I didn’t know anything about that child. ……So beware of the high place far away……I saw the people who just looked like rice grains and I thought so! Yes, this story is over!!”

As she was talking and getting ashamed, Ai-senpai finished the story in the middle while being vaguely diverse.

I wonder who she is. She is cuter than I expected.

“Leaving that aside, that child”


“Which girl do you like? I think it’s Yumi privately, but that straight bob-haired child has a suspicious reaction”

I was asked the most troublesome question!

I’d like to remain silent, but I have been asking questions that I should not ask earlier……. Uhh…….

“……Well, which child……which child is it……hahaha”


I thought about making a misrepresentation, but there was a problem with how to mislead her, or I can not make her devoid at all!

Ai-senpai who has confessed by an impact was exaggerating as I thought.

“Hu, Huuh……a Harem guy……my goodness…………I enjoyed it while I was working hard. Would you let me in, too?”

It was hard to hear because the second part was bogged down by the murmuring, but I was able to catch on.

“……Do you want to enter……?”

“I feel happy!? N, No that……I want also to build……very much. A harem”


Something called reverse Harem. Some women actually think that way.

Of course, it seems to have been a secret, so Ai-senpai is worried.

“I think that Senpai can do……that, a reverse harem”

“I don’t need such a thing. ……Can you do so I didn’t ask you?”

“I, I understand”

I saw Ai-senpai who dropped her shoulder and plod and walked and decided not to listen to the previous desire.

There was a subtle accident, but we continue to move forward in silence again……however, Ai-senpai opens her mouth at once.

“Haa……hey Matoba-kun, are you a lolicon?”


After the worst development of the harem declaration, I was so relieved that I was completely offguarded when Ai-senpai asked this question, when I thought she would be sully about the reverse harem. Two middle school students are beside me and when you count Kaede to it who looks like an elementary student it is three.

……If I think calmly, the two high school students beside me are in the shadow because of the huge impact those three young girls do.

“For example, there is no change in what I like in a place where middle school students became adults, I think that I´m not a pedophile in that sense maybe. Just because my favorite girl was younger”

“It’s a serious and good story but I think I’m out when you like junior high school students”


But there is resistance being called pedophile. At least I want you to call me All-rounder. ……Do I wish for it?

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