Hero Pandemic chapter 80

Hero Pandemic chapter 80: No Change



“Ah, the technical building has come into view”

When I think of my nickname, we arrived at our destination very early.

Because we have walked on a wonderful road that is safe and we never passed someone. ……It means that Makoto-kun is still in the technical building.

“……It’s strange, there is no lookout”


When I saw the rooftop, there were no people watching outside like Ai-senpai.

I tried to look around as to whether something happened, but the doorway is closed properly. It seems that there was no zombie assault. As a matter of fact there are only two choices left, were coincidentally everyone was on a break or a pandemic happened and they all became zombies.

It is a talk that you do not have to tell whether the former or the latter is realistic.

“……It can’t be helped. Since it seems that the ladder does not get down, let’s climb by ourselves. Take some distance”

Saying so, Ai-senpai took out something like a rope from the pouch and began to swing it. The tip has a weight like a metal. ……It’s a hook.

She throw it to the veranda on the second floor with a familiar condition. With a little loud noise, the hook fell to the veranda.

“When you’ve finished climbing, let’s continue”

When it is confirmed that it doesn’t come off even if you put weight on it, we take hold of the rope and climb upwards with our feets on the wall. We are like ninjas, but would it be necessary to do such a thing by becoming a member of a special force?


There is a voice from the veranda. No, even if I said that it is not okay……I got the rope.

I pull strongly once. It seems that it is caught on the edge of the veranda neatly, so it won’t come off even if I put my strength on it.

“……Don’t be surprised”

It was a dangerous feeling even when I use my whole body weight, so I go up the wall step by step with the back warped.

…… This is going to be a surprisingly good muscle training. I use my arm muscles, as well as my spine. It seems that trunk can be trained and in the future……no, like that, it is not like that.

I recently trained in order to master bow and arrow, so it was easier to reach the second floor than I thought.

“……Oh! Don’t follow me!”

Ai-senpai who was fishing for something in her equipment sneakily watched me who climbed safely and said so.

Come to think of it, if senpai arrived above it wouldn’t she pull down the ladder as it is.

“I didn’t need this”

Ai-senpai who took out the tool to take down the ladder treasure it unfortunately.

“I saved a lot of trouble. ……Chi, let’s go ahead”

Following Senpai, we walk on the veranda. Every room has its door locked tightly and it can’t be opened. Because it is blocked with wood boards it is an inaudible state.


Fastly, Ai-senpai hit a nearby window.

And――――Bang! The sound which is somewhat intense is heard from the room for the answer.

“……It looks like it’s too late”


Since it was almost obvious, things like tragic feelings are not drifting in the exchanged words.

“Come with me”

I’ll take it in order to break into. Ai-senpai beat the windows in each room, and if there is no reaction, she goes to the next room and repeat this act.

Walking to the far end, she finally found the room of her aim.

“Reaction……none. Don’t be too careful, but let’s enter in here”

Although she says so, the window is sealed tightly. It seems that it will be quite hard work even if breaking it open with a barrel. And I guess that worker is probably me……but when I had thought about it, Ai-senpai warmly stuffed something into the gap between the window and the wooden board.

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, this? C4 bomb. This fellow detonates strongly……so just alight the fuse!”


Saying happily, Senpai lit the fuse with a match.

“Hey, go away, go away. It will explode”

“Eh, wait”

In a hurry, I take Ai-senpai´s hand and run on the veranda. When I took a distance to some extent I fell on the floor hugging Ai-senpai.

A few seconds later, the explosion sound and the sound of glass breaking from behind is heard.

It was a small scale explosion that I didn’t feel a blast and fragments, but from the shock my life was shorten!

When I look at Senpai in my arms, why doesn’t she protest at least? She was fiddling with her hair as it was faded.

“……What are you doing?”

The appearance is miasma and the hand is made to stand without complaining.

“E, Ehehehe. Sorry”

Senpai apologizes mildly whether she really is going to apologize. I completely understand her personality, so I wont be angry.

“I thought you were a better looking person……”

I didn’t hear the words that she muttered and I only saw how she tilted her head lovely.

“……Let’s go. We have to check the inside”

“Emm, don’t leave my side”

Following Ai-senpai who regained her calmness, we headed to the blown window.

Although the scale of the explosion was smaller than I thought, the glass and board were beautifully blown off because the C4 bomb was placed in the gap between the wood board and the window.

Ai-senpai thrusts her hand through the window with almost nothing, open it with the key and invade inside. There is no one in the room.

The prints on the desk have fallen on the floor with a blast, but according to the memoranda received from Kaede, the material seems to be on the 3rd floor, so we need to go straight to the corridor.

“……The door is closed, the window is closed and it is locked properly. ……Yeah, as usual”

“According to the procedure?”

“Yes. When someone was bitten, he will be locked in a vacant room and the doorway and the window will be blocked so that the person who became a zombie is not able to leave the room as long as there is a consciousness. It’s a procedure made after the pandemic happened in the base. Thanks, you know, we can safely move down the corridor.”

“Ah, I see……”

If you are bitten by a civilian, you will be self-determination, and you won’t dare to say it. Whether it’s courage is aside, at least not easy. So at least let’s not bother others. Because of that, the pandemic happened, and people were sacrificed to isolate the zombies. Well, you can act like this even in an extreme state.

It’s just that this floor went well. Surely not everyone will hearted others at the verge of death, and some people will be desperate. Therefore, Makoto-kun might not come back because of such people surely.

“What do we do? From the above requirements――――”

There was a sound of glass cracking from upstairs. It is good if this is a glass of a shelf, but it would be bad if it is a window glass. Now that we know that someone is still up there, we better strike first. Anyway, the material we need is on the third floor.

“Shall we go”


I have spent only a short time with Ai-senpai so far. However, I feel like as if we are long-time couple who can understand each others thought.

We covered each other and headed to the third floor.


“……De, ……u……….yo!”

I hear noise.

Listening carefully to it, it was a fighting voice. That means, there are living people.


“I understand”

I pass the crowbar to Ai-senpai and we run up to the stairs that continue to the third floor while counting the arrows.

“Hey, that’s Makoto”

“Impossible! His hands are blocked here!!”

“Damn it! I’m going to kill her!”

“Do you want to kill such a child!?”

Immediately after reaching the third floor, at the end of the corridor――――I could see Makoto-kun pushed down by a zombie.

Whether the other children are fighting other zombies in the room, only anger is heard.

The zombie attacking Makoto-kun was a girl with the same age as him. Is she a companion? From here I can’t distinguish it.

“I won’t make it in time, I will shoot”

It’s about 28 meters away. It is a familiar shooting range for me.

When I saw Ai-senpai with a glance, She didn’t look at me. It is a line of sight that is premised on hitting and that she trusts me well.

Even though I said I was going to shoot because I didn’t make it, I didn’t think I’d shoot a zombie.

“Hoh, it didn’t change, right”

I gently pulled the bow and shoot.

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