Hero Pandemic chapter 81 (End)

Hero Pandemic chapter 81: To be a hero someday




Personally a perfect shot. As if I was an arrow and tore the space, passing slightly above the target……I was able to sew a little pops clothes and I could see them passing by.

“Hit. ……As one would expect from Matoba-kun”

Senpai said in a silent voice, whether I heard her muttering or not. Because there is no need to purposely pursue, I bowed lightly and headed for Makoto-kun.

Makoto holds down the collapsed zombie with a nearby hook. Holding her as it is, I uses the simple handcuff called plastic cuff which I received from Ai-senpai to tie up the limbs.

“Ma, Matoba-san. Why――――”

I remembered what happened when I first met Makoto-kun.

I could not even imagine the pandemic at that time, but I knew only that my minor life ended here only while not knowing what is going on.

A zombie approached at that time. In a desperate state, I thought like somewhere else like “Do not let me die so easily”. And then.

“――――Are you okay? Elder brother. Are you injured?”

Makoto wasn’t able to grasp my hand that had been reached out so quickly. Just like Makoto-kun at that time.


Makoto-kun would have noticed that what I said just now were his words when we first met. He chewed his lips and turned his eyes away from me.

He forcibly grasps my hand and I help Makoto-kun stand up.

“For Makoto-kun, I may be one of the many who helped, but I really appreciate it. For me, it was only Makoto who helped me. So the more I passed, the more choices I get, my thoughts are not so light”

“……Bu, But I blamed you for your inability to put up your own helplessness on the shelves……!”

“……You don’t know? An adult doesn’t bother with such a small things”

It is good to try to look cool, but I have been seen the most wack to Makoto-kun…….

“Ha, Haha……small things were quite a big deal for me, though……it was a serious recent problem……”

“Yes. The big problem of the individual unexpectedly is a trivial thing for others. and vice versa. That’s why people hold hands”

I put my strength into the hand I was holding. I want to show my will.

“So, do we cooperate? I do not say I will forgive you, but I think that if we cooperate more things will be possible”

“……………For me it’s fine. To Matoba-san´s power…………please let me apologize about the thing from that time. Even for Matoba-san it was hard enough……”

Ah, Makoto surely doesn’t know that Yumi is safe. I have to let him know as soon as possible to make it easy.

Before I opened my mouth, Makoto-kun´s friend opened her mouth.

“Ah, Nnn. I’m sorry for the good atmosphere, but I would appreciate it if you could help us if you could”


She had a delicate, possibly embarrassed face. There are four youngsters in the room and everyone has a grin on their faces.

“……No, it’s youth. Matoba-kun”

The hand put on my shoulder was heavy as well as comforting.



“Ah, welcome back, Matoba-san…………Ma, Makoto-kun”

Although it was a coincidence, but Yumi was the first who greeted us when we returned. Since she hasn’t met Makoto-kun since that time, her expression calling his name was stiff.


I thought that it would be a great surprise, so I didn’t tell Makoto about anything.

Makoto looks alternately between me and Yumi and has an expression as I expected.

“I did not say that, but the medicine……I was able to do it”

“EE!? Reall……yy!?”

“Hey, do you need to say something?”

“Wait!? ……Don’t use so much power……”

Makoto headed towards Yumi while complaining about me hitting his back.

“What do you mean by that kind of thing, you guys, you think I got older?”

While watching Makoto who lowers his head to Yumi, Ai-senpai tells him to leak in pieces.

“Senpai, I――――”

I dont know what she meant to say.

However, trying to speak the emotion rising from the chest……my words were blocked by Senpai´s finger. Gently touching my lips, a long and slender finger touches it.

“Our story ended at that time”

“But senpai, I……!”

This time my back was hit by Ai-senpai´s hand.

“Hey, go on, hero-kun. The heroine is anxiously waiting for you!”

I wonder if the reconciliation is over. While exchanging words with Makoto-kun, Yumi was looking at the partition.

……Even though I can not rest assured that one girl, you are saying senpai, are not you?

Not to reassure one of the girls, the case is not as Senpai said. I head to those two with an aching back. ……As if to break the past.



Then the time went by quickly and the time passed.

Isolated zombies were captured one by one surely……and we were able to return all of them back to being humans.

We couldn’t make medicine like pills, but Kaede succeeded in culturing my mycelium under certain circumstances.

In the near future, it seems that a strategy to capture nearby zombies to save them can also be carried out. Of course, the main members are Makoto-kun´s group.

And I……no, we.

“……I guess I am going after all, I think you do not have to work that far”

‘I am glad if Kaede will come too”

“Baka. What are you going to do without me……but well, I accept your feelings”

――――We go on a journey. The members are I, Yumi, Aya and the Kasai sisters.

Without Kaede, they can’t cultivate my mycelium, so it is obvious that Kaede will remain at the base. Of course, Okada-san and Ai-senpai must gather those who survived together.

“Uu……if Kaede-san isnt there, I will be lonely……”

“Ah, then maybe Yumi-san will also remain here”

“That’s impossible”

Kaede moves her eyebrows cockly though she knew Yumi´s answer immediately.

“Shall we go soon?”

Everyone looks ready when I say so.

The reason why we go on a journey is to save the people left behind.

It is already early summer. Some zombies germinate and may start to disperse spores. And the vast majority of surviving people suck their spores and become beautiful zombies without injuries. We will help those people and send them to the base.

In cooperation with Makoto, we make a place to be a relay point in addition to the base and make something like a station. Someday we will spread it and try to take back the familiar Japanese landscape…….

It will be a long story. Right now it is just a dream. But I will do that……we will accomplish it.

“Well then, let’s leave for a trip to save the world!”


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